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Scarecrow Classic Deluxe Fangs

Whether it ‘s a classic vampire or werewolf look or something more dramatic like Sabers or Sterling Silver Fangs , Scarecrow simply makes the finest fangs on the market today. Scarecrows patented molding system ensures a perfect fit that will not interrupt your speech.

Key features

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  • High Grade Plastic Fang Caps
  • Made in USA
  • High Quality
  • Proprietary design
  • Exceptional performance

Honest reviews


Teeth Fall Off

I ordered 2 of these for a vampire party. My friend and I each tried them, and they fell off IMMEDIATELY for both of us. Well, one tooth stayed on me for a few minutes, but it was wiggly and I couldn’t talk with it on. We were thoroughly disappointed in these. Maybe our teeth weren’t the right size…mine are small. If you have unusual teeth, don’t get these. Another tip: These teeth are also meant to be used not on the teeth immediately next to your front teeth, but rather the ones next to those. Otherwise, they will obscure your speech.Please keep in mind that you will have to hold each of these teeth onto your tooth for 5 minutes, while lying on your back to keep saliva from getting into the paste. There’s a bit of time investment in this, as the teeth may take a while to work. We didn’t have time to keep trying. It can be a bit messy–white powder got everywhere.The directions in the package are also very strange. They say to remove the teeth after 15 minutes instead of wearing them all night…go figure.

Courtney Muddy, IL

Didn’t really fit

I think next time I need fangs, I’ll get a more expensive kit, so I can customize the fangs to my teeth. One fang fit, and the other wouldn’t stay on unless I was biting down.

Elisabeth Cool, CA


They were great wore them to work and they stay in all day and I still wear them on occasion

Dena Deshler, NE

Super fun!

Bought these for Halloween. It took me a couple tries with the glue but once you het them to stay, They Stay!

Maryanne Washington, MI

Nice and easy fitting system, though a bit uncomfortable

Pros:- The system which is used to custom fit these to your teeth is simple. If done right they will fit snugly on the teeth and look pretty cool. If you mess up there’s plenty of extra solution to retry.Cons:- Even with proper fitting these fangs can get uncomfortable after a while. I found my gums to be a bit irritated as well as my cheeks. It’s nothing close to excruciating or anything, just a bit uncomfortable; it just depend on how dedicated you are to your look!**Overall these are a good product. Fun.

Karen Earleville, MD

Couldn’t be simpler or more secure!

This is the first pair of fangs I’ve ever bought, and I’m glad I chose this set. Depending on how you feel you will be able to speak and the size of your teeth, you may want to go with a smaller pair by the same manufacturer meant for your incisors. The Scarecrow was best for my canine teeth and I feel very comfortable speaking with them in place. The manufacturer has videos on the web you can watch if the written instructions are not clear to you. Also, depending on your tooth shape, etc, you may need to go through the fitting process more than once. They provide enough epoxy material so that you can go through the process 4 or 5 times if you need.They only come in one color, which will be a good match for most people. For me they are noticeably yellower than the rest of my teeth, but at a dark party I don’t think anyone is going to notice. It would be nice to have a whiter shade, or some way to lighten them, but it’s not like I’m going to wear them year-round.I can’t emphasize enough that you need to follow the fitting instructions so that the mold will snap to your teeth when it’s completely dry. Take your time and be gentle when removing them after the epoxy has set. If you do that, you’ll have a great pair of fangs you can use again and again. As others have cautioned, do not eat with them in place, and do not drink red liquids unless you want your fangs to turn pink! I don’t know if the fangs will absorb other colors like that, but I’m going to stick to clear liquids on Halloween just in case.They pop in and out easily enough, so take a pillbox along with you in case you want to take them out for a meal or a bottle of True Blood. Overall a “fangtastic” purchase for Halloween, cosplay or even stage productions. I know I’m going to have lots of fun with these!

Opal Arcadia, SC