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Schwarzkopf OSIS dust it 10 gr

application: damp or dry hair

Key features

  • lightweight powder to texture
  • soft matt effect
  • medium control & separation
  • long lasting hold
  • natural feel

Honest reviews



bought it for my sister, and she loves it.she has thin hair and says that it gives volume and makes her hair gorgeous

Nita Arbuckle, CA

Good value for this type of product

I tried a mattifying powder at a salon and really liked it. This one is half the price and does the same thing. It takes a few attempts to get it right but it can really play up dull hair. My hair is very fine but there’s tons of it. Unless I style it properly, it just hangs like cooked spaghetti. This gives me a textured rock and roll look, especially on my side-swept bangs.Sprinkling it directly on your hair seems like the way to go.

Millicent Doniphan, MO

Great powder

I love this stuff. It gives you some texture and volume. You don’t need a lot. I didn’t notice it leaving a white cast in my hair, but my hair is blonde. I would repurchase.

Cortney Aubrey, AR

Go to the salon for this product…too many fakes out there.

If doesn’t pay to go the cheap route here. It’s more expensive in your salon, however you KNOW it’s the real stuff. I’ve been burned too different times trying to save money since I like this product. This is my most important hair product I use everyday, love the real thing…but far from it from this seller.

Katy Obion, TN

A fine hair fixer oh yes

I have baby fine hair and as I have thyroid condition for many years hair also thinning out so I look for a product which will compensate for these issues and I must say this is an excellent product I knew nothing about until I read reviews on it and it is great , does not weigh hair down or dry out but gives volume where and when needed and very light weight , just love this product.The vendor shipped very fast and I have all good things to say about the product, the vendor and will continue to read and write reviews as they are so helpful. Thank you for a great experience.

Francine Waimanalo, HI

great product!!

my hair stylist used it on my hair and I have been hooked ever siince.. I love hair product though and I do have short spiky hair that does not move so beware this is not a product that will give you a long flowy glow its def for structure and texture and lift…

Mollie Newell, AL