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Scunci Effortless Beauty Large No-damage Multi-color Elastics

Scunci effortless beauty no-damage multi-color spa shade elastics are your secret to effortless all-day hold. Slide into any situation without worrying about hair slippage. These soft metal-free elastic bands keep ponytails tight while working out or for casual style. Best of all they won’t damage your hair. Easy to carry in a purse or workout bag so you can change looks instantly. 30 pack ensures that no matter where you put one down you’ll always be able to pick one up. Vibrant spa colors, 5 dark teal, 5 navy, 5 pink coral, 5 chocolate brown, 5 dark gray, and 5 black for casual style.

Key features

  • Soft metal free elastic for no-damage hold
  • Hold ponytails tight while working or playing
  • Easy to take with you for instant style change
  • 30 pack ensures you always have one on hand
  • Vibrant spa colors for casual style

Honest reviews


I put my hair up. I am a guy with long hair.

I went to ralph and it was over priced so I bought this here. It’s great to put my hair up do.

Dianna Live Oak, FL

More than one use.

I use these hair elastics to identify different clothes in my closet. I wrap them around the top of each hanger. Blue for navy pants, pink for black pants, gray for sweat pants, etc. Makes getting dressed easier in the morning.

Corinne Eddyville, KY

Good stuff at a reasonable price, you can’t go wrong!

A very tight pony tail can cause hair damage and lead to traction alopecia. This coated elastic creates a relatively loose ponytail so it does not damage hair yet stays on pretty well. When I want a tighter grip on my hair I use two of them at a time. The grip is still not too tight, yet stays on all day without adjusting.The ends of the elastic are glued together, there are no metal connectors between the edges. Another good thing for your hair! However, over time the glue does loosen. This not unreasonable, just normal wear which is expected.These elastics can be used for things other than hair too! They are more attractive than rubber bands and don’t break from sun exposure like rubber bands. So I found a number of non-hair uses for them. Here are two example:(1) I use them to keep label’s on home-made jams that I give as gifts. I put labels over the top of the bottle cover, and then pinch it around the neck of the bottle with the elastic. Makes it look great and unique.(2) When I take portrait photos I sometimes use a piece of nylon stocking instead of filter to provide a softening effect on the faces (hides fine wrinkles), I use this elastic to hold the nylon square over my lens.Good stuff at a reasonable price, you can’t go wrong!Ali Julia review

Renae Fairfax, CA

This are great.

I have a lot of thick hair. It is hard for me to find hair ties that last and won’t snap wihle I’m attempting to put my hair up. These are great. Since buying this product, I have used 5 hair ties and only one has snapped. That is a new record.

Mattie Mecklenburg, NY

I love these and have them stashed everywhere

I have waist length hair so I hair ties are very important in my life. I try to keep some at work, the car, on my wrist, any place I would need them. These are my favorite ties, they don’t have any metal, keep their shape and come in good colors.I have purchased many of these and will keep doing so.

Kaitlyn Grey Eagle, MN

LOVE them

I recently purchased the product and I really do love them. The holds my hair in place and doesn’t stretch out. Really enjoyed this product.

May Clinton, IN


Love the fact that I do not get too much of my hair in this is any. Well made and strong.

Milagros Comstock, MN

This is what I was looking for

I have very thinning hair from illness and medication used to treat it. I like to keep my hair back, so it doesn’t fall into what I am doing (seriously) I had trouble finding these locally. I tried the thinner ones (just do not stay in) and the silicone ones (just tangle up what little I have) but these work and stay in, for me…thanks

Hannah Carver, MA

Great for medium/thick hair

Great for my hair type and do not break/stretch out as fast as some other brands. Would recommend this item.

Jeanette Sparta, GA

Super large

My 2 stars are my fault. When the seller states the are large hair bands they mean LARGE. Too big for my thin hair.

Tammie Farmington Falls, ME

So much for “neutral” elastics

These are superb hair elastics for people with thick hair. I have thick blonde medium length hair and I thought the colors pictured would be perfect.That said, you’re taking a gamble on the colors you’ll actually receive. Bright blue and red with some black is what I got. WHHHHHY?

Alicia Tuscarora, NV

Good price

I know I have about a million of these around the house . . . but where I don’t know! This is a good price for these elastics. I have never had a problem with them breaking or fraying.

Lynda Hamilton, MT


If you’re looking for hair ties, then use these. They don’t break and the seam is not visible so there’s no metal piece catching on your hair. I have long hair and these work great.

Myra Battle Creek, NE

Decent product

They’re not that great. I use two to secure my hair. Some of them break in the first try and they stretch with use. But they do the job of holding my hair back and they’re cheap. I’d buy another one if it came in all black.

Fay King And Queen Court Hous, VA

Good for your kinky hair

I have every thick and kinky hair, these pony tail holders worked really well. I would recommend them and they are cheaper then most retail stores.

Lakesha Condon, MT

Some will snap

Some of the elastics snapped at the seam the moment I tried to use them. I don’t use excessive force or anything. I like the colors and the thickness of the elastics.

Erin Parsons, KS