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Schick Hydro 5 Power Select Razor

The Schick hydro power is the only power razor with customizable settings for a close comfortable shave. And, like all Schick hydro razors, hydro power select also has a unique gel reservoir, and skin guards on each blade, to give you the best shave for your skin.

Key features

  • Custom vibrations with high, medium, low settings for a close, comfortable shave just the way you like it
  • Battery life indicator monitors the battery charge and indicates how much power is left
  • Has a unique gel reservoir and skin guards on each blade to give you the best shave for your skin
  • Makes facial hair styling easier

Honest reviews


A great razor, but don’t buy into the hype

Everyone’s hyping up the Hydro 5 like it was created by god and sent down to earth for man to have the best shave ever. Well, i’ve come to give you a more honest non-hyped review.I had been using the Gillette Fusion Power for 2 years until the Hydro 5. I considered that the best shaver I had ever used (previously using electric shavers and disposable ones). I bought the Shick Hydro 5 (NON POWER VERSION) a month ago, not knowing there was a power version. The powerless version was a great shave, but I have to say honestly that it shaved better about a week into use than at the very beginning. Maybe it was because my face was adjusting to a new razor. For the past 3 weeks, I had been shaving with the Hydro 5 and started getting better at it.Now with the new Hydro 5 Power, I can give a true opinion against the GIllete Fusion power. The blade is obviously the same as the powerless version so no different there. The upsides of having the power version is a MUCH better grip (the powerless version was annoying to use after having the great shape of the Gillette. Hydro 5 power is pretty interesting in the features it comes with. There are 3 power modes; low, normal, and high. In order to cycle through these options, you simply push the power button. Push once for low, twice for medium, 3 times for high, and a fourth time to turn off. There is a small LED light indicator that shows you if you are using low, medium, or high. It also comes with a very user friendly format for battery strength. Green means power is good, red means batteries are dying, and it will flash red to indicate you need to change batteries (Power options will be disabled until fresh batteries are put in). It takes one AAA battery which comes included.My only complaint about the Shick Hydro 5 (all versions) is the lubricant strip. It’s the best thing, but also the worst thing about this razor. I love that the lubrication lasts a very long time (easily 2-3x longer than Gillette Fusion). However, the annoying part is that during your first few shaves with a fresh blade, the lubrication will get all over your face, and spread your shaving cream around and get messy. I will admit to having a slightly messy shave anyway, but this thing really makes it worse.To finish off this review, i’d like to throw in some comparison info vs the Fusion power.-Fusion Power–Comfort: 5/5–Shave: 4/5–Blade life: 3/5–Lubrication strip: 2/5–Price to effectiveness ratio: 2/5===OVERALL: 3/5-Hydro 5–Comfort: 4/5–Shave: 5/5–Blade life: 5/5–Lubrication strip: 4/5–Price to effectiveness ratio: 5/5==OVERALL: 4.5/5Hydro 5 has its downsides, but if you can look past them, this is one of the best shavers you will ever own. If this review helped or you liked it, please check ‘yes’ that this review was helpful, as it encourages me to write more great reviews, thanks.–Update 4/20/12: I’m starting to tell now after using the razor a few times that the power controls are very weak. I don’t know how to fully describe what I’m talking about, but on the Hydro 5 its like a tinny cheap type of vibration, while on the Fusion Power the power is completely smooth. It seems like the Hydro 5 is less comfortable when I turn the power settings on. Could be just me or maybe the razor I have is faulty.–Update 5/20/12: I’ve now been using this for a while. My face is getting used to the Hydro and while at first I would get a few uncomfortable shaves, I am now getting a nice smooth shave every time. I will add that when I had my fusion power, I only had to run over my hairs once, but with the Hydro 5 I have go over it twice to get that perfect smooth look. Not a big deal, but I thought i’d share it.

Taylor Roscoe, MO

made for LEGS not FACE!

I’ll admit, I only bought this because I was in a hurry and it “looked cool”. The angle DISTANCE between the blades and the lubrication strip is the real issue…Its terrible. I have a pretty “normal” face but this razor won’t cut around the corners of my mouth or under my nose, unless I make ridiculous faces and stretch and pull my mouth and nose. I’ve been shaving for 30 years and have NEVER felt so stupid shaving my face. HORRIBLE DESIGN but I bet it shave legs beautifully.

Lynn Coffeen, IL

Love Love Love

i typically buy men’s razors, because not only are they cheaper but they tend to last longer when they aren’t pink. this razor is no exception, there is no female equivalent but dollar for dollar there is no better razor at the moment. I wish the refills were cheaper but hey, they will be eventually.

