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Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Color Save Silver Shampoo for Grey & Pre-Lightened Hair 250ml/8.5oz

With reflex pigments for more vivacious hair colour. Neutralizes the yellow tones of lightened, bleached and grey hair.

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Purple Fail

I purchased this shampoo based on a blog I read by a hairdresser that chose her favorite toning shampoos. She said this one was her favorite and did a good job of removing brassy tones. I call bull. It doesn’t remove brassy tones (I have highlighted hair) and the packaging and smell was an epic fail. For the price I might as well used a cheap toning shampoo and got the same results CHEAPER. Needless to say I will never read her blog again or buy this awful shampoo.

Trina Yellow Spring, WV


So one caveat, I do not have gray hair, it is blonde, and I attempted to go platinum at the hairdressers for first time and of course because it was the first time, the roots on top were very brassy. What’s a girl to do?! Other than go back to hairdresser ASAP she recommended I try this brand and let it sit for a couple minutes in shower. I did and have used it a half a dozen times now and it’s coming closer to the color I wanted. Now the orangey hue is not gone altogether just more subdued, which I can live with for a couple weeks until I can get back in to her.

Olive Westerly, RI

I have to say this did ZERO to my hair

I have to say this did ZERO to my hair and was honestly a waste of money. I mean, it cleans it I guess and stains my fingers but my hair is the same

Darla Laketown, UT

Put your money on this one!

This stuff is good. It does work. But like others have said if you have brown hair and your trying to get the brassiness out, leave it in for awhile. As for my hair, it did leave it a tad dry but its nothing a deep conditioner can’t fix. Of the purple shampoos i’ve tried, this one left the most noticeable results.

Sonia Saint Cloud, WI

Love this product

I accidentally read the reviews on this shampoo, and I color my hair to a darker blonde with highlights, since my hair is dark there tends to be a lot of redness, which I really don’t like, but since I started using this shampoo it does what it’s supposed to neutralize the redness, I normally wash with my shampoo and then 2nd shampoo with this one I do leave it on 3 min. as other reviewers advised, I do this every time I wash my hair and I have never seen any purple in my hair! I love it and I also recommend!

Latasha Maynard, OH

Very very potent.

This shampoo is very very potent when it comes to toning your hair. I HIGHLY recommend it if you have light blonde hair for pulling out the yellow/brass tones. My hair is red, and as such it was nearly impossible to get my hair platinum. When I dyed, after a wash or two the red/brassy tones in my hair would show through. I used this shampoo to keep my hair a gorgeous ash color. It takes practice. I would not recommend letting it sit on your hair, you will turn your hair a patchy purple. Wash and immediately rinse twice if once isn’t quite enough and keep an eye on your bangs if you have them (for some reason mine would take to the color a little too well).The best part of all. It’s not a conditioner. So you don’t have to give up your favorite conditioner for one with a toner.

Ava Almond, WI