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SaveGoodBuy Bundle 3 Pieces Hair Chignon Donut Bun Maker

Hair Stylers Mesh Chignon can be a strong hold when hair is pinned to it. Ii’s perfect for women of all ages. If you this bundle, you could have 3 different size Donut BUN maker. So Please choose the color you like

Key features

  • Lightweight and Flexible * Washable
  • Color: Three colors for choose
  • Very simple to DIY your hair style at home
  • Package: 3pcs Donut bun maker. Large, Medium,Small size each one piece

Honest reviews


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Chignon!!!

I got this last week in my mailbox and used it for the first time yesterday. I had a party to attend and I decided to go with the top bun look! So I put this at the end of my ponytail and kept rolling upwards, until I achieved the look! And once I was at the party, I cant tell you how many people complimented my look and how professionally done it looked! People were asking me how you made it so flawlessly! Of course, now I know and they know it as well! Seriously, it is worth the money and 100 times better than the sock bun! The sock bun still might have a chance of being messy, but this – NO WAY! It is just epic! My mom loved the look so much, that she’s asked me to order one for herself too!I made the bun using the TIGI Bed Head Hard Head Hair Spray and once the bun was in place, I just sprayed that on top of the look, in order to hold any fly aways in place. And, just to tell you how secure the bun was, let me add this – I never had to use a single bobby pin or anything! I didnt really need the hair spray either, but I used it for those smaller uneven length hair. If your hair length is uniform, you wont need the hairspray; otherwise, simply couple the final look with any hard hold hairspray you have. I personally love the TIGI one!I even slept the night with the bun on, and when I woke up, it was still intact, and just in place! And, I had some nice curls in my hair too! 🙂 So, one day you could have the top bun look, the other day, you effortlessly, get the waves 🙂 No heating, no styling! Totally natural :)I got this 3 piece set, and I used the smallest one for my hair, and it was about right on my face. Sufficiently big actually. I wouldnt use the medium and the large size, becoz I think they would be hugeee on my face. I can confidently say that the smallest one would be usually perfect for most people, and you can actually avoid getting the 3 piece set, and instead opt for the single smallest size individually from amazon. But it depends on your preference. I go with the smallest size and its just perfect for look. For the other 2 sizes, I cant comment since I havnt tried them on, and wont, most likely. But will post an update in case I do. Also, I dont have very thick volumnous hair. I have very fine hair and they are thin too in volume, so I was concerned that they might not cover the chignon properly and evenly, and thus I opted for the smallest size. And not only my hair covered it veryyy well, but the size of the bun was right too! Now I know my hair can cover the bigger sizes of this as well, but the bigger-bun look wont be my personal preference.Anyways, even without the spray, i am telling you, it wont budge a mm! And the best part is that you hair wont feel like its been stretched or damaged in any way! It’s soo comfortable to use that you wont have a problem! In fact, I was concerned that i might have breakage of hair, since my hair would be so tightly held up in the chignon! But not a single hair got entangled in it and let me add- I have pretty long hair. Touching my waist. Just be patient especially while rolling it on the top, just when you have the last roll to make. And you’d be the show-stopper! :)I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this! It’s a wonderful product and I am ordering one for my mom right away! Trust me, you will soooo love it! I for one, sure do 🙂

Jenny Show Low, AZ

Over rated

I see how this works but it’s too risky for me since I’m afraid of a little hair parting away and revealing a large mound of plastic underneath. A great hairstyle piece if you don’t move around a lot and just stay in one position all day on a non-windy day. Perfect for people who like to check the mirror every hour and primp.

Shanna Eagle, MI

Delivery sucks

I ordered these and never got them all because I think they require a signature. I had bought these for a friend with blonde hair – never got them . Better to buy in person.

Natalia Teeds Grove, IA

Great bun donuts!!!

I bought these to use as a top-knot on top of my head. I bought the set because I wanted the large one and it was cheaper to buy the set than it was to buy them individually. Plus you get all three! The big one is about 4″ wide and perfect if you have long hair. Love them.

Fran Heltonville, IN


the array of sizes were good, works well, i used you tube to learn how to put in my hair properly. good buy!

