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Schick Hydro Silk Razor Disposable Razors for Women Our Best Disposable Shaving Razor – 3 Count

Schick hydro silk disposable razors are the only grooming products that give back moisture to your skin during shaving, leaving it feeling silky smooth. Five curve sensing blades with unique skin guards give a close shave, while helping to protect skin from irritation. Water activated moisturizing serum infused with marine extracts hydrates your skin through each shave. Specially shaped handle enables razor to be placed on flat surface, while keeping the cartridge head raised. Soft rubber handle with multiple grips provide the ultimate control.

Key features

  • WATER-ACTIVATED MOISTURIZING SERUM helps replenish skin’s natural moisture for up to two hours after shaving, keeping legs nourished and smooth
  • FIVE CURVE SENSING BLADES with unique skin guards to smooth skin throughout every stroke, helping to reduce irritation while providing ultimate closeness
  • ERGONOMIC AQUEOUS SOFT TOUCH RAZOR HANDLE with a soft rubber grip for easy handling
  • Moisturizes up to 2 hours after shaving

Honest reviews


It’s a Razor

I only bought this because there was an online discount for it. I haven’t actually used it, though, so I don’t know if there’s anything special about it.

Amparo Roby, TX

Nice if you are willing to pay for it

To be perfectly honest when I shave my legs I just want to get the hair off with the least amount of hassle. These blades do get the hair off but it takes alittle extra work as you have to rinse the blades frequently. The moisture serum is nice but during the winter months and in the spring I need alittle extra moisture than these provide. I did have less irritation with these razors so that was a plus. To be quite honest with you I will probably not buy these again unless the price drops or I have a coupon for them. I can’t justify the price if I can get the job done for less.

Becky Richmond Dale, OH

An almost perfect razor.

Every time I review a razor of some sort, I say the same thing, and I’ll keep saying it until I’m proven otherwise.Women get better razors than men do.I don’t care if I have pink razors in my bathroom. I don’t care if I get weird looks from the cashier when I buy a new pack. All the stupid 5 razor disposable blades I’ve tried that are for “me” always feel bulky and flimsy. Bulky in that the part that the blades are in never feels like it covers the area I’m shaving and is just pressing against my skin. And flimsy in that that same section feels like it’s going to break off if I dropped it even once in the shower.This one from Schick doesn’t have those problems.The Hydro Silk feels great when shaving, is comfortable to hold, and leaves me with super smooth skin. It gives me such a close shave, that I can feel the air going into my skin right after I’m done shaving. Yeah, it sounds weird but that’s the best way to describe the feeling. It feels like the hair is gone completely, which is surprising considering 5 blade razors for men that I’ve used don’t give me that feeling even when they’re brand new.What keeps me from giving these a full 5 stars? The sides. When shaving my chest and “other” areas, the sides of the razor where the blades end make it hard to go around more sensitive areas without having to double check and make sure I got everything. It’s not a big deal, and is a small downfall. Definitely give these a shot if you’re looking for a 5 blade to try out.

Carol Alpena, AR

My New Favorite Razor

I have been using Schick Intuition razors for many years but they are so expensive and they don’t last more than a couple of shaves. So I was really excited to get offered these razors and couldn’t wait to use them.After soaking in a bubble bath I tried the razor on my legs and I really loved that the razor head glides around the curves of my skin without scraping or cutting. With other razors you have to press hard in order to get a close shave and this results in razor burn and cuts. With the Hydro Silk razors you just glide the razor head against your skin and you still get a really close shave. I didn’t need to use any shaving cream and the razor lasts and lasts.I love Schick products so I’m thrilled to find a new razor that works better for me and for less money!

Cheryl Cameron, IL

Schick Hydro Silk Disposable Razor

Whoa!! What a tender silk shave!! I do not remember all the details about why this razor is so good…something like five blades, and shaving on flat skin while handle stays straight, etc….all I know is it gives a great…did I say ‘great’ shave. Silky smooth you are looking for?? Silky smooth is what you get with this razor and water activates the lubricant on the razor edge. It glides over your skin like a butterfly. Be smooth and silky this summer…you will want to rub the skin surface over and over…and over again. My razor came from Amazon so you can get yours there too and they do fast shipping.Schick Hydro Silk Disposable Razor, 3 Count

Jade West Union, OH

Overall, nice

I accidentally requested this item as a vine product twice…so I’ll post the same review. However, I still feel the same way about the product and am happy overall.For starters, the color and size of the razor is nice. It also comes with a refill. I am quite impressed with the carrier and how it has stayed attached to my shower wall. I’ve had other brands that continually fall and the Schick Hydro provides a secure fit.As far as the shaver itself. The shaver tip is wider than I am use to, but not awkward. It seems to provide a close shave and is easily maneuverable around the knees, ankles, etc. As of right now, I shaved two days ago on my arms and legs and they are still relatively smooth. With that said, I also cut myself twice with this razor the first time I used it—-which I recognize could be “operator error”–but I have not done that in years. Literally. I forgot how much it hurt!As far as the serum goes; since I was using it in the shower, along with shower gel…I did not notice any difference in the performance of the razor. Also, for five blades, the hair does seem to wash out really easy.My favorite thing about this razor is the price. I do feel that for $7.49 you get a nice razor that appears to be long lasting and provides a nice shave.

