Savon de Marseille Olive-300g

In the Middle Ages, big blocks of gentle soap were first crafted in the Mediterranean port city of Marseille with olive oil from local groves, marine ash and sea salted water. The quality of these soaps were immediately famous throughout Europe and in 1688 French law declared that only soaps made according to certain ancient methods could bear the important mark Savon de Marseille. Now the most prized of all soaps in the world, our Savon de Marseille is still crafted by hand, in Marseille, just as it has been for hundreds of years. It takes the Maitre de Savon (soapmaster) two weeks to make Marseille Soap. The purest ingredients are heated for ten days in antique cauldrons. The soapmaster knows just the right moment to pour the mixture into open pits where it slowly hardens. Cut into cubes and stamped, without machines of any kind, the soaps are then set out to dry in the sun and cool winds. Savon de Marseille (“Marseille Soap”) is once again being rediscovered for its extraordinary purity, gentle skin care and ecological value. Savon de Marseille is recommended by dermatologists throughout the world for dry or sensitive skin, eczema and other ailments. In France it has been trusted for generations to cleanse everything from linens to little faces. Marseille Soap is totally biodegradable, requires little packaging and its manufacture is environmentally friendly. Authentic Marseille Soap is stamped with its weight in grams – a practice left over from years ago which allowed households to compare prices and plan their inventories. This gram weight is the weight of the soap “frais” or fresh in the factory. The soap will lose weight as it becomes drier. No soap is “greener.” In France they are sold piled high on open-air market tables like produce, wrapped in craft paper. Your Savon de Marseille will be delivered without plastic packaging, carefully wrapped in paper stamped with the famous marks to prove its authenticity. © French Soaps LTD

Key features

  • All natural, moisturizing olive oil soap

Honest reviews


Poor quality soap

I visited Marseille, France two weeks ago and purchased savon de marseille olive oil soap in 400 g. The soap from Amazon that I received had to be returned because of its poor quality and rancid smell. The soap was wrapped in disgusting butcher paper. I find it very difficult to believe that this soap was imported from Marseille. A very poor product.

Saundra East Ellijay, GA

great for dry skin but no pretty smell

When I first got this I almost didn’t use it because the smell was kind of nothing. I used it and now I like it because it doesn’t dry my skin out so much. But the smell is so so and my skin still gets dried out, so I will keep looking for something natural that has a bit more of a pleasant smell and makes you hands softer. Definately good to keep on hand as back up or for the kids to share with you.

Lorrie Hardy, KY

Big Bar

This is a big bar of soap and does cut easily into four bars. I like it, it is gentle and does not smell too strongly, but each section does not seem to last very long. Since I don’t think it qualified for free shipping, I don’t know if I would order it again. Not sure it is any better than the olive oil soap I can buy for much less in my health food store with no shipping cost.

Marietta Edgard, LA

Just AMAZING!!!!! Vive le Savon de Marseille

This is the best soap I have ever used. I use it on my skin and hair. They feel so soft and smooth after each shower. My hair is very silky. It feels like I just used conditioner. I have never seen a soap to do that to my hair. Also, my skin has never been pampered like this before. After washing it with this soap, it is so smooth. You don’t need to use body lotion after taking a shower. It’s so incredible the quality of this soap.Some people complain about the smell of this soap, but I love it. It is a natural smell. Everything about this soap is A+. I am glad I discovered it and I will use it from now on.I bought the 1000 g one and is very easy to cut into manageable pieces.This is a great investment and your body and hair will look and feel just gorgeous!!!

Doreen Corinth, MS

Perfect Soap

This is my favorite soap. Softens and moisturizes your skin. Never feels greasy or oily. Rinses off leaving skin silky. It smells clean and basic – no fragrance. I also use the olive oil soap that is scented with flower petals – they are great, too. I’ve tried the palm oil soap, too and it’s nice but the plain olive oil soap is the best. I’ve also purchased the olive oil verbena liquid soap – fabulous! I’m 55 and I’ve had itchy skin for many years – never found anything to help it. After using this soap for only a couple of months, I am never itchy! My husband has eczema problems and this has helped tremendously. I never want to be without this soap! Thank you Savon de Marseille and also Amazon for helping me find this perfect soap.

Jenny Bridgeport, PA

Great soap for sensitive, acne prone, skin with rosacea!

Finally found a cleanser that does not break me out, make me red, make me flake, make me itch, or make my pores clog. It smells kinda funny, but it’s probably what you would expect soap of olive oil to smell like. It lasts a really long time. I have had mine for over three months now and I still have a lot to go! Great stuff. it will be all I will ever buy from now on.

Marylou Wakefield, LA