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Savon de Marseille with Crushed Local Flowers 300g-Rose

Absolute bliss. Pure, moisturizing Savon de Marseille soaps with the regional flowers of lavender, orange, rose and verbena. In the Middle Ages, big blocks of gentle soap were first crafted in the Mediterranean port city of Marseille with olive oil from local groves, marine ash and sea salted water. The quality of these soaps were immediately famous throughout Europe and in 1688 French law declared that only soaps made according to certain ancient methods could bear the important mark Savon de Marseille. Now the most prized of all soaps in the world, our Savon de Marseille is still crafted by hand, in Marseille, just as it has been for hundreds of years. It takes the Maitre de Savon (soapmaster) two weeks to make Marseille Soap. The purest ingredients (mentioned above) are heated for ten days in antique cauldrons. Know-how passed down through the generations will reveal to the soapmaster the right moment to pour the mixture into open pits where it slowly hardens. Cut into cubes and stamped, without machines of any kind, the soaps are then set out to dry in the sun and cool winds. Savon de Marseille (also known as “Marseille Soap”) is once again being rediscovered for its extraordinary purity, gentle skin care and ecological value. Savon de Marseille is recommended by dermatologists throughout the world for dry or sensitive skin, eczema and other ailments. In France it has been trusted for generations to cleanse everything from linens to little faces. Marseille Soap is totally biodegradable, requires little packaging and its manufacture is environmentally friendly. Authentic Marseille Soap is stamped with its weight in grams – allowing households to compare prices and plan their inventories. No soap is “greener.” In France they are sold piled high on open-air market tables like produce, wrapped in craft paper. Your Savon de Marseille will be delivered without plastic packaging, carefully wrapped in paper stamped with the famous marks to prove its authenticity. © FSL

Key features

  • Made in France
  • Hand-Crafted
  • World-Famous Since 1688
  • Gentle and moisturizing

Honest reviews


um…just a good-smelling soap to me…

well…. I see most people like it for its scent, truly it does smell great, but for a facial cleanser I thought that’s not quite enough…+: good smellhuge sizequte shapecleans well-:doesn’t leave skin moisturizedno other effect to skin, just clean upa bit dry

Louisa Singers Glen, VA

wasn’t what I expect.

I read all those good reviews and I decided to give it a try, this a very expensive soap with the same results as the Ivory soap, I didn’t feel any difference on my skin , neither left it as moisturized as I thought, is thousand times much better Olay bar soap Sheer moisture with tangerine oil which smells like the most expensive fragrance, my skin smells and feels divine and my entire bathroom smells the same after I take a shower and for only a fraction of the price of that french soap. If you want an expensive soap with a bunch of dry flowers in it, then buy it! I won’t buy it again period.

Stella Mescalero, NM


Another birthday present that was a disappointment. Worst of all this smells like unwashed tennis shoes — and yeah, I know what unwashed tennies smell like, and it smells like this.This is like the photo and it’s a big cube. The cube is a bit tough for arthritic hands to have a decent purchase on. Buy One With Nature soaps instead. They smell nice (I’ve tried lemon, eucalyptus, and lavender) but the smell is not heavy. They are also really nice to the skin where this Orange Cube dried my skin out instead.

Ana Circleville, UT

Perfect Scented Soap

This soap is perfect. I was worried it would smell like an old lady’s sachet, but it doesn’t – it smells like roses. This soap feels great and never dries out the skin. I love it, love it and never want to be without it. I intend to try each of the other flowered soaps. I look forward to taking a shower knowing I’ll be covered in this lovely soap. Thank you Amazon and thank you Savon de Marseille.

Lindsey Wishon, CA


Savon de Marseille is well known for their luxury soaps, and this lavender block is hands-down my favorite scent of their many offerings. It is a good, pure, unadulterated scent that truly smells of a fresh lavender field. Other brands I have tried simply cannot compare. If you are a lavender afficiando, don’t hesitate to purchase this. I bought the 300G block, and just slice off a big enough chunk to last for a few days. I think it’s going to last for quite a long time, too. The seller shipped quickly, and the soap was carefully packaged. Couldn’t be any better.

