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Samy Fat Hair Amplifying Creme, 5.25 Ounce

Samy fat hair “0” thickening creme can add fullness to your hair. It is one of the best volumizing hair products that not only adds volume, but also improves the texture of your hair.

Key features

  • Improves the texture of your hair
  • Leaves hair visibly thicker
  • Ultra lightweight

Honest reviews


Great "fat" hair in dry climate; not so "fat" in humid one!

I bought this in HI where we have almost constant humidity and it was OK. I have short, very fine hair, about medium thickness and a little dab of this very thick stuff (about the size of two petite peas!) was all that was needed. More than that and my hair got sticky and dirty looking.Went to AZ and used the same amount – and WOW! Warmed it up (body heat between fingertips) then ran it through towel-dried hair. Just blow dry the volume and body into hair! Great resultsi….(but I am NOT moving to AZ just for "fat" hair!)

Briana Alexis, IL

Great Product! Noticed Immediate Results

I am an African American with fine, relaxed hair. My hair usually does not have much body for very long after washing, blowdrying and styling. This stuff is soooo good at giving me lots of volume and body though it does stiffen my hair a bit as other reviewers have stated. It makes my curls hold longer though. I use it in conjunction with the Chi volumzing spray for even more impressive results; but this stuff is good all by itself. Looks like I am wearing a hair weave- my hair looks so thick and full!

Elvira Porterfield, WI

Hair thickening cream

I wanted to give this a 5 star, but one little issue…. it seems to kinda break me out around forehead etc. (hairline). With that said; it actually worked I think!! I have pretty fine hair and have always wished it was thicker….so gave this a try and gotta say I was quite impressed!! How I used was applied to damp hair by adding small dab to hands and rubbing together (like you would to wash hands) then rub fingertips to scalp area (especially on top and sides), and then flip head down to blow-dry hair = poofy volume 🙂 **just make sure to lightly comb/style (I use a pick) after you dry or else you might loose all your volume!? …if any of that made sense LOL? Like I said; yah it worked, but kinda broke me out a bit….so saving for those BAD hair days only 🙂

Madeleine Adelphi, OH

A Little Goes Far

This is a great product and all you need is a dot size. At first I thought it was a bit pricey, but I think the bottle will last me way over a year! Definitely do not use too much because it will make your hair kind of sticky along with any product used in excess. I get this insane volume with this product which is great for the thin hair I have in the front part of my head.

Katy Cawker City, KS

Really makes hair look and feel thicker

This product definitely makes my very fine hair look and feel MUCH thicker without question ! I immediately received several compliments on how nice my hair looked and questions if I was doing something different with my hair (in a good way). However, it does make my hair feel quite different to the touch. I can only identify the way it feels as ‘like cotton candy’ or like I used too much of the product and a bit heavy with no bounce like when it really needs to be washed. Perhaps this is simply the way thick hair feels OR perhaps I am using too much product or applying incorrectly. I am going to try different application techniques and see if I can find some happy medium where my hair looks thicker and feels shiny and clean.Overall, it does make for ‘fatter’ and thicker looking hair which is what I was looking for , so I would recommend this product.

Penelope Kimball, WV

Not a fan!

I bought this because I read it was very much like Living Proof Thickening Cream…WRONG! This product made my hair very greasy . I use the Living Proof product and when I blow dry my hair it feels soft and full…not with this. I literally felt like I had Crisco in my hair…it was so horrible. I had to jump back in the shower after applying my makeup and taking the time to blow dry my hair…grrrrrrrrrr…not happy. Do yourself a favor… purchase Living Proof Thickening Cream.

Dominique Lakeside, MI

Super thick

I don’t really have thin hair but sometimes I want to look like I have a ton of hair so on those occasions I use this. It does what it’s supposed to do, and my hair looks amazing when I use it. It does stiffen the hair a bit but I don’t find this to be a problem, as it seems to give my hair enough body to stay in any style I put it in.I have photos of myself when I have used this and it looks almost like I am wearing a hairpiece, or have lots of extensions in my hair, because it is so thick. I don’t use this on a regular basis, as it makes my hair slightly hard to get a brush through. It adds invisible particles of some sort to the hair shaft, to bulk it up. I really works!I imagine it would be great for men with thinning hair, or anyone who wants more hair or thicker hair. It’s a pretty amazing product and I can highly recommend it.

Esther Felton, MN

Keeps static away!

Like this product. Only use half a dime size diameter. Not sure they advertise this, but really good for keeping static away! It’s been a long winter and this is a nice bonus.

Lara Calumet, IA

Little dab will thicken hair

Use small amount on towel dried hair then blow & comb. Thickens straightens limp hair to look younger fuller healthier!

Angie Dublin, IN

It made my hair hard and sticky

I am searching for something I can put into my hair to add some body since my shampoo is no longer being made. My shampoo made such a difference in my hair! I keep searching for a new one.When I bought the shampoo that goes with this crème, I thought maybe I’d do better with 2 products that match. Not so.Well they definitely matched in their lack of adding volume to my hair. The shampoo I’ll review, if I can find it because I know I bought it. This crème made my hair very stiff and it also dulled the shine. It was very hard to actually style my hair with it in it. It did nothing to make it look like it had more body. I wear my hair quite short and the product I use, after shampooing, is very important. I’ve been using a mousse and a styling gel-type product and I will continue to use those.I don’t suggest this for anyone.

Dianne Auburn, NH

Makes hair “fuller”, though not necessarily “thicker”

I have used this product alone as well as with both theSamy Fat Hair 0 Calories Thickening Shampoo, 10 Ounceand theSamy Fat Hair “0” Calories Thickening Conditioner 10 fl oz (300 ml). Of these three products, this is the only one I’m even remotely likely to continue purchasing.First, I should mention I live in a drier climate, so it will work better for me than than those who live in humid areas. Having said that, I can definitely say I notice some difference after using this – whether or not I’ve used it with the other Fat Hair products.I wanted something that would make my hair actually “thicker” and this product may indeed do that, if only slightly. It does,however, make my hair noticeably fuller, which helps with the illusion of thickness. I also have an easier time styling my hair and keeping a hairdo after using this than if I don’t use it.I would advise using this product immediately after towel-drying your hair and only using a very small amount, or else your hair will look greasy. I personally find it works best if I towel-dry my hair immediately after stepping out of the shower, wetting my hands with a bit of water and only using about the width of a dime of this product. I then rub it between my palms and evenly coat my hair from roots to ends. Then I blow dry my hair. Using it like this does make my hair somewhat fuller and easier to style.I was hoping for a product that would truly “thicken” hair, as in, make the individual hairs a bit thicker. So far, only coloring my hair seems to do this, though this product may make the hairs slightly thicker. Still, by making my hair appear fuller, it is still an improvement. I love the natural lift and body it seems to give my hair. I’ll probably continue to order this in the future.

Jerri Meeteetse, WY