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Satin Edge 2 Sided Ingrown Toenail Lifter, 8.0 Ounce

Satin edge 2 sided ingrown toenail lifter, flat end aids in lifting and applying antiseptic underneath toenail. Helps tend to painful ingrown toenails. Curved end gently lifts toenail.

Key features

  • Helps tend to painful ingrown toenails
  • Curved end gently lifts toenail
  • Flat end aids in lifting and applying antiseptic underneath toenail

Honest reviews


mixed feelings

My experience with this Satin Edge 2-sided Ingrown Toenail Lifter that I bought last week (due to a sudden emergency of my ingrown toenail becoming almost unbearably painful and forcing me to react quickly by searching for absolutely
• anything
• that might work) is that, it did work, but perhaps for the wrong reasons. Let me explain-This tool was able to fit in between my regular toenail and skin area, which allowed the skin to separate enough for me to dig using
• another
• tool in order to find the ingrown nail, but because I suffer from incredibly deep ingrown nails that come back at least 3 times a year, this toenail lifter wasn’t able to actually get underneath my ingrown nail and remove it.The reason it couldn’t fit underneath my ingrown nail is because I have quite possibly the worst case scenario when it comes to ingrown nails- they appear in a location that requires constant digging which means dealing with a gross amount of blood and a good amount of pain. In other words, I’m not blaming this tool for not being able to fit underneath my ingrown nail and remove it. It’s almost the right size, though perhaps a slightly smaller one would have worked better.Every 3-5 months I have to cut the corner of my toenail all the way down to the very end using a pair of special toenail trimmers shaped like pliers, and for those of you who suffer the same misfortune as me, I recommend small pliers or specially-shaped nail trimmers that allow you to cut the toenail all the way down to the source of the problem without feeling significant pain, and just allow the ingrown nail to grow out by itself. Hey, simply exposing the ingrown nail means you’re in less pain by about 50%.After the ingrown nail is exposed -in my case at least- I have to wait up to 7-10 days to actually find it because the ingrown nail is so darn small. I usually take something small like a toothpick or even a pin and scrape it back and forth in between my toenail and toe skin, and the ingrown nail is usually located in a spot that requires me to trim even
• more
• of my regular toenail in order to get to it. For some really bizarre reason (and I STILL haven’t been able to find an explanation for this) trimming away more of my toenail increases the pain where the ingrown nail is located, even though it doesn’t really make a lick of sense exactly why this happens. THIS is when the pain intensifies dramatically. Sometimes the pain goes away in a few hours, other times it takes 16-24 hours. I always make sure I’m not doing anything important that requires constant walking the next day when I operate on myself just in case the pain lingers longer than usual.Anyway I assume the ingrown nail reveals itself after you trim your toenail short enough because during this 7-10 day period, your ingrown nail is working itself out of your skin the same way a splinter does. This is what I believe happens. During this 7-10 day stretch, your skin will probably go through a wild assortment of problems such as itching, burning, throbbing, pinching, redness, dead skin turning white and peeling, shiny red skin, etc. It’s extremely important to wear loose shoes during this time, even though it’s not exactly enough to take the pain away completely. I know all too well with every step you take, the pain kicks in and won’t let up at all until the ingrown nail is either completely taken out, or completely pushed away from any skin that might allow it to re-enter.However it’s possible this ingrown lifter tool would work for those of you who
• didn’t
• make the foolish decision that I made (letting the ingrown nail grow deeper into the side of my toe and assuming the problem would go away on its own- it WON’T go away by itself, trust me- it’s a recurring problem that you HAVE to get taken care of, either by your doctor or you giving yourself a bathroom floor toe operation) and if you react as soon as you believe you’re developing an ingrown nail (you’ll definitely know it because the painful and distinct signs are noticeable almost right away) this tool would probably be the perfect choice. I don’t fall under this category though. Mine are worse because I foolishly waited until it was too late and they grew in too deep.So no- I’m not knocking this item just because it didn’t work the way it was advertised. It
• did
• allow me to lift up on my skin in a way that was mostly painless, which allowed me access to the ingrown nail. The important part is that, if you’re someone who suffers constantly with ingrown nails, constant trimming and digging is going to be a given and you already know that, and this toenail lifter will probably work to an extent. It will lift up either your regular toenail, ingrown nail or your skin, which is definitely helpful. It might even help you find the ingrown nail right away, and who knows, if all the trimming you do provides enough space between your toenail and the ingrown nail, you might even be able to use this tool to lift it up and out.I just wish it worked for the reasons listed- that it actually got under the really deep ingrown nails and allowed instant lifting and removal. No it doesn’t quite work that way.

Bertie Wise River, MT

The medal is too thick.

Maybe this works for others, but not for me.The medal edge is too thick to get under my toe nail..and I’m a women, that has manicure toe nails thatare kept nice..Expect now I have a ingrown toe nail!Or I’m not using this the right way!!!The picture shows the toenail lifter, but it shows a slim edge.As I said, too thick for me, and it hurt to use it!

Fanny Ochlocknee, GA

Works but is quite malleable

This tool works pretty well and is cheaply priced. However the metal can bend at the end, it isn’t strong in the least.

Audra Adrian, PA

Does the job

Used it and it worked, just have to get used to using it, but it worked well to lift the nail so I could cut it. Relief at last. Best to use after soaking or a long hot shower.

Tammy Mattson, MS

Good cuticle pusher

I like tis product for mens cuticles but don`t like the hook part I wish it was smaller and not so wide to get under the nail.

Alissa Little Lake, MI

Great for Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails are never pleasant. If you suffer from them repeatedly then you know you need to do something about it. This toenail lifter is great for taking care of the problem. Just soak the foot, then use this toenail lifter along with aSatin Edge 2 Sided Ingrown Toenail FileandSatin Edge Nail Slicer # Se-2044to take care of the problem. Once you get rid of an ingrown toenail your foot in general will feel better.

Avis Soddy Daisy, TN


My whole family gets ingrown toenails and this is a must have at my house! Can be used to prevent or to fix after it is ingrown. Nearly painless and a must have if you suffer as we do!

Louella Marble, NC


the picture is a bit deceiving. i thought that it was pointed at the one end. like my drs was. but its actually flat! one side flat the other curved and flat. still did the job but not as good as the drs

Vonda Perrineville, NJ


This lifter helps to work the toe nail out of the skin with less pain. You really must soak the toe in very warm water for 15-20 minutes to soften the nail and skin, in order to experience less discomfort when using this instrument.

Althea Warsaw, VA


It came very quickly and in great condition. Thank you so much, I would so order from you once again! This really helps if you have bad ingrowns like I do. It cleans out any build up and helps to access any splinters that might occur. I recommend getting the ingrown toenail filer to go along with this. Make sure to soak your feet to make the nails a bit softer. It really helps bring relief and keep infections at bay. I also use tea tree oil neat on each side of my big toes to make sure that any infections brewing are nipped in the bud.

Vilma Belton, TX

Just impossible to use….very shittily made.

The ridges are SO far apart, I feel like it’s impossible to file anything properly.

Caryn Mountain City, GA

Another Must Have Tool

If your like me then regular pedicures are a must ! This tool allows you to get the job done. The price was reasonable and it came quicker then expected.

Della Blue Island, IL