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Salon Grafix Healthy Hair Nutrition Cleansing Conditioner – 12 oz

Salon Grafix Healthy Hair Nutrition Cleansing Conditioner, 12 oz

Key features

  • Citrus Creme Scented Conditioning Cleanser

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Seeing improvement

Please note that I’m African American and wanted to specify that because when I was checking reviews for this product that info would have been helpful to me. In any case, my hair is dry and short. I have been growing my hair out for the past 6 months. And within that time I have “experimented” with a lot of shampoos. For example, Aussie for mending split ends (great shampoo), Aveeno Moisturizing (okay shampoo) and many others. The only thing these previous shampoos had in common were they were all moisturizing.In the meantime, I was looking for something less harsh (something that did not lather) and to eliminate my previous steps for washing my hair (shampoo, deep conditioning, hot oil treatment, drying and styling). I performed this regimen every week. I wanted to try Wen but 30.00 bucks per month was too pricy for me so I dismissed the idea of trying Wen and a few weeks later I ran across an article about Salon Grafix cleaner conditioner. I finally found it online at (was only available in one store in my area). The price was very reasonable at 4.00 a bottle. A win-win for me since 3 other people live in my house. If it didnt work for me at 4.00 bucks it may work for another family member.When I got the product I read the instructions dilligently and washed my hair. It detangled my hair and had a great scent to it. However, this product does not do anything for dandraff and I’ve found that I have to wash my hair twice a week now instead of just once to keep the dandruff under control. However, I am seeing improvment. My hair is not as dry and after the first wash I noticed my ends looked better. I will continue to use.Pros: Smells great, noticed immediate results (split ends almost gone), detangles, hair is softer, great price.Cons: No dandruff control, need to wash hair more frequently

Amber South Carver, MA


Well I been using WEN for a month now and I must say WEN is still more moisturizing and leaves hair more shiny than this product. After first use I noticed more friz and flyaways which I never experience with WEN but it is still a good product i would recommend leaving it on much longer than directed tho. i also tried loreal cleansing conditioners and even the smell of this product is better and softer nd not as overpowering as the loreal the loreal does condition mutch better than this product. I rank WEN #1 Loreal #2 and this 3 but i still plan to continue using it for wen is expensive so I would like to use an alternative every other day

Jewel Garwood, TX

NOT even close to replicating WEN

I very much wanted to like this shampoo/cleanser. I have been using WEN for over 10 years. Of course I would be interested in a less expensive version. I give this product 1 star for the pleasant fragrance only. As with WEN, I gave this product a few washings to see if it would perform. Sorry to report, not even close to performing like the WEN product. And actually stripped my hair to the point where it was difficult to style. You definitely get what you pay for. I would spend the $$ on a better shampoo from your local store – not this one.Ladies, be careful of boastful reviews, that most probably are manufacturers trying to sell their product.

Audrey Lake Park, IA

Salon Grafix Healthy Hair Nutrition Cleansing Conditioner, 12 oz

I have been looking for alternatives to WEN… At this point, I have tried six products that Google Search indicated were similar. This is bottled the same way, looks and feels similar… But it is no where near Wen. My hair is dark blond, a few inches below my shoulders, very fine but also very thick and graying, I’m approaching 50! Of the six products I have tried so far, this is the worst!Salon Grafix is bottled in a 12 oz. size pump bottle. The pump swivels too easily… It is not fun to chase that swiveling pump whilst wet! The product is quite thin compared to all the other products. I usually use 6 – 8 pumps of Wen, I used 12 – 16 of this. And did not achieve the beautiful hair that other products provided! You would think a Cleansing Conditioner would make your hair soft, tangle free (or close to it), manageable and bright. This product does non, NON of these things. My hair tangled easily, had fly-aways, was dull, lifeless and did not style well! I would not recommend this to anyone looking for an alternative to Wen.The products I have tried so far, listed by how well I liked them, are: WEN, Lisa Rachel Conditioner & Cleanser, Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner, L’Oreal EverCreme Conditioning Cleanser, Burt’s Bees Gud Red Ruby Groovy Shampoo (which is not a co-wash nor conditioning cleanser) and then Salon Grafix!Those I still have to try: Hair One Cleansing Conditioner, Nada Poo Co-Wash Conditioner, Blue Magic Gentle Conditioning Cleanser, Macadamia Natural Oil Flawless Cleansing Conditioner, Hair N Now Cleansing Conditioner, Renpure Solutions Ren Cleansing Conditioner, Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Cleansing Conditioner and Mizani Co-Wash Conditioning Cleanser.

