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Scunci Effortless Beauty Headbands, 1 Inch

Fashion and function is mission possible with these scunci effortless beauty hairbands. your secret weapon on the war on boring hair, they keep your hair in its place on all life’s adventures. accentuate a ponytail or bun for a polished profile. comfortable and stylish basic hairbands are as essential as the little black dress. mulitple mini teeth on the underside of the band prevent sliding. 2 pack with 1 brown shade for unobtrusive hold, 1 in basic black.

Key features

  • Basic 1 inch bands for hair accent or workaday hold
  • Keep hair off the face for work or play
  • Multiple teeth grip tightly preventing sliding
  • For a sleek polished profile
  • 2 pack with 1 brown shade and 1 basic black

Honest reviews


Not for me

I really wanted these to work but they are bent so close that the picks on the band dig into my scalp. I even tried to wear them back a little further but they dig in behind my ears. Just not for me.

Sophie Troy, SC

Great for my needs

Nothing seems to hold my hair just where I want it except a pair of sunglasses. Lol but these are the next best thing for those weeks between hair cuts.

Eliza Centerville, KS

Cheap Plastic – Useless!

This is the second time I’ve purchased these …big mistake. The first time I purchased them, the headband snapped in half the second time I put it on. Thinking that it had been damaged in shipping (it came in an envelope, not a box) I got another set. This time, one lasted about a month and the next lasted 2 weeks. Both broke for no reason, just snapped as they are made of a cheap plastic that has little give and are brittle. As I was aware of this, I was very careful with them so there was no reason for them to break. Don’t waste your money.

Patty Adell, WI

Keeps my hair out of my face.

These are the best headbands I’ve come across. As a dude, I mainly use this to keep hair of my face when I’m lounging or washing my face. These do a better job than other ones I’ve used and don’t pull my hair when I take them off. My sister wants to steal them, so there is an endorsement from a woman.My only problem with them is they tend to stretch out. I have a massive noggin amplified by an abundance of hair though so it’s not their fault. Highly recommended!

Grace Sunnyside, UT

Perfect Headband

The style is the best that I’ve found! The teeth on the headband can be used two different ways.First option, you can push the teeth in at the hairline and pull back. This creates a firm hold and a smooth hairline.Second option, place the headband slightly behind the hairline. Wiggle/push back the headband to grip the hair. This creates a soft, natural hairline and still has good hold.My hair is fine, curly and chin length. I use this headband both ways, but my favorite is the second way.Enjoy!

Vera Ingalls, KS

Broke too soon

After living the way these grip and hold your hair I had one went to put it on my head and it broke right in the middle so I’m being extra careful with the last one not to pull on the sides just slide in your hair.

Alexis Brackettville, TX

Probably won’t last long

Not sure it will last. Makes strange creaky noises sometimes when I put it on. It fits a bit too loose for me but better than the metal ones I’ve tried.

Addie Old Ocean, TX

broke while i put on clothes

made of thin plastic. it actually looks good but if it breaks right away, it’s just a waste of money. mine broke while I was just trying to put on a shirt. it doesn’t look this flimsy online. you might wanna get a head band at the mall or at a store where you can really see the quality.

Renee Bonduel, WI

To big

These head bands are to big and awkward to use. Now I’ve been told my whole life I have a gigantic head. These are to big for my big head. It doesn’t matter if my hair is curly or straight they just don’t fit. I have thick hair, a big head, and these things were still to big.

Sherry Rugby, ND


I like to keep my hair out of my face with headbands, but these would get tangled or stuck in my hair too easily. The teeth keep it in place which is great, but when i take it off, thats when the mess happens. Not sure if its just my hair type, or if the teeth work too well? NOT FOR ME

Katheryn Antioch, IL

Great for a variety of styles..

I now wear my hair natural so I pull it back at lot. These will fit with any color outfit and blend in with my hair color. They aren’t too tight and you can adjust them for your comfort level.

Marcy Howland, ME