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Scalpmaster Ceramic Thermal Hair Straightener, brown

This high quality, ergonomic red ceramic thermal hair straightener from Scalpmaster is specially developed for professional hair styling and lasting durability.

Key features

  • Professional quality
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Suitable for use with chemicals

Honest reviews


Excellent Hairbrush

I don’t use heat with this brush because I don’t own a hair dryer and because I am well aware that applying heat to the hair can damage it more than hair dyes. It does make my African American hair more manageable and lengthens the strands out. I bought a brush like this after researching the Mason Pearson line of hair brushes. I learned that I would not be able to use any oils with the Mason Pearson brushes because oil would ruin the rubber backing. The manufacturers of the Scalpmaster have designed it to be used with any oil based hair product.

Aurora Florissant, CO

It’s a good nonelectrical option

I have a teen with an extremely messy room and wavy long hair…not a good mix for allowing an electric flat iron to be added to that dynamic. So I opted for this version. It seems like it will create some flatness to her hair, probably not as professional as a flat iron, but that’s just not an option right now. I plan to help her with it when she really wants it to work, so with that better angle and some appropriate hair product, I think I will be able to get some really good results. I’ll try to update later on the best techniques!

Jean Maple Park, IL

Doesn’t work well on my long, thick, wavy hair.

I am always looking for something to make straightening my long, thick, wavy hair easier–so when a friend recommended this product, I had to try it. Unfortunately, even though the idea is great–it was a bust.I like that it pulls the hair taut so you don’t have to worry about keeping it rolled around a round brush or making as many passes with a regular brush and dryer. HOWEVER…it takes a minimum of twice to THREE TIMES as long to dry your hair since you have to take SUCH little pieces AND because you have to continually stop to set the dryer down, pick up the brush, get some hair situated between the bristles, pick up the dryer, blow dry the piece (while trying to aim away from your hand which is hard)…lather, rinse, repeat. With my regular hair dryer and a flat brush (not even a round brush!) I can get my hair done in 30 minutes (5 minutes per section on 6 sections). At the 30-minute mark with this brush, I was barely 1/3 done! At that point, I switched to my regular practice and was done in (comparably) a flash.I can imagine this working well if you have thinner, shorter, and/or barely wavy hair—but for those of us NOT in that category? It’s a big fail. I’m returning it.

Jean Marietta, SC

Just what I needed

I wish I would have found this years ago!It’s a great aid in blow drying and flat ironing thick coarse hair. I have used this on my daughter and a couple of my clients with thicker hair and it’s a time saver. I can get near flat iron straight hair with this and a blow dryer alone so I can opt to actually flat iron or curl hair on a lower heat setting. (A huge benefit for both natural and relaxed African American hair).One note of caution is that the bristles are very stiff so you will want to use this on smaller sections of hair and use a little amount of tension or you’ll pull out and/or break off hair.My only regret or issue is that it’s no good on short hair. I hope there is a narrower version I could use. The box it came it was mangled and ripped up but the brush was in perfect shape fortunately. Did have a odd smell but I wash all my tools before and/or after styling regularly so no big deal.Very handy tool if you are a used to manipulating multiple styling tools at once.

Stacy Cross Hill, SC


Just make sure you comb out the section of hair first. Other than that it made my hair lay hunny

Linda Good Thunder, MN

Flat Iron Works Better

Very difficult to use, pulls hair. My hair is very fine . Flat iron is much more gentle on my hair than this brush. Disappointed

Lorie Port Ewen, NY

works like it should!

I am surprised at how much I love this! I thought I’d try it because the price is right. I don’t often blow out my long hair, but I tried this and it straightened nicely. I don’t press the brush completely closed or it pulls a bit too much. It does easily spring open. It does not pull out any hair, either. I use a lighter touch but still with enough tension to keep the lock straight. It takes a long time to blow dry my waist length hair, but this is something I’ll use when I have that much time.

Rowena Edinburg, IL

Just okay.

Well, I have to say overall this is a good product – does exactly what it’s designed to do. Here’s why I’m giving it a 3 instead of a 4 or 5:I have blonde, straight hair to begin with, but the kind of straight that isn’t really STRAIGHT, if you know what I mean. Still needs a quick straightening if I want to make it look nice.- While I do sometimes use this to get at the desired effect, it doesn’t really replace the need for a flatiron. Not for the really finished look. It’ll get me part way there and maybe help it lay a little nicer, so I do sometimes use it. But not nearly as often as I thought I would when I ordered it.- It’s a little uncomfortable to hold… kind of have to choke up on it to get a good grip, but you can’t hold too far up or you’ll burn yourself on the ceramic once it’s hot.- I think the bristles are a little too long… if they were shorter it might be more effective. You already have to pick up smallish chunks of hair to put in there, so if the ceramic could clamp together a little tighter I think it would make more of a difference in straightening your hair.Overall a decent product, especially for the price – just not everything I hoped for.

Cleo Science Hill, KY

Bone straight hair!!!

This brush only requires one pass while straightening your hair. I love it, especially on my extensions!!! Very cool concept!!!

Leonor Boonville, IN

Just ok!

I purchased this brush because I thought it would help to straighten out my hair during the blow-drying process. It works ok, but I had a little difficulty using it so I never used it again.

Mae Shadyside, OH

I’ll Pass

I am an African American woman and my daughter and I have different lengths of relaxed hair. Using this tool was akward and I didn’t find it to do much more than using my yellow bird with the comb attachment. It made the drying time take so much longer and I still had to follow up with a flat iron on my daughter’s hair after using this. I ended up purposely tearing it apart to make two hair brushes out of it instead.

Florine Fresno, OH