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Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo, 4 Ounce

Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo 4 ounce (112 g) – Safe for all hair types and colors. Oil absorbing formula. No white powder residue.

Key features

  • Safe for all hair types and colors.
  • Oil absorbing formula.
  • No white powder residue.

Honest reviews


It burned!

I’ve been trying out different dry shampoos to find one I liked. I bought this the other day, and was anxious to try it. The scent was pretty good, but it didn’t spray out evenly and most importantly, it really burned my scalp! While the price is reasonable, I recommend trying others in the same price range before this one.

Maria Fajardo, PR

Pleasantly surprised

I purchased this out of curiosity and was expecting some oiliness for the *cleaning* given how its supposed to get rid of hair sprays and gels somehow–and even without water. But to my surprise, my hair felt very clean, and not weighed down. I have no idea how this product burned the other customers or made their hair sticky. I am not conservative with gels or sprays and my hair wasnt slightly sticky but I have thick hair, maybe its dif for thin hair?Great for weekend camping trips but could not replace old fashioned shampoo when you’re talking about extended lengths of time of use. Also good for removing stuff likeFreeman Facial Masque, Skin Silkening – 6 fl ozor use sparingly to get excess weight off the hair at the end of the work day if you have a date or party to go to.Anyway, great product, glad I tried it.

Jillian Takoma Park, MD

Not great.

I bought this at the suggestion of a friend who raved about it. I’ve used other dry shampoos that work much better. I don’t really notice a difference after using it, or maybe a little at first, then it wears off right away. I also don’t like the smell (no redemption there). Sadly, I feel like my friend’s hair often still looked greasy too.

Felicia Philadelphia, PA


This product is great, it delivers what it promises and leaves no residue or bad odor, is quick for when one does not have time to wash your hair.

Adela Coeymans, NY

Super Cheap and Works Great

I saw this in a tutorial (as I do most of my hair/makeup products) and decided, “why not”? It wasn’t expensive so if I didn’t like it, oh well.Actually, it works great and if I use it right (first time I had white flakes) it actually adds a bit of volume. I’m sure there are better products, but I’m no hair guru or professional so this works just fine. Oh and the smell, to me, is not bad either. It’s very fresh, not to “chemically”.

Graciela Bear Mountain, NY

Works Without dulling hair

I’ve tried just about every dry shampoo out there from the expensive, like skinnyskinny Organics, to the cheap like Suave. Nothing I’ve tried actually makes my hair look clean until I tried this and its one of the cheapest!I have fine auburn hair that gets oily very quickly and every other dry shampoo makes my hair look dull and dirty, leaves my brushes coated in white and takes longer to apply than simply washing my hair. This stuff takes less than a minute to apply and brush and it doesn’t ruin my blow out.The only complaint I have at all is that it doesn’t have a nice fragrance. It’s not bad, just not nice.

Gilda Bittinger, MD


Not a lot of residue and seems to do the trick – although I felt like the colored hair version did a better job.

Inez Castile, NY

Doesn’t work.

I’m currently shopping around for dry shampoos for when I go camping. I bought the sample size of this to see if I like it before I commit to buying a larger size. I followed all directions and it did not work at all.

Whitney State Line, IN