Luann Reed, KY

Fair not great

Works ok. Too light weight, makes it hard to hold and use. Awkward. I will not be buying this again. Just don’t like the design.

Tabatha La Porte City, IA

Excellent, But Expensive …

The “Schick Hydro Silk Disposable Razor” provides a close, comfortable shave when used with shaving cream or in the bath or shower. “Schick Hydro Silk Disposable Razor” has multiple blades which provide a close shave and seem to help prevent nicking or cutting the skin when you shave. The curved handle is wide enough to hold comfortably, but is not awkward. The textured grip minimizes the chance that the razor will slip out of your hand during use. At only 5/8 oz., the razor is very light weight and easy to hold. A blade cover protects the razor head when you pack the “Schick Hydro Silk Disposable Razor” for travel or simply throw it in the drawer.The “Schick Hydro Silk Disposable Razor” is excellent in “emergency” situations when one has no other option than to “dry shave” legs or underarms. This razor does take some of the hazards out of that endeavor; there has been no razor burn or skin irritation as a result of using this product.Although expensive, the “Schick Hydro Silk Disposable Razor” is an ideal supplement to your electric razor and is an excellent choice for travel. I recommend this product.

Yolanda Hamburg, MI

Great disposable blades

My wife really likes these blades. The razors are light and the lube strip definitely helps glide the razor across her legs. She thinks this is the best disposable woman’s razor on the market.

Sally Christiana, TN

I really don’t like this one

The shaving surface on this razor is so wide that it does not get well into facial crevices where a lady of a certain age has to shave off “misplaced eyebrows.” It does not cut the hairs off as close as the inexpensive razors I have been using. I was, to be repetitive, very disappointed. However, if the ONLY thing I wanted to shave with it had been legs, it might have been nice.

Ingrid Rush Center, KS

Smoothest Shave Ever!

I am always on the lookout for new razors as I really haven’t found one yet that I’ve been in total love with. Half of them loose their sharpness after a few shaves, and others with built in soap dispensers seem to melt off after one use. But after using the Schick Hydro Silk razor for a week, with daily shaving, the blades are still sharp as can be!The overall look of this razor is very odd, as it doesn’t feel ergonomic for a woman’s hand. The curved handle fits nicely into my hand, but the curve ends in a sharp “elbow” joint, if you will, that doesn’t feel that special in your hand. But this nifty little point is perfect for setting your razor down as it actually holds the shaving part up. So you never have to worry about accidentally leaving your razor on the side of the tub, and the moisturizing soap around the blade sticking to the tub. Which has happened to me more often than not. The shaving area does house five blades, something I’ve always loved, and it has a nice moisturizing strip around the blades in the form of little yellow dots. Again, I’ve been using this a week now with daily shaving and those dots are holding up nicely. There is also a strip of dark blue along the bottom of the blade that helps prevent nicks and gives a smoother shave. Another thing I love is how close of a shave I get with the Hydro Silk razor! I’ve used other Schick products, but this one beats all of them hands down with smooth silky skin! I can easily get hard to shave areas with one swipe of the blade, which is great for those who are prone to skin irritation as you only have to shave over an area once. Knees are a breeze, and even using the high dollar razors, I still find missed areas, but with this razor it’s all smooth as can be! This is now my go to razor, and I definitely recommend it as it is the best, smoothest shave you’ll get with a razor!

Marci Omaha, NE

A Close Shave, Plus Smooth Skin

I’m always trying out new razors, since I have to shave my legs daily to maintain a smooth feel and look. I’m glad I tried this one, because the “moisturizing serum” delivers on its promise to give you a smooth shave.The razor has five high-quality blades, and the serum is contained in two narrow strips on the top and bottom of the blades. The head of the razor has a sort of swivel movement that allows it to glide over knees and ankle bones.In addition to the above great features, the handle of this razor is curved, thick, and just right for a perfect grip. (It has a textured, rubbery feel, but it is lightweight.)I got a full week out of one razor, and probably could have gone several days longer with it.In short, I think it’s worth every one of the five-stars I’m giving it!

