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Salon Edge Top 36W UV Curing Lamp Acrylic Gel Nail Dryer Light TIMER

36 Watt Professional Salon Edge Branded UV curing for fast acrylic gel drying Excellent professional quality for the shop and light enough to take along with you. This unit uses 4 powerful UV bulbs and features a built in timer. Effectively and quickly cured all UV and gel based products. Reflective inside lining to ensure proper uniform drying. Fast curing of UV gels one hand at a time. Features Salon Edge logo to ensure you recieve the quality you deserve. Built in timer with 2 minute setting for perfect time management. Includes easy access panel on bottom to easily change bulbs. Simple fuse replacement compartment with single turn access.

Key features

  • 36W UV Gel light-cured 2. Highly efficient PL UVA bulb for faster, safer and odorless curing
  • Auto timer control: 120s & 120s onwards Over voltage & current surge protection. DR-301/A UV Gel Lamp Light Nail Dryer Pro Finish Quick Dry 36W
  • *Work with all kinds of nail polish having a wavelength of 365nm, no brand requirements though.
  • Small and cool design, compact & easy to operate Suitable for both professional and personal finger nail + toe nail care uses
  • Please apply the proper amount of pressure to insert the bulb initially. You will know when the bulb is properly set because you will hear a click sound which ensures the bulb is set in its groove.

Honest reviews


Still Working Great After A Year w/no Bulb Replacements!

Have had this for a while, works great and even after a year I have not had to change the bulbs. Great price and fast shipping!

Della New Madrid, MO


I have no idea how this product could be any better. Small enough to hide away in a closet or drawer (I keep mine under the bed) but big enough to spread your fingers inside and even to paint your nails on top of it.If you do your own manicures, you need this product.

Maribel Yeoman, IN

Absolutely love this curing lamp

I highly recommend this curing lamp if you are doing your own shellac at home the only minor problem that I have had with this lamp is the light build staying on but if you just make sure they are put in correctly and handle with care you can still get the job done.

Delia Verdunville, WV

Works Good.

LOVES this dryer, works GREAT, with both regular and Gel Polish. I was a little upset with how long it took for delivery but I blame that more on UPS. The dryer is a little bigger than I expected, not as portable as I was hoping. The buttons to turn on and off are a little tough, not as easy as a flip of a switch. This dryer does it’s job which is to dry nails in a faster time which it does but other than that not very easy to use and not very portable.

Isabella Morrice, MI

Works good

Got this for my 17 year old she lives it. Came fast and works good. She loves doing nail and it’s a great price love amazon

Elise Julian, NC

Great lamp!

This lamp works great, does what it is supposed to do. But the bulbs sometimes move out of place and don’t light up. You just have to push them in tightly to the sockets. I would purchase again!

Kimberly Holmes Mill, KY

Sturdy, still ticking!

This is a great UV lamp for the DIYers. I’ve had it for quite some time, and it’s still ticking! I use it about once a week.

Stacey Kent, AL


liked, suoer works well for common nails and Gelish. good for this price. I recommend if you do not want to spend much money.

Liz North Bend, NE

Inspect Light On Arrival

I’m sure this is a fine UV Lamp. However the one I was sent was ‘used’. “WELL USED!” These Salon Edge Lamps only have a 60 day guarantee. I couldn’t help but wonder: “How long did the previous owner have it, was it used occasionally or daily?”. The back of the unit had obvious large scratches and smears, as if someone ‘tried’ to clean it up so it would appear new. It was returned immediately.

Frankie Libuse, LA


I have big hands and feet, I’m 6 feet tall, and had no problem drying a gel mani. I did usually run it a little longer than the product recommended, but only because I was paranoid about it curing correctly.

Jerri Potomac, MD

Good Product

Does all it says it would. Came with all the specified parts. I have only used it twice and it has cured the nails on both occasions.

Rosie Martinsburg, MO

Works Great!!

I received the lamp a couple of weeks ago and it was packaged really well and securely.The bulbs were securely wrapped as well. I didn’t use until last night to do my gelish set. Worked great and cured my nails just fine. Fits one hand including thumb. Satisfied Customer. So far I would definitely recommend this product.

Selma Big Springs, WV