Scalpmaster Curling Iron Holder

Scalpmaster Curling Iron Holder

Key features

  • Curling iron holder is heat resistant, rubber coated, heavy base won’t melt, tip or fall over.
  • Accommodates curling irons with up to 2 inches barrels.

Honest reviews


This thing is awesome!

I love this thing I only wish they had one that folded upI use it all the time works great and is not too big, very cool!

Michelle Allouez, MI

Once you have it, you can’t do without it

This is one of those things that I didn’t even know I needed, but I did. It never moves or tips over, and holds small to large curling irons. Even my Chi 1 1/2 inch curling iron fits, because it is tapered at the end, but that is as big as I would use it with. If you have a larger one, get the model designed for a blow dryer and you’re set. The best part is, and I repeat, it never moves around or tips over. It is very stable and strong.

Lottie Kewaunee, WI

Great, except for the base

I use this product a lot, and it works great!! It securely holds the different sized curling rods that I use, and keeps them from burning anything. Also, the metal feels very sturdy, and easily stays up right.The only reason I did not give this product 5 stars was because of the base. I set my straightener on the base the first time I used this, and it almost instantly melted the plastic that covers the bottom, which did not impress me. I was hoping I could use it for my straightener and my rods, but I can only use it for the rods. I had to think about whether or not to take a star off for this, since this is for curling irons/rods, and not for straighteners. In the end, decided to give 4 stars, because I think that the base is a flaw in the design. What if you just absent-mindedly set your curling iron down and it burns the plastic? That can easily happen! Also, the base is pretty big, and I think any normal person would think it’s ok to set something down on it. I also did not see a warning for the base. Maybe it was in there, but I did not notice it.That being said, as long as you are using this ONLY for something that fits inside the spiral, this product is perfect, and I would buy it again if I ever lost this one!

Rosemarie Walnutport, PA



Rosetta Olivet, MI

Sturdy and does the job

I bought one for me and one for my mother-in-law so she would keep it in her guest bathroom – that way I’d have one there when visiting. However, she likes it so much she uses it in her bathroom. Guess I’ll have to buy another : )It’s pretty much as pictured but did surprise me that it was as large/heavy duty as it appeared when first opening the package.Manufacturer if you’re reading this: Please make the base in other colors such as white at the very least, and pink, yellow, . . .

Jody Montpelier, ID

Love It!

Excellent metal curling iron holder that looks cool and gets the job done. I had been using a plastic flat iron holder to hold my curling iron and once I realized it was melting on the bottom I began searching for a safer and functional alternative. Enter Scalpmaster Curling Iron Holder. I love this and am SO glad I bought it. I love that I never have to worry about my curling iron falling while putting it down, or tipping over the holder. This thing is solid. It will not tip over and can hold up to a 2" wand. I have even used it to hold my flat iron today because it was more convenient and it worked fine too. Also, I don’t know why I was expecting the base to be bigger, but it does not actually take up much room on my counter, which is another plus. I will probably buy another to give to my sister. All around excellent product I can see lasting for a Very long time.

Lakeisha Richmond, TX

Great construction, quality item!

Heavy construction so it doesn’t tip EVER. I love it. 100% metal construction. Well balanced and yet it only takes up a smidge of space on your counter. Perfect!

Nanette Eufaula, AL

Love it!!

This tools serves it’s purpose. it is very useful in my salon. Yes it’s very sterdy and holds my tools as needed. I would recommend this product to anyone just starting out this is a great investment tool!

Beverley Sunbury, PA

Exactly What I Needed

I was concerned that the larger curling iron, the 1.5 and the 2" one, would not work well with this item, but they both did fine with it. They don’t fit as far down, but the product is balanced nicely and so it won’t tip. The metal coil it sits in does get hot, but the base doesn’t even get warm. This was exactly what I was looking for to prevent the cord pulling the curling iron off the counter while I’m sitting there doing my hair in front of the mirror, and it burning my leg or landing on my foot.It’s simple construction, doesn’t look too bad either, and works really nicely without taking up a huge amount of space on the counter. I’m thinking about getting a similar device for my blow dryer too, and just keeping the items out on the counter instead of putting them away like I’ve been doing.Definitely a good purchase and I’m quite pleased with the overall quality and functionality of the product.

Herminia Maitland, MO

no more carpet burns!

i have finally stopped burning my carpet.. i take turns with whatever im using at the time (straightener or curler)

Pansy Widen, WV

Curlling Iron holder

Best idea ever. I was using a jar candle holder to precariously balance my curling iron everyday. Needless to say, a few burns were received from it slipping off and falling down. This holder keeps the iron very secure and saves me from burning myself everyday.

Rosalind New Brighton, PA


omg!!! this product puts an end to the scorch marks on the bathroom sink or whatever else you rest your curling irons on while you section off pieces to curl. i LOVE this item!

Roxie Bryce, UT