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Scunci Effortless Beauty Large No-damage Elastics, Assorted Sizes, 36 Count

Scunci effortless beauty no-damage black elastics are your secret to effortless all-day hold. slide into any situation without worrying about hair slippage. two thicknesses for better hold on different styles. soft metal-free elastic bands keep ponytails tight while working out or for casual style and won’t damage your hair. easy to carry in purse or workout bag so you can change looks instantly. 36 pack ensures that no matter where you put one down you’ll always be able to pick one up. basic black – as essential as the little black dress.

Key features

  • Soft metal free elastic for no-damage hold
  • Hold ponytails tight while working or playing
  • Easy to take with you for instant style change
  • 36 pack ensures you always have one on hand
  • 2 thicknesses in basic black for instant chic

Honest reviews


Best hair ties

These hair ties are the best I have found so far. They are durable and great for really thick hair

Bobbie Conifer, CO

Scunci Effortless Beauty Large No-damage Elastics, 2 Mm/ 4 Mm

What can you say about a scunci? They’re okay. They work. My daughter can wear a ponytail without ripping her hair. That’s all folks.

Ernestine Bullock, NC

Strong Elastics

I am glad I found these on here. I needed thin elastics that wouldn’t leave a strong bend in my hair. These are soft and perfect and I can get quite a few wears out of each one.

Jeanine Franklinville, NC

Great band. Great hair ties

I never had a problem with the Scunci brand and I’ve been using it for years. Durable and last a long time. Highly recommend.

Lola Butler, OK

It’s Okay

I know that it advertises as No-damage elastics. However, after using a few of them for a very short period of time (I just got these), they have already started falling apart. Once they fall apart, they start pulling at your hair. To avoid accidentally snagging your hair, be sure to change them often. Otherwise, it holds well.

Martha Spring Hill, FL

Work great for me

I haven’t had any problems with these on my fine to medium hair. I love that there are different widths and that you get so many. I keep them everywhere, car, purse, work, so I can always put my hair up when I want to.

Ellen Clyde, TX

A Good Basic All – Around Hair Tie

So far, with daily use, no popped ones at all yet. They retain their elasticity well and don’t pull hair.All in all a good basic hair tie.

Antonia Rutledge, GA

Too smooth, slip out of my hair

These rubber bands are good in that they don’t break, but being no damage essentially means that they always fall out of my hair.

Kathy Flora, MS

Misleading product information

I made a quick purchase of these because the product page described them as "Large". You only get 12 large, the rest are small and very poor quality. They break and do not hold your hair after the second time you try to use them. Terrible.

Emilie Goodsprings, AL


Love these for keeping my hair up. The other elastics pull out my hair but this is perfect and does not stretch out like the others.

Cherie Klemme, IA

Fine for cheap scrunchies

These are fine as cheap scrunchies and I haven’t had them pull out my hair if I take them out properly, but they tend to snap after more than a few wearings – especially if they’re thin and you have to double loop them. Still, they’re cheap and each pack comes with a ton of them, so it’s fine.

Lynette Harrisonburg, VA

Good quality hair bands

a good product for a good price. the colors are nice, they seem to hold up well, everything you need from a hair band.

Ernestine Cee Vee, TX

Scunci Effortless Beauty Large No-damage Elastics, 2 Mm/ 4 Mm

Great product and at great price, what more can you ask for. Will definitely purchase again for family and friends

Erika Browns Valley, CA

Nice enough

They are ok, If putting your hair in too thick of a hairdo, it will burst. But ok for small updos

Bobbie West Jefferson, NC


They work well. Not as sturdy as their other bands but they get the job done. Will try the other size next time.

Jesse Martinsville, IN


I’ve been using those for the past 2 years, they are really NO damage and they last for a long time, except for the fact that I keep losing them! That’s why I keep re-ordering them! Oh and my cats love to steal them and play with them too!

Shanna Glen, WV

Not good quality!

Well, this is my fault…I didn’t read reviews before purchasing. I just said "hey good deal!"But these aren’t a deal. After wearing your hair pulled back (in a LOOSE) ponytail TWICE one of these bad boys is done for.I’d suggest opting out of buying these. Really aren’t worth the $3.99

Chelsea Colbert, GA

Not good for fine/limp hair

These hair ties make my fine hair look limp when in a ponytail. I agree with another reviewer, that these are all about quantity over quality. The elastics stretch out way too fast.

Wanda Jacksonville, MO