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Sana By Noevir Hadanomy Deep Mist 8.5floz./250ml

Deep moisturizing mist with 1000mg of micro Collagen in one bottle. Convenient spray lotion is easy to use anytime anywhere. Slight natural aroma. Cautions: Do not use if you have scars or rashes. If you notice irritation or any other skin problems using this product, stop using immediately and consult a doctor. Symptom may get worse if you keep using it. Do not store in a high temperature of in direct sunlight. Avoid eye area. Rinse immediately if it gets into your eyes. Close the lid after every use. Keep out of the reach of children. Ingredients: water, butylene glycol, alcohol, glycerin, hydrolyzed collagen, peg-60 hydrogenated castor oil, methylparaben, carbomer, gellan gum, acrylates/c10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, sodium hydroxide, honey, pelargonium graveolens oil , citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) oil, citric acid, foeniculum vulgare (fennel) oil, malpighia emarginata (acerola) fruit extract, sodium hyaluronate, rosa centifolia flower oil

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  • Deep Mist 8.5floz./250ml

Honest reviews


Found a better use for it.

I bought this because I was intrigued by it. It just seems so bizzare, I’ve never heard of something like this in the states. Besides, my skin is very dry and using this seemed like something I needed.At first, I did not think it was working. My skin soaked it up very quickly and my skin did not feel softer so much as it just felt more firm. I was a bit upset, so I stopped using for a few days, thinking why bother, it wasn’t doing anything. However, after I stopped using it, my skin got extremely dry! I started using it again and lo and behold, my skin improved. The results of this are not dramatic as I was expecting, however using this once or twice a day really does keep my skin healthy and flake free.However, I have found two uses for it that I believe work better than a skin mist. This is the best product I have found for my hair! My hair gets very dry and frizzy due to the winter weather, and this stuff is awesome at taming my hair without weighing it down or making it feel greasy. It also appears that with continued use, my hair has gotten stronger and I am not shedding as much. I could be imagining it, but it sure seems like it, I am cleaning my brush out less frequently than before.Another use I found is as a hand mist. I have eczema on my hands and soaps really don’t help matters. I spray this on after I wash my hands and my eczema is almost completely gone, which is rare in the winter months.All in all, this is a really nice product. It has great benefits and I am seeing results after over a month of usage.EDIT: 11/29/12I have dropped 3 stars from this review for two reasons. One, I finally found the ingredients for this product and it contains parabens and other chemicals that I do not want on my skin. Really disappointed.Two, I found out that any product claiming to have collagen in it is fake. Your body can’t absorb collagen, it can only produce it, so putting collagen on your skin or eating food with collagen does absolutely nothing. I thought micro collagen was different, but that too is just a marketing gimmick 🙁 Really sad.2 stars for price and it’s good on my hair and it did help my face, but I won’t be using this anymore and I definitely won’t be buying it again.

Marci Shartlesville, PA

My skin is in love!

I’m 26 this year, and my skin is starting to show more signs of aging and dryness this winter than it did in previous years. Apparently according to some articles I read, this is around the time collagen production starts to slow down in the body.I was skeptical, but I thought I’d give a collagen product a try. I can’t believe how incredibly transforming it was! Using just the collagen toner after cleansing and this mist twice a day, I’m seeing a huge difference. The wrinkles that start to pop up around my smile when my skin is dry are gone, and my skin’s texture is better- softer, dewier, and my pores are even shrinking a little! I’ll be buying this as long as they keep making it.The only slight downside to this product is that it has kind of a strange smell to it. It’s not very strong and fades easily, but some people with more sensitive noses might have a bigger problem with it than I did.

Lorie Cardiff, AL

Great product! Thanks!

I have been using this product for more than two weeks now and most of my friends noticed that my skin look radiant and smoother than before. In addition, I used less make up and my pores seems smaller than it used to be.

Adrian Cordova, IL

Fav spray

I have bought this mist around 5 times, its my favorite moisturizer- not too heavy, just right. Perfect for summer as well 😀

Robin Jermyn, TX

So far so good

It’s not doing any miracles but I wasn’t expecting it to. This doesn’t harm my skin and I have very sensitive skin. It’s makes your skin feels good and fresh 🙂

Molly Havaco, WV