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Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner, 6.8 oz

Bonacure Color Save Conditioner detangels and protects color-treated hair from fading. Up to 90% color retention even after 30 shampoos. BC hairtherapy with Color Save Complex prolongs color intensity and protects the hair structure against UV rays. Amino Cell Rebuild Technology restores the hair’s elasticirt and rebuilds the hair from within. For smooth, manageable and long-lasting color vibrancy.

Key features

  • An excellent spray which keeps the hair moist

Honest reviews


softens hair without making it greasy

This is my second purchase. I have used probably 20 different kinds of hair leave-ins because my hair gets easily damaged due to frequent perms and dying. I’d say this is one of the most effective ones I’ve used, and definitely the cheapest. This product detangles hair, without adding grease or much weight. My hair is much softer and breaks less since I started using this. Also, it makes your hair smell good all day. =)

Paulette South Bristol, ME

Fantastic product….

I never let any hairdresser, or anyone for that matter, put any products in my hair. I find they make my hair very greasy, and I do not like the feeling, or even smell. However, finally, a hairdresser turned me on to Moisture kick, over my complaining not to put any product in my hair.Well, I was in love! That must have been almost 10 years ago, and I have been using it ever since, and turning all sorts of people on to this product.The product really is light, with a wonderful smell. It works amazingly, considering how light it is. You cannot feel it in your hair, but you will feel the results. My hair becomes much more manageable, and all the frizzes disappear! It also becomes so much softer and shinier.This is really an exceptional product, from an exceptional company. I can highly recommend this. If you have not tried it, you deserve to! Good luck. 🙂

Sonia North Berwick, ME

Great product!

Great great product. I bought this after I tried buying salon brand shampoos and conditioners to try and recreate the post-salon-amazing-hair I always had (without a blowout!)Then, after throwing so much money away, I simply asked my hairstylist and she told me it’s absolutely not the shampoo and conditioner, and that it’s this product. I’ve been using it ever since, and what do you know, she was right.Highly recommended.

Christi Piasa, IL

Light spray, nice scent

I have fine, curly/wavy hair that frizzes up if I brush it after combing. But a couple squirts of this conditioner and I can let me hair dry while preserving the natural curl. It lasts a long time and the bottle pump efficiently sucks up liquid to the very last drop.

Sandra Lynco, WV

Is it real?

Same as above, label falling off. Not sure it is the original product, as I have never purchased it before.

Francine Brewton, AL


I use it when my hair is clean-helps with the moisturizing, also use it between shampoos because it freshens the smell of "needs to be washed soon" hair

Loretta Cash, AR

love the smell!!!

;been using for a few years and love the results and smell; great leave in conditionser espcially fo the summer

Clare Spring Valley, IL

Great Product

I had a normal hair before I dyed it. Now I have French Ombre. First my hair looked nice but then the bottoms started to become fatty very soon and the ends were terribly dry and rough. Now I started to consume the product and it’s pretty cool. It moisturizes the ends and my hair is the same density from bottoms till the ends. And of course, it’s shiny and soft.

Polly Wasilla, AK

reduces tangles

One bottle of this conditioner lasts me about one and a half years. It only takes about five sprays on my hair, and my hair is relatively long. It helps reduce tangles and conditions my hair.

Georgina Crabtree, PA

Strong fragrance!!!!

This product is heavily perfumed (I mean, like sneezing – at least for me – and I’m not super-sensitive). I didn’t want to waste it so I worked hard at finishing the entire bottle, which I finally have. It does an adequate job in terms of adding moisture, but nothing extraordinary. I’d say that, if you generally don’t like strong perfumes, them don’t bother with this product at all. If you may not mind, depending on the smell, then try to sample somehow (like at your beauty supply or salon if they carry it). Otherwise, if you’re pretty easy going about fragrances, then its okay.

Sherry Lindon, UT

Awesome hair spray.

These leave in conditioner works well as a detangler and de frizzer. Great for all hair types. I can’t style my hair without it.

Vonda New Haven, VT