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Salon Edition Hot Air Brush-3/4″

Hot Air Brush for Beautiful Curls Salon Edition Hot Air Brush is available with one inch rotating barrel that can create long lasting curls without iron. This brush has soft bristles for tangle-free hair. It has a soft grip handle and a switch that locks in the barrel while curling and unlocks to unwind. The brush sleeve is removable for easy cleaning. Comes with 250 watts for fast drying and better styling Tangle free hair due to rotating and vented barrel Low and high heat settings Salon Edition Hot Air Brush can style the hair as well as dry it quickly, eliminating the need of a blow-dryer. It’s equipped with an eight feet swivel cord and a safety plug for shock protection. Just For You: All types of hair A Closer Look: This Salon Edition Hot Air Brush has both quick drying and styling power to create gorgeous and soft curls. The ball-tipped bristles of the brush are soft and gentle on the hair and increase the volume of the curls giving a full-bodied look. Get Started: Create dazzling soft curls and waves with this easy to use hair dryer. Read the instruction manual provided along with the product for detailed directions.

Key features

  • Textured Soft-Grip handle for a more comfortable and secure feel
  • 250 watts of power for fast drying and styling performance
  • Rotating vented barrel releases tangle-free curls
  • Locking barrel switch locks in place for curling and unlocks for unwinding
  • High / low heat control for all hair types, Soft ball-tipped bristles gently grip hair, and rest softly against the head

Honest reviews


the best hairdryer

I like this hot air brush better than a regular blow dryer because it gets IN there. it separates the hair and dries it up close. very easy to clean and maintain. it’s lightweight too so my arm isn’t tired from holding it up for 15 minutes, which is good because with a regular blow dryer it would’ve taken me longer.

Madeline North Bloomfield, OH

Great styling tool

I love this. I had bought a Vidal Sassoon one about a year ago which did not have enough power. When I turned this one on it was quiet so I worried about the same problem, but it dries my hair really fast and leaves it with a nice curl. I have a medium length bob with light bangs and it works perfectly. Would highly recommend.

Bessie Lafayette, MN

Wonderful styler for pretty hair!

I love this tool. I always have to have one to dry my hair and style it at the same time. How smart and efficient! It does a wonderful job, and quickly. I was so happy to find it here because I had been looking for one for quite some time.

Marcie Canisteo, NY

Really easy to use

There are some definite advantages to this brush; it is tangle free, quiet, easy to handle and it does a very nice job curling the ends of my hair. The only negative is it is it takes a long time to dry my hair. I usually blow dry it until it is just a little damp then use the hot air brush. So far I have been very satisfied with this product.

Michell Booneville, AR

The best air brush I have ever owned!

My old hair brush, one of many in my lifetime, "died" so I ordered this one. To my joyous surprise, it is the best air brush I have ever owned! I have a wedge style hair cut, with one side much longer than the other, and baby fine blonde hair. When I use this on my wet hair it does not pull or rip my hair out, it makes a lovely curl or fullness and only takes minutes to produce a great style. It works wonderfully on my hair when it is dry also. I plan on ordering another one for our guest bathroom. My two adult daughters tried it and love it too! They have much longer hair. We all agreed, it is a winner!

Janie Great Falls, SC

Really like this styling tool

I’ve been using for a while now and because it doesn’t get so hot its easier to dry and style hair and not damage it like the blow driers do plus it allows you to style as you dry. I also use a styling mouse with it and something for volume because of the chemo damage to hair. Highly recommend.

Ester Elm Creek, NE

No grip

I wish I would’ve seen that it was by Helen of Troy, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it because I already tried their product. Besides that, it’s the exact same thing as the Helen of Troy Hot Air Brush 1574; it just looks fancier. It could not grip my hair at all, though, which is surprising because I have very thick and lots of hair.

Amanda Gardner, LA