Emilie South Bethlehem, NY

My daughter loves these!

My 10-year old is a gymnast who has to wear her hair in a bun. She has hair down to her waist and before, we were braiding it and pinning it into a bun then covering it with a bun cover/net.With this, you make a pony tail, pull the donut over it so the pony tail comes out the middle, tilt head so that the hair cascades evenly over all sides of the donut, then wrap with another hairband, wind up extra hair and twist around the base, pin hair into place. Then we cover it with a bun cover and pin that into place. It stays in much better and looks really good! No more floppy, sticking-out buns at meets!These would be great for gymnastics, dance, equestrian or just for work/around. They make a bun a quick and easy hairstyle. Soft, too! You need far fewer bobby/hair pins with this. My daughter loves them. This package contained three different sizes. She used the middle size but can also use the small. Because she still has some shorter hairs from growing out her bangs, the larger one doesn’t work for her right now.Quality is good, though not fancy or anything. You don’t really need anything more, though.

Francisca Stow, OH

ONLY USED SMALL..medium/large ones are TOO big!

The large ones make a MASSIVE bun on your head it looks crazy. I use the small one and it comes out cute, easier to style a little wet to get all loose ends in. For the price its ok, but I wont be using larger sizes any time soon. (I do have very long straight hair, medium thickness.)

Jolene Mitchell, GA

A Little Challenging to Use

I was only able to use the largest one of these; the others were too small for my long hair. However, it was difficult for me to figure out how to wrap my hair around it and have it stay in there.

Gussie Marysville, OH

Baby Donut?

Eh, these are so so. The smallest donut is not near as large as it appears in the picture. Honestly, it would only work if you put it on a baby’s head and I have never seen a baby with that much hair so it is really useless.

Edith Walker, MN

Too small

I ordered the trio so that I could create different looks. I don’t think of my hair as long but super thick but these bun makers are too small for me. Giving to my niece.

Ursula North Sioux City, SD

Cool accessory for lazy hair days

Lazy hair days = every day for me. I use only the biggest donut (the other two feel slightly too small). The package came relatively fast and includes other smaller hair ties/a few hair clips that I probably will never use. But the donuts were of good quality, and I love them for the "put-together" look that only takes 5 minutes.

Nannie Trafford, PA

This is great for the everyday!!!

I cut my hair once every 6 months, so I use the three sizes to fit my hair lenght. It is amazing the effect, looks like you just went to the salon!!!

Callie Deep Water, WV

These are great!

I love to make buns. This makes it look perfect. I have received so many compliments. And nobody has it as perfect as me. And it comes in different sizes. So you can do a high bun. A low bun. And it looks fabulous every time. Thank you to whoever invented that. The old sock trick can rest in peace with this product.

Vicki Brownsville, PA

If you have a lot of time in the morning…

I think these items were useless. If you want to spend an hour or two styling your hair with one of these, go for it. I thought they served no purpose. I also have the long one that snaps together. That item works much better and easier than these. I discarded them.

Jeannette Pocopson, PA


Can’t wait to use they came quickly and are very nice. It will be nice to have a greatlooking bun like everyone else.

Florine Stockton, UT

Love the bun

It does the job well done. The large one is more for medium length hair which I have. I have been using it to go to the gym and work. It is very secure and it very comfortable. It takes long time for delivery, but it was worth the wait.

Dora Elm Springs, AR


I don’t like these. The hole in the middle is too big so the hair is harder to roll down. I bought one at H&M and it was much better.

Camille Holmes, NY

It’s okay

I recently jumped on the hair bun train. I have hair 2-3 inches past my bra strap in back, fine but alot of it. These buns are tiny, even the biggest one is really small. They are compact, meaning depending on if you wrap your hair around and form a bun, or simply pin it up, it is going to stay. I just thought according to the picture they appeared WAY bigger. Make sure you check your sizes before purchasing,

Ma Leonard, ND

Love it!

I’ve always wanted that top bun look and it’s so simple and chic. Bought these and they worked perfectly for that professional top bun look! Highly recommend to everyone!

Paige Dover, MN