Mari Minidoka, ID

The smoothest disposable razor

This is the smoothest disposable razor I have ever experienced. I used this razor to shave my underarms, legs, bikini area and arms and I experienced no razor burn and no cuts. It performs well even with dry shaving! Each razor should last you about 8-10 shaves before it gets rusty and is time to switch to the next one. I would say for a good clean shave, these 3 razors should last you about 2 months. Enjoy! 🙂

Elena Buffalo, WY

Cheaper than Schick Quattro

I’ve never been a fan of disposable razors, but after trying this razor I have changed my mind. I have always used the Schick Quattro and have always had to buy the refills for it. But the refills are getting so expensive that I decided to give this one a try. It’s comparable to the Quattro and it is much cheaper. It shaves well and doesn’t seem to nick like some of the cheap disposable razors do. It’s definitely better than the Gillette Venus, which I have tried as well. As far as a disposable razors go, I think this is a good one.

Ina Bee, VA

Best way to ditch the gorilla fur!

I usually shave my legs with a store brand 2 blade disposable. You know, the ones that come in the 12 pack for like 2 bucks? I figure that they are cheap and get the job done. I’ve used expensive razors before and they just never seemed worth the investment, seeing as the cheapies would do the same thing, remove hair.Well, fast forward to several bleeding nicks later and a months hiatus from shaving. My legs were looking like they were covered in gorilla fur. No was was a cheapie razor going to remove it in one pass, heck no razor was going to remove it in one pass. Except, to my utter delight, this razor, with its 5 blade boasting self, not only removed my long growing pelt in one swipe, it left my now shorn skin soft. No razor burn, no nicked ankles or knees.This razor effortlessly glided over my skin. Serious, it practically floated. I felt like my hand was just there for guidance, it did all the work. A far cry from the pressure I’ve always felt needed with the 2 bladed cheapies. It also went over my knees, under my arms, and over ankles with the same effortless motions. No hair. No nicks. No razor burn. And no rusty wet blades from sitting in water post shower.Yes, these are worth the extra. They even feel worth it when in the hand, all ergonomic and grippy. Happily I will be using these from now on!

Dionne Lake City, SC

Good product

The Schick hydro silk disposable razors are great. The five curve sensing blades with unique skin guards not only gave me a close smooth shave but also give moisture back to my skin while shaving. The moisturizer stayed on my legs for a couple hours after shaving. The five curve sensing blades and moisturizer made for a quick, easy shave that left my legs feeling silky smooth. The water activated moisturizing serum infused with marine extracts did seem to hydrate my skin and protect it from irritation.The soft rubber handle with multiple grips helped provide good control and it’s shape enabled my razor to lie flat on my skin while keeping the cartridge head raised. I appreciate the blades having a protective cap for when the razors are not in use.The Schick Hydro razors come in three per package and are unconditionally guaranteed. There is an 800 phone number and website for feedback, questions and concerns.

Taylor Tekoa, WA

Adequate for travel

The Wife brought these on a trip and was satisfied but not wowed. The quality was noticeably inferior to her standard razor. On the other hand, for a lightweight disposable to travel with they did the trick.

Geraldine Bloomingdale, OH

Cant be beat for legs…

These razors are top of the line when it comes to legs, even on my sensitive skin, I’m never left with nicks or cuts, even when using plain soap. However, if you’re looking for something for more intimate shaving needs, a razor with a smaller head might be a better choice.

Renae Como, CO

Nice, But Five Blades Might Be Overkill.

These razors do give a nice close shave on my legs, but I’m not sure if the added expense is justified by the results. I’ve always used the razor heads with double blades on the trusty old durable handle I’ve had for years. These five-blade heads do give a smoother shave than two blades, but why five? Would three or four be enough? Is five a costly gimmick?I think the moisturizing gel on these razors would be most appealing for men using the razors on their faces. For my legs, I need to slather on something much richer as soon as I get out of the shower. The handles are nicely designed, making it easy to shave, and they’re shaped to keep the blades from touching any flat surface where you might lay down the razor.I do like these razors, and will definitely enjoy using them. I’m just not yet convinced that they’re worth the price.

Catherine Lockbourne, OH

Great razor

My wife tried this razor and was very pleased at the results. She liked that it was fairly light, loved the fact that it had a special lubricant that made it glide over her skin, and really appreciated the fact that it didn’t cut her. Apparently shaving one’s legs can be bloody and quite painful, and she has decided to make this razor her new favorite item.

Nadine North Springfield, VT

Easy to grip and gets the job done

It’s got a big, easy to grip handle and a lot of blades but it’s not an especially memorable razor. My wife was able to use it three times before throwing it away, so with a pack of three you’d get about nine uses. The “hydro silk” part is referencing the gel that is released when it’s being used which seems to help a little bit and makes the shave smoother. Gets the job done but nothing especially memorable.

