Sambucol Cold and Flu Relief Tablets, Black Elderberry, 30 Count

Sambucol Cold and Flu is a homeopathic remedy specially designed for fast, temporary relief from cold and flu.

Key features

  • This homeopathic preparation will help you feel better while you are getting better
  • Fast relief from cold and flu symptoms
  • Contains elderberry and zinc

Honest reviews


A miracle!

I discovered Sambucol last year and actually got through the winter without getting sick once. I had come close several times, feeling very run down like I was on the verge of coming down with something. I’d take this every time I felt tired and each time I sprung back. My husband, someone who normally would prefer a major knock-out drug, was at first skeptical until I convinced him he had nothing to lose by trying it (it’s not medicinal and it tastes like candy). Now he swears by it and wants to send a couple of boxes to his aging parents. I’m also recommending this to family and friends.

Meredith Athens, AL

Love this Product

A friend told me about this 3 years ago….what a blessing it truly helps me get over a cold and diminishes the symptoms. That is so very important when you have asthma. It also helps me with my allergies. Hope that you have success with it too.

Colleen Eastford, CT

Tablets Convenience And Great Taste!

I am so glad that they make this in tablet form and that it tastes good. Since they just melt in the mouth my son can take them too. Does it help? My dad that’s a smoker and probably has undiagnosed COPD got pneumonia recently and so I got this for him and I the last time we had a viral respiratory illness. I couldn’t afford the chance of him getting pneumonia again. We both seemed to kick it a little quicker than normal and he didn’t progress to pneumonia this time. There was enough in one box for two of us to get treated. Be sure to have on hand BEFORE you get sick though so you can take it at the first signs or symptoms. Seems to work, so I will continue to use and I prefer the convenience of the tablets so I can take it anytime, anywhere since it’s dosed so frequent. Like any anti-viral drug on the market, it only shortens the duration, not an immediate cure.

Annie Hammond, IN

Natural ANTI-VIRAL! Elder is scientifically proven effective against both Type A and Type B influenza, including H1N1

Honey is a natural anti-biotic (no bacteria can grow within it which is why it’s still safe to eat the honey found in Egyptian tombs after thousands of years) and Elderberry is a natural anti-viral that is scientifically proven effective against both Type A and Type B influenza, including H1N1. In our household we use these homeopathic cold and flu relief tablets, as well as honey and fresh squeezed lemon juice (detox) in a cup of warm water along with mega doses of Vitamin D (always with magnesium to avoid kidney stones). This combination is always effective against the nastiest of bugs, including the super nasty flu/bronchial bugs we’ve been seeing this winter. I’ve been lucky to find Sambucol locally at box pharmacies, it’s always good to keep at least one box on hand so it’s ready at the first sign of symptoms.

Janis North Bend, PA

Easy to take

It arrived just as I was beginning a cold. I didn’t notice any huge relief, I suppose it’s difficult to judge, perhaps my cold would have been much more severe had I not taken it. Easy to take but I ran out as my husband had a cold as well and it didn’t take long before we had used it all up.

Ruth Ellicott City, MD

They really work!

So far it’s worked wonderfully when I take it at the first sign of symptoms. I’m definitely getting more to stay stocked up. Hopefully they work no matter what type of flu. I’m glad I found these.

Judy Clarksville, TX

Treat and prevent colds!! Better than Zicam!!

The best for fighting colds and flu. Just three days of dosages and I was over a cold! Have recommended to many people! No harmful drugs. Really works!!

Kerry Underwood, ND

Sambucol Cold and Flu Relief Tablets, Black Elderberry, 30 Count

This was recommended to us by a pharmacist. He said that he has heard nothing but good things about it. My son uses it as soon as he feels an onset of a cold and it works in preventing it from becoming a full blown cold. All natural!

Mandy Berlin, NY