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Schwarzkopf OSiS Dust It – Mattifying Powder

Schwarzkopf OSiS Dust It – Mattifying Powder lets you creative styles with powder consistency while providing a lightweight texture and separation. Gives a soft matt effect with natural movements to your hair. Provides light natural style control. This silica powder and film formers provides for a dry light hold. Similiar to the popular Bumble & Bumble powder, Schwarzkopf Dust It Powder has been receiving amazing reviews from magazines and salon professionals around the world. This powder will give that second day look and feel instantly. Feel the difference and get natural looking hair with a cool, matt finish from OSiS Dust It. Will add great volume; works especially great on fine hair! Directions:Sprinkle small amount of powder into your palms and rub together. Rake through dry hair and lift into style for a matt finish and natural touch. (0.35 oz)

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its not like what is described, its can’t make hair look like what i want to. I don’t like this product.

Liz Minoa, NY

I too love this stuff!

I sprinkle it on my (cough) Pattinson-length hair at the roots and then put my fingers on my scalp and rub. It really gives me a ton of volume, which is great now that I need a haircut. I like the pouffy look it gives me. However, it is IMPOSSIBLE to wash out! Yesterday I shampooed with Matrix Biolage Hydrating shampoo, and it didn’t even lather up, just felt like I was adding water to my hair. After I let it air dry, it was still sticky, so I washed it with Redken All Soft. Still sticky. Went to the salon and bought some Paul Mitchell clarifying shampoo (because they didn’t have any Osis shampoos there). Still sticky after 3x lather-rinse-repeat! I have emailed the manufacturers to find out the best method for removing it, and will edit this review if I get a response. But yeah, I can get 2-3 extra days of hairstyle out of one application (so, 4-5 days without having to wash and restyle).

Cassie Mountain View, CA

It works

I have very fine hair and this stuff really will beef it up with body. Only down side is I don’t like the way my hair feels with this, dry and creepy, but it looks great. The secret to using this is go very, very, very, lightly. You can always add more but you can’t remove it without washing your hair. When I say very little, imagine the amount of powder that would fill a tiny green pea, that would be more than enough to cover the entire head. Someone said they couldn’t get a comb through their hair after using this, I can believe it but I would bet they used way too much. This stuff is potent. What saved me was my hair dresser showed me how to use it. Also might mention if you are going to be wearing something black check your shoulders for dust.

Frances Kuttawa, KY

It made my hair feel like sandpaper

I was very excited to get this powder, as I love all their other products. This product feels silky to the touch, but once it put in my hair it made it completely stiff and almost abrasive feeling.This product would be great for costuming where you need your hair to be stiff and not move.It is definitely not an everyday product.

Amparo Buhl, ID

If you’ve got fine flat hair, this product will change your life

This is not something I use every day, usually for special nights out. But I’m pretty low-key when it comes to makeup and hair in general. But seriously, when you want to glam it up or add overall volume to your hair, Osis Dust it powder works like magic. Just sprinkle a little on top of your head, at the roots only, and tease your dry hair. I think this is what they were missing in the 60s when beehives were all the rage!

Sharlene Meacham, OR

Fantastic for fine, oily hair.

This stuff really works. It gives super thin hair some texture and has staying power. You only need a very tiny bit. Highly recommend!

Octavia Hawk Run, PA


i mix this one and the big sexy hair and back comb my hair and it stays awesome until i was it. during sleeping, working, nights out… its amazing

Lilia Wicomico, VA

Gives your hair incredible volume and lift but can be sticky and difficult to shampoo out

Nothing gives my hair such instant volume and separation as this OSiS Dust It Mattifying Powder. It’s great for those special times when you want a lot of lift in your hair. I use it only occasionally, though, because it reduces the shine of my hair and makes my hair feel a tiny bit sticky and stiff. One other downside is that it can be a bit more difficult than many other styling products to shampoo out of my hair.To apply it, you can put a tiny bit (smaller than dime size) onto your fingers, rub them together, and then rub them through your hair. However, I’ve found that the method that works best for me to obtain volume at the roots is to sprinkle a tiny amount directly on the specific root areas of your hair and then work it through with your fingers. You have to do this in sections, so it takes a tiny bit longer; but I found that it worked much better for me that way. Also, with the product in the root area, if you notice that your hair is losing volume hours later, you can simply dampen your fingers slightly and rework the product that is still there. Instant lift.