Emma San Diego, CA

Perfectly good razors

I’m female, and I use these razors for shaving my legs and underarms. In case male readers can’t figure this, legs offer a large area for accumulating small, shallow, but freely bleeding cuts, and underarms offer a small, very concave area that is easy to nick. These razors offer a good shave in both areas, but then, so did the ordinary disposable razors I was using. I still lubricate the area to be shaved with olive oil soap. These razors do have a lubricating gel, but I don’t dare use the gel alone. Better safe than sorry. I have sensitive skin but the gel does not irritate it.

Tanisha Pingree, ID

No More Irritation!!

The Schick Hydro Silk Disposable Razors gives you such a smooth shave without irritation. I usually don’t like a close shave under my arms because of being irritated but I wanted to see if the water activated moisturizing serum would work as advertised and I’m glad to say that it did. I didn’t have any irritation or razor bumps and I got the close shave that I desired.The Schick Hydro Silk are so smooth that they glide over your skin and gives your skin the best shave in some of the most intimate places. The beautiful design of the razor makes it easy to handle and makes it simple to reach those hard to reach areas. I enjoyed using this razor and I fell in love with it, so I am definitely switching over to the new Schick Hydro Silk.

Chrystal Tuba City, AZ

This might make me give up my electric shaver

I’ve been using an electric shaver on my legs for years but notice that this gives me a cleaner closer shave than the electric. I hated the way a razor would scrape my skin along with the risk of nicks but this takes shaving with a blade to a whole new level. I don’t have that awful scrapping sensation and the moisturization this puts on my skin as I shave gives my skin a healthy glow and makes the blades glide over my skin and leaves it like silk. I was afraid there was going to be a slick greasy feel from this but there is just a soft smoothness on my legs like a good lotion would give them. I’m very pleased with this razor and might switch to using this exclusively.

Yvette Burlington, CO

Decent razor, lasts a while.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the Schick Hydro Silk Razor. The positives are: it stays comfortably sharp through multiple shaves. It’s nice to have a razor that doesn’t irritate the underarm area even after it’s been used on the legs four or five times. The handle is easy to keep hold of when wet and the blade rinses clean easily in the shower.On the down side, the head of the razor it’s the best design for shaving knees. Or perhaps my knees are bumpier than average? Also, the moisturizing strips on this razor tend to become pretty slimy which looks gross but doesn’t seem to affect the performance. It does make the razor glide very, very easily across the skin so it’s best to go a bit slow when first shaving with this razor so you can get used to how quickly it glides along.All things considered, I would definitely buy this razor again if purchasing disposables.

Carrie Mount Holly, VA

Smooth shave

Love the way these razors give me the closest shave. My legs feel so smooth. These are tops as far as disposables go in my book!

Cornelia Tarrs, PA

Shave lasts for days

My first thought on these razors were 5 Blades?! Seems a little excessive. I remember when 3 blades was cutting edge. My second thought was what Marine elements? It turns out the second ingredient on the list is Algae. I do love a good disposable razor (I find fussing with replacements irritating), so I gave these a shot. I didn’t use cream as the head of this razor is a large block of serum. The size of the head (pretty big) made it difficult to get any traction while shaving. However, once toweled off, I did realize my legs were pretty smooth. It’s been two days since using the razor, but my legs are still smooth.

Judi Sun, LA

Good product but expensive

This product actually works pretty well for me. I like the moisturizing thingies, and it holds up well and seems gentle without a lot of nicks and scrapes. But at 3 bucks a razor (Amazon price) they’re just a bit pricey for my taste. I’ve used less expensive razors that work nearly as well, and probably won’t buy these again.

Beatriz Lapwai, ID

Great Disposable Razor

This is probably one of the best disposable razors I have ever used. It’s really almost hard to tell it’s disposable. It has the same look and feel as an refillable one. Most of the time, I dread using disposables because they tend to be cheaply made and cause razor burn. But this one did not at all. It also lasts longer than most disposables, where after one or two shaves, they’re done. I would highly recommend this product.

Ericka Sanbornton, NH

Works great

Has a nice grip on the handle and very easy to maneuver over my legs- even the back sides. The razor itself has many blades giving me a nice smooth and close shave so I don’t have to go back over for a 2nd run. The razor head glides smoothly over my legs that I don’t have to worry about cutting myself, and I don’t have to push it too close to worry about razor burns. When I am finished my legs feel very smooth and hydrated because of the hydrating pad attached that I don’t even have to put lotion all of my legs.I really like this razor and think I will be sticking to this brand in the future.

Tisha Alexander, IA