Melisa Petersburg, IN

No problems with battery life (use rechargeables) but doesn’t give a close shave

I realize everyone’s face is different, so here is my experience with the Hydro 5. The 5 blades and the vibrating feature are nice on paper, but it didn’t offer me any advantage in shaving. I still can’t use bladed razors on my upper lip because my skin is sensitive in that region. The sharpest/newest razor will tend to drag on the upper lip and cause sensitivity issues, and the same problems occur with the Hydro 5. Instead I use a Phillips Norelco for that region specifically. I can use bladed razors everywhere else on my face and neck.The Hydro 5 seems to clog just as easily as the Schick Quattro. I figured the vibrating feature might jostle some of the hairs loose, but no dice. The Hydro 5 doesn’t get close to begin with, and after a few swipes it tends to just gloss over the hairs. I have to constantly clear the blades.What works for me are the inexpensive disposable Gillette Sensor 3 blades. They will easily last a year for me, and not present any problems. I shave on a 1-2 week basis, so that’s roughly 20 shaves out of each blade. Even brand new, the Schick Hydro 5 did not work as well as a year old Sensor 3 on my face.Overall: 3/5 stars, did not give a close enough shave on my face. I prefer the Gillette Sensor 3 and a Phillips Norelco. The Braun foil shavers don’t work well on my face either. I think it is because I have thick whiskers that tend to clog up most shaving devices.

Doretha Voorheesville, NY

Great price, good razor

I bought this as a "Slick Deal" for my fiance, as he has a proclivity towards growing an unruly beard whenever we are apart. This gets the job done and leaves him silky smooth!

Marquita Callery, PA

Great razor. Good clean shave – A+

We all know shaving is a hassle. (But, some of these dudes totally get into the whole shaving analyzation thing.) Simply, I like the results. I got a great shave; however, I deduce that the close shave I’m relishing comes from the mass of the razor weight and number of blades.Got it for a cheap price thinking – if nothing else – it will break up the monotony of shaving. I’m pleased. I’m not sure what necessitates the different power modes or if they are actually necessary. (Don’t care.) It works well for me and made me look forward to shaving just to try something new. Now, the real question is: Where can I hide it from the wife? If she gets hold of it I’ll be back to my old boring triple blade.One other note: There were only one blade razors available when I started shaving. I wonder if they will have robotic infrared remote control 35 blade razors in ten years?

Lynnette Papineau, IL

After 46 years switched from Gillette.

I’ve been shaving with nothing but Gillette for 46 years. After a follicle infection my skin was very sensitive and I could only use a blade one or two times. I was using a Gillette Pro Fusion. But it really irratated my skin and obviously the price of blades was insane.I decided to try the Schick Hydro 5 Power really because I was desperate to not have my skin irratation last for 24 hours after shaving. The Schick is so much better there really is no way to really compare the two. The shave is much less irratating, the blades last longer before I need to change, the lubricant last much longer and they cost so much less.The Schick is simply in a different world, it is that much better. Particularly if you use Schick Hydro Gel or Nivea Shaving cream.

Patrice Sigel, PA

really good

Honestly It seems to be better than Gillette proglide, my new favorite for shaving my legs without irritations and so much cheaper

Chrystal Osborn, MO

I want more.

This is amazing. It basically shave you on its own. I can’t wait to order more. Nothing but perfect! Great.

Dionne Geneva, GA

Just As Good as the Gillette Fusion Power

I have used the Gillette Fusion Power for a couple of years and always viewed the refill blades as quite pricey. Just bought the Hydro 5, as I was tired of paying the high prices for the Gillette replacement blades. Personally, I think it is just as good as the Gillette Fusion Power for shaving, with the exception of the trimming blade, as there isn’t a separate trim blade as found on the Gillette Fusion. Rather, you flip down a plastic cover on top of the other blades and trim with the shaving razor, which does work alright. Shave wise: just as good, cost wise; significantly less costly than the Gillette. Recommendation; Schick Hydro 5 Power.

Alexandria Mount Dora, FL

This cut me more times in fewer uses than a tri-blade in 20 years

I had been using Gillette Sensor for over 20 years. I started with the double blade, then graduating to the sensor 3. It always produced a great shave with minimal cuts to my face unless I tried to get more uses out of the blades than I should. Then this razor came out along with Gillette’s variation. So, I decided to give it a try.The concept is well thought, and it does produce a closer shave than a tri-blade, but it does have some consequences. I frequently cut myself around the curvatures of my chin, no matter how careful I am. Fresh blades did not make a difference. Shaving the sides of my face were fine, but it got dicey around the chin. I think the overall design and angle of the razor is that of a bad design for some people.I’ll be using up my 4 pack of blades and going back to my old Sensor 3. I get cut less.

Rebecca Stambaugh, KY