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Scalpicin Maximum Strength Scalp Itch Medication: 1.5 OZ

When aggravating scalp itch flares up, get quick relief with America’s #1 scalp itch medicine. Not a shampoo, Maximum Strength Scalpicin is an easy to use, clear liquid with the medicine Dermatologists recommend- 1% hydrocortisone. For long-lasting itch relief associated with Psoriasis & Flaking and Seborrheic Dermatitis. Features Enhanced formula helps improve scalp condition and makes hair easier to comb Odorless, greaseless formula won’t interfere with the way your hair

Key features

  • Temporarily relieves itching associated with minor skin irritation and rashes due to seborrheic derm
  • Odorless, greaseless formula won’t interfere with the way your hair looks and feels. Can be used eve

Honest reviews


its ok

i dont think it works for me. after i wash my hair it work for the first day or 2 when using often but it does not last or work for me

Pamela Gary, WV

Cleared up my itchy scalp after just one use

Every winter, my scalp gets dry and itchy, and nothing has seemed to help. I had read that brown sugar scrubs (brown sugar mixed into some conditioner with a few drops of tea tree oil) would help, so I’ve been using those once a week, but I wasn’t getting any long-term relief. Someone on a hair-care forum recommended this, and, after just one use, it cleared up all my winter itchies!The liquid comes out pretty thin, and it’s fairly easy to distribute through your scalp by pouring a bit out and using your fingers to rub it around. Although the label says that you can apply this in the morning or night, I applied it at night and went to sleep with it in my hair. It made my roots a bit greasy-looking, but mostly that was because I had the spout open a bit too much and used more than I probably should have.You can use it up to six days in a row, before you need to take a break from it. As I mentioned above, I found relief after just one use, and the hydrocortisone in it calmed my itch right down.It’s also Curly-Girl-friendly, for those following a no-silicone, no-sulfate routine. (The ‘cone it has is water-soluble.)Overall, this works really well, and I wish I heard of this product years ago.

Callie Ballwin, MO

Fantastic Product, Bad Container System

I’ve been using Scalpicin off and on for many years, and they have been using the same "delivery" system (same container) for the entire time. It comes in a little bottle, and you squeeze it out, and too much always comes out (the idea of it maybe?). But it’s too good a product to not purchase because of that, so I’ve found my own solution. I purchased a small set of travel containers that includes a little sprayer bottle. I empty the contents of the Scalpicin bottle into the spray bottle, and VOILA! I have a wonderful delivery system that delivers just the right amount of Scalpicin to any area on my head that needs it. No extra Scalpicin seeps out and oversaturates or drips down my face. It’s a truly wonderful product and with this little modification, it’s perfect. The itch goes away almost immediately and I’m free of it for the entire day. I very highly recommend Scalpicin to anyone with a scalp itch problem that isn’t caused by untreated dandruff or psoriasis. Sometimes your head just itches and Scalpicin is the answer

Evelyn Amma, WV

It does relieve itching…

But I do not know if it gets rid of the main issue (whatever it is that you may have.)I used almost half of the bottle (it is small and even think a bit expensive.) The itching has subsided, that I have noticed.

Marylou Klamath Falls, OR


Scalpicin is the only immediate relief product that seems to work at all. Imanage to deal with the problem for good after a few months of experimenting with various shampoos and other treatments. But in the mean time Scalpicin stopped me from scratching my skin off!

Beatriz Rinard, IL


This stuff is like magic in a bottle. It is wonderful for a itchy scalp and works fast. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive!

Michael Bargersville, IN

works for any type of scalp itching

I bought this product to help with an itchy scalp due to having a weave and it helps a lot. You put it on your scalp and the itch stops immediately.

Diane Tecumseh, MO