Avis Calhoun, GA

Best Soap Ever! <Rose>

I have decided that this is my new ‘must have’ soap. I purchased the Savon De Marseille in Rose and the scent is heavenly (not at all like the ‘rose scented’ bath products you might find in cheap holiday gift baskets).Bathing with a big block of soap is a little awkward and clumsy but I found that if I swipe it a few times on my shower pouf, it creates a nice thick lather with very little product (bye bye shower gels). Skin feels clean, not dry, tight or itchy. In my opinion, the only con was that this soap had such a ‘strong’ scent out of the box (I think it could be ‘headache inducing’ for certain individuals). I was happy to find that the fragrance was toned down significantly after using it in the shower.P.S. There is a fifth scent not listed on Amazon called ‘Grape Vine’, but you can find it by going directly to the Frenchsoaps website. I wish I had gone to their site prior to making my purchase because I would have taken advantage of their special pricing to purchase all 5 varieties (then I’d know which ones are my favorite, though I am very happy with the Rose). Also, don’t throw out your ‘Order Receipt’ without checking the bottom right hand corner of the printout. Mine came with a promotion code for Free Shipping with my next order over $45.

Concepcion Young Harris, GA

great exfoliator

Smells good and has dry lavender bits which help exfoliate skin. The large size of this bar of soap is a bit awkward to handle in the shower. I had to cut it in half. It feels somewhat scratchy, as are most exfoliating soaps, but it left my skin smooth.

Marcy Mansfield, SD

Beautiful Soap

I love this soap, I have it in all scents, Grape, Orange, Verbena, Lavendar and Rose. The Lavender and Grape are the best smelling. Although the Lavender, Grape and Verbena are the strongest scent. This soap lathers, moisturizes, and rinses well. I have noticed that you can tell how fresh (the latest date it has been created) it is by how dry it is once unwrapped from the stamped paper. I have noticed that the soap that cumbles some will have a lighter scent. If you have a small bathroom and normally keep the door closed, assuming you receive a fresh soap cube, this makes a fine natural deodorizer. I am a french soap product junkie and tried all on the market and think this is the best of all “bar” soft and hard milled soaps.

Margot Greenwich, OH

“Absolutely Superb”!

This soap has to be the most unique and unusual bar of soap that I have ever seen. It is sooooo…… pretty. It looks like a HUGE block of marble. When I first used it I thought that I would have a hard time handling it in the shower. However, it lather up very nicely and smells heavenly. Currently, I am having some serious issues with a horrible yeast infection on both legs and one arm so I have to be careful about the products that I use on these areas. Therefore, I can only use this soap on the parts of my skin that are healthy, which I did and this soap provided excellent moisturization. The bar was a little pricey but it probably will last a long time which would make it economically feasible. The soap is made of products that are healthy for your skin and natural. Definitely worth the money!

Delia Douglas, NE

Savon de Marseille soap

I’ve never smelled anything like this soap, except on real roses, up close. These soaps smell amazing, and made a perfect gift for my bath soap junkie friend. Arrived intact and well-packaged.

Tanya Burbank, OH

Love these soaps!!

I love the feel and smell of these soaps. I have the Verbena right now and even though it may be an “acquired” scent, we love it and I think it has the exact right amount of exfoliation in the bar. It doesn’t feel like its scraping your skin off but it’s got a little bite to it. It’s just a wonderful bar. Highly satisfied. Fast shippingUPDATE: I just ordered the Grapeseed Soap after I used the Verbena bar…I just loved it!! The Grapeseed bar doesn’t smell like grapes (as one might expect) but it smells floral, soft and light. It has little scrubbers in it that is different from the Verbena “bits” — whereas the organic bits inside the Verbena soap didn’t hurt at all, the Grapeseed organic bits inside are slightly sharp and kinda hurt. I do better lathering it in my hands and then washing as opposed to taking the cube to my skin itself. But it feels wonderful. I really love these cubes of soap (Verbena and Grapeseed are only ones I’ve tried)….glad I’ve never bought the Orange, because reading other reviewers, it must really stink!

Rosella Molena, GA

Heavenly Good

I could smell this soap even before I opened the package. It filled the kitchen, hallway and the living room with its amazing fragrance after I opened it. This soap is the best quality I have ever seen. It makes your skin feels so good, not only to touch but also the delicate scent it has. I just love it. I only use Savon de Marseille soaps and I haven’t been disappointed at all. It is worth all the $$$.

Freda Raven, VA

Great soap

This soap is very gentle on the soap; the skin feels moistureized and soft after using it. Its smells great too!

Barbra Wendell, NC

Ultimate Favorite

This is my favorite soap in the world and I just love the lavender fragrance. My skins feels soft and really clean with no dryness or residue. I have been using this for a few years now and I wouldn’t think of any other soap. Hope they can stay in business for a very long time or I’ll just have to cry. Well worth the $ spent on real quality.

Allene Lakeville, MI