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Scunci Effortless Beauty Expandable Ponytailer, Colors may vary

Scunci effortless beauty hair accessories a woman should never have a bad hair day. scunci’s expandable accordion style ponytailer makes the perfect pony easy. simply expand the ponytailer, pull hair through the center and squeeze closed. multiple teeth grip tight for all day hold. use to secure buns or ponytails for a sleek professional look. eliminate strays and droop. Colors may vary.

Key features

  • Expandable ponytailer for professional all day hold
  • Adjusts to all hair types and textures
  • Easy to use accordion style
  • Use to secure buns or ponytails
  • Single ponytailer in varied colors

Honest reviews


You Still Need To Use An Elastic Underneath, But It Looks Ok…

I purchased this ponytail holder at CVS. It was something different, and looked fairly simple to use. I have thin/fine hair that’s shoulder length. I tried the holder on it’s own, and it didn’t hold well AT ALL. In fact, in the time it took me to walk from the bathroom into my kitchen, it had already started to loosen.I took it out and put my hair in a regular ponytail using a standard elastic band, then slid the expandable holder over top and closed it around the elastic…MUCH better. If you’re going to wear this holder, I definitely recommend doing it this way. You can’t see the elastic underneath at all, and you’re hair is plenty secure. It’s more of a ponytail cover. While it’s not the greatest hair accessory I’ve ever seen, it’s not the worst…and it IS something different. I recommend it if you happen to see it at a local store in town, but I certainly wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase this…and I DEFINITELY wouldn’t pay shipping for it.

Eula Lake Hopatcong, NJ

A good alternative to a ponytail holder.

I used this, but I have thin hair so it slips a bit. If you have thicker hair, it will probably hold well.

Glenda Cavalier, ND

Doesn’t work

This thing doesn’t work at all. It doesn’t hold my hair tight enough. It just falls out. And I have very thick hair.

Blanche Lexington, NY

Dont work

This does not work good in my thin, waist length hair!!!! Made a pony and put in and it slide out and got tangled.. It’s just cheap plastic with poor grip.. Very disappointed!!

Lourdes Fortuna, ND

Holds All Day for Me + Easy to Use and Remove

I love these! I have fine hair but it’s medium thickness if that makes sense. In other words though the texture of my hair is fine, I have a lot of hair. It’s a couple of inches past my bra band in the back.I pull my hair up on top of my head, toward the back (a bit higher than the woman on the package) – you can do it loosely or tight, I use a small elastic to hold it in place then I twirl the ponytail and wrap it around the base of the ponytail then I place this ponytailer over the top and tighten. It stays just fine all day. Occasionally I might have to reach up and tighten it a bit but it never feels like it’s going to fall out. Also, with some other hair holders, when you remove them they take a bit of hair with them and I’ve not had that happen with this ponytailer.My stepniece who has thicker hair than mine puts hers up in two high ponytails and then does the same thing. It’s adorable on her!I happened to find two packs of two each of these at a big box store. I broke my last one about a year ago but I’d used it countless times. Afterwards I couldn’t find these and couldn’t recall what the name of them was. I’m so happy to have more! It’s so much cooler to wear my hair up in the summer. I would absolutely buy these again.These are the elastics I use along with this ponytailerGoody Ouchless Ponytailer, Tiny Terry, 42 Count- I’m pretty sure anyway. It’s hard to tell if the actual size is exactly like mine but they look the same to me.One last thing: One of the best things about these versus claw clips is that they don’t stick out so much from your head. I hate it especially when I’m driving and every time I move my head the part of the claw that sticks out catches on the head rest and by the time I get where I’m going, my hair has to be re-situated in the claw.

Joann Ellington, CT


easy to use very good material do not break become loose like other kinds which i tried before but for a thick hair like mine it does not go with a bun

Janelle Hunter, AR

It’s good

I expected it would arrive in brown colour, but then I read colours may vary, so I got it in black colour. Guess what? black is even better when you come think of it. I love it and it holds my hair up perfectly.

Debra Hollywood, MD


This is the easiest, most versatile hair accessory I have had the pleasure of using! I use it every day. It’s so great that I quickly purchased a second one to make sure I have a spare, Both of the ones I received were black. Wish there were a way to specify a different color, but that’s my own preference. This device looks so cool and keeps my layered long hair up all day and night! I highly recommend this for anyone with hair long enough to be put up!

Chandra Ogunquit, ME

Cool invention

Only 4 stars because it doesn’t hold a bun as depicted in the photo on the product. I have extremely thin hair and it will hold a ponytail, but you will need to tighten it up throughout the day if not wearing a rubber band underneath it. I still like the device and recognize it will work significantly better for thicker hair. When I used to perm my hair, I’m sure this would have held with no problems. It’s attractive as a pony tail holder. It’s doesn’t have enough grip to hold a bun in place, so I’m not sure how the lady in the photo has her hair held by this product (perhaps with bobby pins in addition to the holder. It is also quite small even for thin hair like mine, but then again my hair is long (to my waist). I hope this is helpful.

Tori New London, TX

Good clip

I like this clip. It is nice to wrap around a pony tail. The only problem is for is that I still need to put my hair up with an elastic first and then put this around the elastic. I don’t know if that is the way it is meant to be used or if it is because my hair is on the long/heavy side. But I’m happy with it.

Jill Cedar Valley, UT