Polly Dalton, WI

I miss the lather

I bought this from a grocery store a few weeks ago. I’ve used it several times. All but one time, I was very pleased with the results and the way my hair was once dry. But I am finding it really difficult getting used to the fact that it is a lotion and does not have the normal surfactant sudsing properties most shampoos have. Surprised this is not being mentioned in the reviews. I almost threw it out, but after purchasing a different shampoo and conditioner and using them a couple of times with only mediocre results, I was reminded just how well this cleans and conditions the hair. I think I’ll hang onto it, but use it intermittently. As I mentioned earlier, the one time that I was not happy with it, I think I might have not rinsed it out thoroughly enough, and also using it back-to-back four washings in a row… well I think that was a bit much conditioning. So…Pros:Cleans and conditions hair very well. Leaves hair soft and somehow tames flyaways. Hair has body and is not weighed down like you’d think it might be. Good results whether letting hair mostly air-dry, or taking the time to style and blow-dryI like the scent. Hard to describe. Smells like a salon brand shampoo, not your average supermarket perfumed oneEnds the need for spray detanglers/leave-in conditioners. Hair combs easily. (My hair happens to be very fine and always tangles after washing and I have to be super careful I don’t pull out too much hair when combing it wet, but this product really minimizes this significantly)Cons:Feels really weird applying it directly on the scalp (and all over) with its thick lotion consistency. Doesn’t foam up at all, so psychologically you feel like you’re not getting the hair clean (it’s like a thick conditioner, not at all like a shampoo)I wouldn’t recommend using it day after day, every wash. It can leave hair with a bit of build-up and if not properly washed out, can be greasy lookingUpdate: I’ve now decided that using it frequently means over-conditioning the hair, and it ends up getting greasy looking faster than with other shampoos. And on my very fine blonde hair, it weighs it down. It’s not because of lack of rinsing. I’m very careful about that now. It’s just too heavy for fine hair, I believe. I still think it might work for those who don’t want to condition their hair every time they wash. If you use this on those condition days, it might work out very well. But not for every use.

Adelaide Langley, WA

Much better for dry, curly hair than conditioner alone

My hair is naturally curly and usually very dry with highlights and shampoo is not part of my everyday routine because of the dryness. At first the fact that there is no lather is very strange but the scent was pleasant enough to press forward. Using a pump so many times is also a little odd in the shower and it does not feel like that amount of product will go very far. The results, however, speak for themselves. The conditioning cleanser cleaned both hair and scalp thoroughly leaving no styling product residue. My hair actually felt soft and clean. It was a much better result than “washing” my hair with conditioner alone which never quite seemed to do the trick. I’m really impressed!My only comments are: The pump bottle is a little more work than I’d like in the shower but it’s not a deal breaker considering the product cuts down on shower time overall. Also, the product does say you can use it as a leave-in conditioner but compared to my current favorite (Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Silkening Detangler Hair Care 8.5 Fl Oz) it’s really more effective in the shower than out.

Carmella Centerville, WA

Not totally awesome…

I first bought this product thinking it was wen in a local cvs, later finding out it wasn’t wen I was disappointed but still wanted to try it out. And so now it has been about a year and a half that I have been using this on and off. My hair is curly, brown, fine, frizzy, and not color treated. I still have bad hair days but I noticed that when I use it continuously I see more results. Better than regular shampoo, but still not the best.

Doretha Mode, IL

Perfect for every day use

Kind of wishing that I could give you a before and after picture of my hair; this really is a fantastic product. I love my hair, it really is lovely, but my scalp is another story. Everything irritates it, makes it flaky or too oily… long story short, it’s a real pain in the butt. I was skeptical when I bought this from a local drugstore at first, but I love, love, LOVE it! Has taken care of my scalp issue, and is so gentle and effective that my hair is full and lovely again. The one downside is that it really is meant to be used frequently; if you prefer to wash your hair every couple days or so, this may not be the product for you. I used to be like this, but I loved the smell of this product that I started using it every day and haven’t regretted it yet. 🙂

Leola Middle Amana, IA


I have used Wen before and HATED it! It left my hair greasy and gross on the day after washing. I can go a day without washing my hair, but not with Wen. I saw this at Target and thought, why not try it? This product is AWESOME! I’ve used it three times now and my hair is so soft and not greasy on the second day. Wen also made my scalp smell on the second day, which was really gross. This does not. I also bought the Salon Grafix deep conditioner at Target and it is worth it! I highly recommend this product, so much so that I bought three bottles on Amazon because I am afraid Target won’t carry it or I won’t be able to find it. I have fine curly hair just in case anyone wants/needs to know that. BUY THIS!!

Heather Memphis, TN

Left my hair weighed down

I tried this cleansing conditioner, used it directly as said in the directions, and I felt as if it weighed my hair down, flattened it, stole all of its body, and just made it feel stringy as well.

Lou White Post, VA

HATE IT! Leaves hair lifeless

would’ve given it NO STARS but that is not an option. Thought I would try a less expensive cleansing conditioner than Wen (which works well for me). Scent reminds me of old decorative bath soaps that my grandmother kept in the bathroom (the kind you didn’t DARE use). Ewwww. I had gotten used to the lotion-like feel of Wen but this product seems thicker, JUST like lotion. My hair is left lifeless and dry. I HATE IT! In fact, after giving it multiple tries, I am ready to throw it away; what a waste!

Stella Highgate Springs, VT

Amazing Stuff

The reviews were right…this stuff makes hair look good without even trying. Just blow-dry and go. My daughter’s color-treated hair looks great – really makes the color ‘pop’.

Henrietta Gonvick, MN