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Samy Fat Hair “0” Calories Amplifying Shampoo, 10 Ounce

Samy fat hair “0” calories thickening shampoo is an ultra lightweight thickening conditioner that transforms fine, limp hair into thicker, fuller, stronger hair. Specially formulated not to weigh hair down.

Key features

  • For daily use
  • Great smell
  • Lathers well 

Honest reviews


Don’t recommend

I’m not too crazy about this shampoo. Mainly because of the smell. You know it’s bad when you’re dreading using your shampoo. This is the first time there’s not a fragrant and fresh smell to my hair product, and I know it’s just an additive, but really this thing smells like chemicals. It smells like something I do not want to use, but okay lets get past the smell.In terms of the products effectiveness, it doesn’t really do much for my hair. I have very thick, oily hair. The product really just dries out my hair, and I guess just cleans it. My sister hates this product too, she thinks it was a cheap brand I bought, and I point to the price sticker on the bottle. I’m really just using it to finish it up at this point, and then I use a good conditioner to make up for it. Don’t recommend at all.

Stephanie Chalkyitsik, AK

Didn’t notice a whole lot of difference

I use Pantene volume and can’t say I can tell much difference between that shampoo and this. Love this brand’s hair spray but I wouldn’t repurchase this.

Arline Homer, NY

Supposed to work very well to volumize blonde or white/grey hair!

I used a Volumizing Shampoo for almost twenty years that worked magic on my hair. It was hard to get on the East Coast and I ended up buying it via the internet from hair dressing shops on the West Coast. About five years ago, I heard it was being discontinued by the company and I managed to purchase enough to last me this long. Now, the time has come to find a new Volumizing Shampoo that will make my very soft, straight hair look like it has some body. I’ve found out this is easier said than done.This shampoo, which a national publication said women with naturally white hair loved, failed me in a big way. It doesn’t do much for my hair and when I used its Thickening crème, which is supposed to make my hair look even better, I end up with hair with a small amount of body but without its usual shine.I don’t like the smell of it but I’ll use it for a while, without the styling crème since I think that’s what’s making the shine disappear. This is only the third shampoo I’ve tried so I may have miles to go before I sleep in my bed with hair that has proper volume and shine but I thought I’d throw in my two cents worth! :DOne note: the shampoo doesn’t suds much but keep in mind that no shampoo has suds by nature. They put a chemical into it to make it suds up because people want their shampoo to make suds. Secondly, when you rinse it out of your hair, your hair won’t squeak, even though it’s totally rinsed. For some odd reason, that really bothers me but all shampoos are different as is my not-so-lovely-hair. I have read great reviews of the shampoo so if you have limp hair, I’d say to give it a try. Maybe you won’t have stubborn hair like mine!BTW, the company that made my original shampoo eventually went out of business! Figures it would!

Lela Seymour, IN

Wow! Nice poof factor! This worked for my fine and oily hair!

Nice poof! I have oily hair that is fine. It added body that I did not think existed. The texture is a bit sticky after a shampoo, but I can live with that. Please note, I noticed this is an everyday shampoo, not a once every other day shampoo. It does not combat oily hair or other product buildup.

Madeleine Pine Mountain Valley, GA

Doesn’t clean hair, doesn’t make hair thicker

I have used this both by itself as well as in a combination with theSamy Fat Hair “0” Calories Thickening Conditioner 10 fl oz (300 ml)and theSamy Fat Hair Thickening Creme 5.25 Fl Oz / 155 Ml (Pack of 2). Of these three products, this is the only Fat Hair product I’m certain I will not be ordering again.First, it doesn’t clean my hair, at all. I don’t mind that it doesn’t lather as that really doesn’t relate to the cleaning ability, but this leaves my hair kind of oily-looking, therefore requiring me to shampoo with a different shampoo prior to using this.Second, there is no difference in my hair’s appearance if I use this alone or combined with the other two products. If it doesn’t clean my hair and I can’t tell if it’s made any difference in the thickness of my hair, there’s really no point in my buying this again. It’s a pity, as I was very optimistic when I ordered this due to the other excellent reviews.I suspect that most people get the “thickness” in their hair from the Thickening Creme and maybe a bit from the Thickening Conditioner. They rate the shampoo rather well because they use it as part of the complete system and don’t realize they’d get the exact same benefits if they didn’t use the shampoo at all,instead only using the other products.

Hazel Nebo, IL