Hollie Thorne Bay, AK

great for volume

This is the best powder for lifting your roots. I would be lying if I said it didn’t feel awful, but it does the job. Since discovering it I don’t bother teasing anymore. It eliminates the need for a teasing comb and is less harsh on my thin hair. Plus it’s so quick and easy to use

Bertie Maiden Rock, WI

It’s okay; I think there’s a better product that does the same thing…

This product (assuming mine is the real deal, which given the texture, I think it is. Got scared reading all those reviews about fake product, that is something to watch out for and kinda scary to hear about!) isn’t the best of its type that I’ve tried before. My hairdresser uses the same type of thing, but a different brand (I can’t remember what it is now, I need to ask her) that works a lot better. This does give some volume and helps style certain hairdos, but I really like the one my hair dresser uses better. I was a little disappointed. And yes, it makes your hair feel stiff but I expected that and you have to really scrub your scalp or wash your hair a couple times to know you’ve gotten it all out. This isn’t a good product for everyday use, just for certain occasions when you really want a lot of extra volume or are doing your hair in way where you can use the boost. This product is okay but I have to spend a lot of time ratting my hair to get it to work. There are products that seem to lift it up easier… and work all day. I also noticed that while I can feel the texture of this in my hair all day, it doesn’t hold the volume up all day.

Alexandria Greenacres, WA


I have used this stuff for years. I’ve paid through the nose at my stylist until finding it on Amazon. I have super straight, fine hair. It is thinner on top but quite thick in back. This is the ONLY thing that gives me body. I agree with others – my hair feels “weird” liek super dry. But it still looks so good! It lasts too! You can re-scrunch your hair to boost volume later in the day. I’ve bought it from Amazon 3x and I’ve been happy with it each time. I have not had the counterfeit experience that others have had. If you have gotten a bad bottle, contact Amazon. They have the BEST customer service in the biz!

Allyson East Irvine, CA

This stuff rocks!

If you have fine hair like me and need volume – this is for you. You don’t need a lot – just a sprinkle and it will thicken the hairs you are working with to hold the style you want. For me, this product helps me hold the style "the bump" where you flip back a little bit of hair in the front and secure with a bobby pin. Love it!

Socorro Tierra Amarilla, NM


I’ve used dry shampoo’s before and never had the cake feeling this product movies. Using the product according to the directions gave my scalp a while chalky film that felt gross. I tried the product several times and got the same result. The powder does NOT disperse evenly and your blow out is very chalky. Don’t waste your 10 bucks.

Lori Andrews, TX


I wish I had come across this product sooner, because it’s just what I’ve been looking for! I have a lot of fine hair, so it needs some texture to style it. This is perfect! You only need a TINY amount, otherwise you can’t even get your fingers through your hair. I shake a tiny bit into my hands, rub them together, bend over so my hair is upside down, and apply this, starting at the roots and working out. I just run it through all of my hair, and it gives me messy texture and hold. My hair is quite short, and I think this would probably work best on short hair. I LOVE it, and you can’t beat this price either!

Janell Clay, AL

AMAZING product for gals with fine, oily hair.

