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SCALPICIN Max Strength Scalp Itch Treatment, 1.5 Ounce

Odorless, greaseless formula won’t interfere with the way your hair looks and feels. Can be used every day anytime and anywhere. Temporarily relieves itching associated with minor skin irritation and rashes due to seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis.

Key features

  • Improved formula; Maximum strength
  • Long-lasting itch relief
  • It is odorless and greaseless

Honest reviews


Does provide temporary relief

I bought this when I had lice. I didn’t know I had lice, but I could tell this was good stuff, but obviously it didn’t work well enough for me because I needed to get rid of the lice. Let that be a warning that if you suddenly have an itchy scalp out of nowhere, Scalpicin may not be the answer, but it is good stuff lol

Rochelle Ralston, OK

So-so results

In my continuous attempt to relieve moderate itchy scalp I’ve developed over the last year, I have been using Scalpicin for the last few weeks. It’s great in that it is a liquid form of hydrocortisone and a few drops go a long, long way. 1.5 ounces doesn’t seem like all that much, but even if you use a little bit daily this bottle should last a good month. It’s travel friendly and the bottle is very secure, so no problems with leaks or spills. The bottle is also discreet so there is no embarrassment whatsoever, as the bottle itself is plain white with very minimal branding.However, this hasn’t completely relieved my scalp issues (after trying a ridiculous amount of medicated shampoos, I’ve arrived at the conclusion that my problem is… hard water!!!). But it definitely helps and that’s good enough for me.The current going rate on Amazon of under seven dollars is decent, as I’ve seen Scalpicin sold for anywhere from six to nine dollars at various retailers.Best of luck!

Janette Gettysburg, PA

The absolute Cheese, the Bees’ Knees with a capital B

I’ve tried all kinds of shampoos and conditioners, most recently an expensive Selsun Blue product with “micro-beads”. Paradoxically, dandruff shampoos seem to make my dandruff worse, if anything. They do not help in the slightest. Then I tried this overpriced, overly small sized stuff. Well, it’s not actually overpriced. I call it Magic Sauce. You put it on, feel the burn, and boom… immediate dandruff reduction. After continued use, it literally killed my very intense dandruff off completely (so long as you leave your scalp alone during treatment).It may not be the dandruff killer we deserve, due to its small size… But it’s the dandruff killer Gotham needs.

Francisca Desoto, TX


I have an itchy spot on my scalp and this has helped me tremendously. It is not a cure by any means, but it is the best product I have bought to try and control it.

Lakisha Putnam Valley, NY

Great for the Itchies

I’ve been using Scalpicin for years intermittently. It’s a great product and does exactly what it says it will. The only problem I have with it is its system of delivery. You have to sort of squirt or dribble it out of the bottle. I purchased a very small sprayer and put the Scalpicin into that, and instead of it dribbling down onto my face (and the make-up I just applied), it goes exactly where I want it and STAYS there. Honestly, I wish they’d change the delivery system to a spray. It’s much better like that and you use less of it. (Maybe that’s the reason they don’t package it as a spray?) Get yourself a little sprayer, the kind that comes in a travel container kit–it’s minimal cost, under $2.00, and put your Scalpicin into the spray bottle that comes with the kit. It delivers it exactly where you want it, and no drips! No overuse, no running out of Scalpicin when you’ve just seemed to have bought it! I definitely recommend this product for anyone who has minor itching and wants to take care of it easily. It’s great!

Antoinette Kwethluk, AK

So much relief

I’m using a few different things to combat hair loss, but they often make my scalp itch like crazy, which isn’t helping at all. Once I added this I started to see results and the itch is gone.

Estelle Carrollton, GA

Does the job

Scalpicin is the only immediate relief product that seems to work at all. Imanage to deal with the problem for good after a few months of experimenting with various shampoos and other treatments. But in the mean time Scalpicin stopped me from scratching my skin off!

Margery Minot, ND

Worth While

While nothing works magic with skin conditions the scalp is a tough area and Scalpicin helps with the itch and seems to work as an antiseptic and foster healing. Other than experimenting with various shampoos this is about the best you can do.

Lesley Sulphur Springs, TX

It works

For some reason shampoo for scalp itch does not work for me. I now wash my hair with a good shampoo a couple of times, then towel dry my hair. I then coat my head with Scalpicin and blow my hair dry. This keeps my head itch-free for at least 3-4 days. You can also do pin point treatments on specific spots, when you need extra relief. It does not seem to make my hair oily.I’m glad I found something to get rid of the itch. Good product and does what it says. it works for me.

Michell Camp Pendleton, CA

Scalp Treatment

I occasionally get hot spots on my scalp due to blow drying my hair and using the hair straightener. I used to buy this product at Walmart, but they no longer carry it. I found this product on Amazon and it has work great. I will continue to buy this product.

Jacquelyn Winter, WI

True to it’s word!

This product is great. I got immediate relief within just one application. The amount for the prices is also very good. I will purchase again.

Priscilla Blairstown, MO

Instantly relieves itch and irritation in the scalp

Instantly relieves itch and irritation in the scalp. When you first apply it, it can burn a little bit if your scalp is already inflamed. However, the burn passes instantly and the cooling relief is well worth it.

Christian Interlochen, MI

Hate the Itch …

Been using this for several years and it works great. Not greasy, dries quickly and takes the itch away immediately. I highly recommend this product and Amazon is the best place to make this purchase. Even less than Walmart.

Winifred Tiffin, OH


I only need a dab once in a while but it really does the job.I think my hair spray may irritate my scalp.

Cara Tangerine, FL