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Salon Express Nail Art Stamping Kit As Seen on Tv Body Care / Beauty Care / Bodycare / BeautyCare

Salon Express Nail Art Stamping Kit Features: ?As simple and easy as 1-2-3 ?Great for manicures and pedicures ?Use it with any nail polish you have ?Your nails will always look sensational ?You will get professional salon results right at home Salon Express As Seen On TV, get beautiful salon quality designer nails in minutes! Now you can create sensational nails anywhere with Salon Express. Gets you professional salon results in minutes. Use Salon Express with any nail polish – simply brush polish onto design plate, scrape off excess polish and transfer design onto the stamp. It’s that easy. Everything you need for amazing nails, use the large applicator for large designs or the small applicator for single smaller designs. It’s fun and easy to create hundreds of salon designs. Salon Express nail design kit will save you tons of money and time!

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I didn’t like it

I didn’t like iti tried it the first time it didn’t work to meI will get it one more try but I tried the pink small stamping tool worken nicely the first time

Roberta Maysville, WV

New Salon Express Nail Art Stampling Kit

Bought this for my granddaughter for christmas and she loves it i am not sure myself what is does shes knows as longas she is happy that is all that matters

Maggie Ponce, PR

Not amazing

I have tried this over like 1,000,000 times and it only worked 1!!!! And the sad part was I was just testing it out and I had no nail polish on my nails!! Yes I read the instructions, I used thick (not extremely) nail polish, it wasn’t cheap the nail polish, etc.the good thing was that it wasn’t expensive, I gave it to my friend though and she’s also suffering (haha) but I have to give this 1 star for working 1 time, if I had to rate this 1-10 I would give it 3

Roxie Coolidge, KS

Not as deep as it should be

The seating for the plates is great and works with many other brands. The stamper is double ended easy to clean and very conferrable to use. However the scraper was not so hot, it scratched my plate, and even they didn’t spread the polish evenly. So i replaced it with an old store (credit) card we no longer use. This works great. On all the other brands of plates….. The actual plates here are disappointing. So shallow that you have to try several times to get a complete stamp. They are not very well cut at all, sharp on the edges, although not as sharp as some others i have found. The plates are very thin, and i am often scared they will crumple like aluminum, but they r a little more solid. I often skip the use of the plates favoring others, MASH being a favorite. But, the stamp plate seat and stamper are my go to. For the price it was worth just those hence the 4 stars.

Eliza Darby, MT

good product

this worked very well. the holder didn’t but the plates did. The film on these was not blue, but clear. So be warned about that. i used my own scraper and stamper The scraper is an old gift card. But the plates where really, really nice.

Evelyn Witherbee, NY


I have tried and tried and tried with this stamper! Different polishes different techniques and nothing has helped! I watched tons of youtube and still could not get it to work 🙁 maybe it is just something im doing but I tried several way and could not get it to transfer if it did transfer on the nail it was smudged and to light.

Latoya West Harwich, MA


So my friend had this set and always came to school with pretty nails so I asked her where she got it and she said that she got it at DD’s. I didn’t find it there but it was at Walgreen’s for $10 (cheaper than how much my friend got it for and her stamper is only single sided while mines is double :D) and I have to say that it works wonderfully! I just wanna share some tips with y’all to improve performance.1) my sister used the scraper that came with the set and scratched up one of the plates. And its hard to clean the scraper once you’re finished. So thats why I recommend that you use an old school ID card or expired credit card or something. It scrapes better and doesn’t damage your plates!2) USE ACETONE NAIL POLISH REMOVER!!! It cleans your plates easier :)3) Dont use the plate holder because theres no point in using it. Its supposed to keep your plates and area clean. But, SOMEHOW nail polish got on the bottom of the plates. So I recommend that you spread some newspaper or paper towels or something over your work area. I learned this lesson the hard way :(4) PRACTICE!!! You probably wont get it the first time. Nobody got better just by quitting :)5) I did try filing the stamper like it said in the “Tips” section of the instruction manual and it DID work better. It doesn’t make the surface as slippery so you won’t smudge your design6) The nail polish doesn’t necessarily have to be thick in order to work better with your plates. Remember that if it’s too thick, it can get caught in your plates. I like to use ones that are kind of runny, like the ones from Revlon. I have some lying around for about 13 years and they haven’t thickened that much, and work great. But keep in mind that they don’t have to be really old to stamp well.So that’s it!!!

Lynette Barnum, IA

nail art designs kit

i think once i work with this and do the designs right to transfer to my nails i think i will love it

Eloise Elwood, NJ