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Scunci Effortless Beauty Basic Jaw Clips,9 Cm, 3-Count

With scunci effortless beauty hair accessories a woman should never have a bad hair day. scunci jaw clips can be used in a variety of ways. easily put in a semi-formal updo or make a tousled ponytail. can be used to section hair for cutting, curling or drying. interlocking jaws hold hair in place. basic black, clear for unobtrusive hold and tortoise brown for neutral hold.

Key features

  • Keep hair off the face while growing out or during sports
  • Interlocking teeth hold hair in place
  • Provide quick casual style or semi-formal updo
  • Sections hair while cutting or styling
  • 3 pack in neutral colors

Honest reviews


You get what you pay for…

I was planning on using these for just certain occasions, windy days, washing my face, etc. Already two of the three are broken. Not very sturdy. I recommend using something a little more costly and better manufactured.

Arlene Hinsdale, MT

best bought at dollar store

From the bottom I took it out of the package I realized this product is Quantity not Quality, very flimsey.Honestly, I would have made out better buying from a local dollar store w/o the cost of shipping. I’ve used it less than 3 weeks now and already one of them has broke, I am now on the second. This is not good if you intend on putting a lot of hair up in a bunn as I prefer to use for when showering and sleeping. I have smaller size clips that are stronger and has last and last. This was a poor buying judgment one I will not ago again.Seriously, save on shipping buy from dollar store.

Kay Milledgeville, GA

Love these clips.

I go through clips like this really fast. Usually clips break just from the weight of my hair, but these are really sturdy – even on crazy, thick hair like mine. I only break them because I step on them, put them in my purse, sit on them, etc. 🙂 Good thing they’re cheap enough to buy some more!

Hollie Meridian, CA

Too big and clunky

I have thin hair and these are made for someone who has very thick long hair. The claws are too deep and they give me a headache. If you have long, thick hair you will probably love them. If you don’t these will not make you happy. Even though they grab right into my scalp, my hair just falls out of them. My hair is thin and shoulder length. They make dandy bag sealers, so they weren’t a complete waste.

Jessie Fond Du Lac, WI

Great for sectioning hair!

Scunci Jaw Clips are just one of many great products from this company. I mainly use them to section hair when detaingling or using the Aphogee two-step salon deep treatment. They’re great for keeping hair out of the face and they hold up under the portable hard-hooded dryer. So, not bad at all. I give this one a B

Hannah Mecklenburg, NY

Cheap, but they work. Probably not suitable for thin or fine hair

These clips have a cheap, light-weight feel, and the grip is not very tight. I have to squeeze both sides of the clip together once it’s in my hair to get it to close. Not a big deal for me because I only use them to hold my hair back to wash my face, and my hair is thick and coarse enough to hold onto it. Someone with thin and/or fine hair may have a problem, though.

Kate Clinchco, VA


Good product and has yet to break from use can’t complain with the price I paid I expected them to break already and they have not

Kristi Conklin, MI

Decent Quality

For small amounts of hair, these work really well. The plastic quality is much better than some I’ve bought here.

Jacklyn Miller, SD

does the job

These work well for the use I get them for. I have very naturally curly hair, so I do the "scrunch & fluff" thing typically. I use these to lift the top of my hair while it’s drying some on its own. Works great for this! They do not feel good or stay put to wear all day as there is no grip on the inside and the teeth are not curled flat. But for my purpose, I do not want grip on the inside or the teeth curled flatter for comfort. I have another type for all day use. I find that their springs vary in tightness, and the teeth break off easily of you’re not careful. However, for the cheap cost for a 3-pack it’s not an issue to buy new ones occasionally.

Olga Bayfield, CO


2 of them were broken when they got here.I wouldn’t be so quick to order these from scunci they did not package properly and the broken product on arrival makes them absolutley useless to me…thanks a lot scunci.

Roberta Maben, MS