I have straight hair that literally hangs plastered to my head if left to itself to dry, with no product. My stylist tells me it’s thick, but fine (I laugh every time they call my hair “thick”– it’s so sad and thin looking). I’ve been using a combination of gel, hairspray and sometimes hair glues/pomades to get my hair to look the way some of my friends’ hair looks without any effort.However, those products never gave me the volume I wanted without a bit of back-combing at the crown and I could never ever have bangs that looked good (I did that thing where I cut bangs, HATED them because they looked greasy and stringy, grew them out– thought I’d give them another try, cut bangs, HATED them, grew them out– cycle continues).This product changed all of that. To get subtle volume, all I need do is sprinkle a small amount of this along the scalp where I desire volume, rub it in and while it doesn’t give me BIG hair– it gives me a nice lift and also keeps my roots from getting oily. For my bangs, I FINALLY have them and they look really great. I blow dry my bangs with a round brush, then sprinkle a bit of this throughout the roots of my bangs, rub it into the roots and lift with my fingers to sit the way I want and finish with hairspray. No more greasy bangs that plaster themselves to my forehead, no more flat bangs that look pathetic. I still back-comb the crown of my hair when I’m going for more volume, but this product will forever be a favorite for all-day, natural looking volume.

Virginia Descanso, CA

greasy hair

I love the schwarzkopf line. I like the quality and the scent of their products. I was really excited when I saw this and read the positive reviews about its volumizing potential.I was sorely dissapointed. When applied to my hair, it made it look greasy, and not voluminous at all. It looked more like 3 day old hair. Which is gross.

Maggie Elliston, VA

Obsessed with this for volume

Amazing product and I couldn’t be happier. The best stuff for volume! Nothing else works quite like this. I say do not hesitate and get this!

Dawn Carver, MA

I dusted and dusted and dusted…

Nothing happened!!! No bounce, no lift, no separation. I first tried a light dusting on the top of my scalp and went about my day, my hair didn’t have any extra volume. Next day I tried it on my bf, no special separation of his curls and put more on my hair and still nothing happened. So Im sending it back, I don’t know what else to do.

Karina Pontotoc, MS

Gummy Hair

I didn’t like this at all. It made my hair gummy. For the rest of the day I could not run my hands through my hair because it felt tangled. It’s also not that easy to shampoo out. I used it that one time and then threw it out. Waste of money.

Angelita Cedar Bluff, VA

Unique product

I read every single review on this product and decided I had to try it. I really don’t know of anything else like it on the market. It definitely adds volume. And continues to boost volume even overnight. My problem is that it provides volume near the roots but the rest of my shoulder length hair becomes very static-ey. I have an early morning meeting once a week and I hate to get up to wash my hair, so I have used this stuff to fluff up my hair in the morning so I can wash it the night before. So that is good. It does feel sticky and I have not really been able to make the style last for too long. Still, I think it is a very interesting product. I am sure it works great for shorter styles. Overall, I think it is worth trying.

Vilma Wilton, CA

Unique Hair Product

This powder gives my hair a very unique texture and an incredible amount of fullness. As other reviewers have noted, you only need a very small amount of the product to get big results. I have found it difficult to smoothly comb through my hair after using a little too much. You have to be very careful and use it sparingly.The powder is not something I would use every day because it does diminish the shine in my hair. I use it when I want to add a lot of volume to achieve certain hairstyles.

Elinor Granville, PA

Works great at thickening your hair

I have used this product and it definitely thickens your hair and gives it tremendous volume. It also helps your style to stay in place kinda like really firm hairspray would do. However, beware that this product is not easy to remove. One shampoo does not get it all out of your hair. Also, if you like for your hair to move or if you like to be able to run your fingers through your hair, then you won’t like this product. I don’t know how this stuff works but it seems to make your hair feel tangled or teased near the root if that makes any sense. It comes out of the container in a powder but then sort of changes itself into a different form once it’s on your hair. It’s really weird and hard to explain. Also, I am not one to wash my hair every day and by the second day of having this in my hair it really felt dirty and itchy. It does do what it says it will do and is worth the money. I would probably only use this on special occasions when I want my hair to look really good, stay in place and have lots of volume. This is not a product I would use every day.

Martina Lentner, MO


I dont know how to use it , and when I use it my hair will be very sticky So I dont like to use it but the product is good.

Tia Lexington, SC


I used my styling wand and then sprinkled this on my curls afterwards. Held my curls and made my hair seem thinking. Just amazing!!! LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!

Adela Mansura, LA