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Salon Edge 36W Nail UV Lamp Acrylic Gel CURING Light TIMER 36 WATT Drying Dryer with Slide Out Tray,White

36 Watt Professional UV curing for fast acrylic Gel drying Excellent professional quality for the shop and light enough to take along with you. Timer settings for this include a 120 second timer as well as an infinite ON setting, where it will stay on as long it is plugged in, or until the switch is moved to the off position. This unit uses 4 powerful UV bulbs and features a built in timer. Effectively and quickly cured all UV and gel based products. Reflective inside lining to ensure proper UNIFORM drying. Fast curing of UV gels one hand at a time. Built in timer with 2 minute setting for perfect time management. Cures such items as CND Shellac, IBD, Axxium and many more. Includes 4 Bulbs to uniform curing/drying from top and sides. Easy access panel on bottom to easily change bulbs. Simple fuse replacement compartment with single turn access. Tray Dimensions: 5. 5″ (Length) x 5. 9″ (Width)

Key features

  • 36 Watts
  • Fast drying time
  • 4x 9W Bulbs
  • Ideal for any home or professional salon
  • Convenient size is amazing for constant travel

Honest reviews


It works but doesn’t have a fan.

I ordered this because it was a 36-watt UV lamp, advertised with fan. That’s not what I got–the item I received didn’t have a fan. The seller said that the only item that has a fan is the 56-watt lamp so why they advertise one of their 36-watt lamps as having a fan when it doesn’t–even after I’ve told them their product is listed incorrectly–I don’t know. So be warned–if you’re looking for a UV lamp with a fan, forget what they’re advertising because this isn’t it. If the fan is essential to you, go for the more expensive model.That said, while the item is light-weight and looks cheaply constructed, it does work. It was hard to get the bulbs in and I was afraid I’d break them but once in, the bulbs sit very securely. I use regular polish with it and it dries my nails on the 120-second setting, which is nice because then my hands are under the UV for just 2 minutes.So I’m giving this 3-stars because it didn’t have the fan advertised but the lamp does work as it should otherwise. If it had included a fan, I would have given it the 5 stars.

Bridgette Wallingford, KY

The perfect gelcolor nail dryer

I had seen this dryer on Amazon and first decided to buy the more expensive Epica Double Wide UV Curing Nail Dryer for Acrylic Gel/Shellac Manicures 54 Watt, because I was worried a nail lamp for under $30 wouldn’t do the job. The Epica Double Wide UV Curing Nail Dryer for Acrylic Gel/Shellac Manicures 54 Watt arrived broken and I sent it back and ordered this one. It arrived in about a week, was packaged well and is just as described. I’m not sure why other buyers complained that there isn’t a fan, the description doesn’t list a fan. This lamp is not for standard nail polish drying it is for gelcolor and shellac polish (no fan needed). Some buyers complained that the bulbs are hard to install but the bottom of the unit slides out giving plenty of room for installation and the bulbs snap in very easily. I recently decided to try doing my gelcolor nails at home to save money. I purchased this nail lamp and OPI gelcolor, top and base coats and other supplies all from Amazon. The nail lamp works perfectly and my nails came out beautiful. The timer is very handy and I cured each coat the full 120 seconds. I am glad I purchased this lamp and am looking forward to many more beautiful gelcolor manicures at home.

Rhoda Drakesville, IA

Works like a charm

Lightwieght, bulbs on top and sides. Allows you to cure your gel/shellac polish without trying to turn your thumb upwards.

Elaine Bryant, FL

I ordered this and got a book

I was leaving the country so wanted to get this quick and when I got a package from Amazon it was a book… I don’t know what happened but this was my first Amazon experience and it was bad. I didn’t know how to do returns or anything and then the book was misplaced and there was nothing I could do.

Carey Gabriels, NY

Can’t beat the price.

When I first received the lamp, two of the bulb plugs did not work. They immediately sent out a new one and didn’t ask me to ship back the old one. It works great, but the timer button that is supposed to be two minutes, is actually a bit less. It still cures my gelish perfectly, even with just under two minutes. I do, however, with that I had spent a bit more and got one that would fit both of my hands side by side, rather than just one at a time.

Rosie Union, MI

Great UV dryer at a great price!

I needed a UV dryer for my Gelish nail polish, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune on one. This one was a great price and also works great! The bulbs are very easy to put in and take out. I use this all the time and would highly recommend it!

Gussie Gypsy, WV


I’ve had my nails done at the Salon for over 15 years and decided to try it myself to try to save money. I was going every 2 weeks and paid $40 each time. Yes she was expensive but she is the best….my nails looked so natural and I loved having them done.Anyway, my nails grow fast and are fairly strong. I went through Chemo 10 years ago and that made my nails brittle. That’s why I had my nails done, so they wouldn’t break as they grew.This Lamp is great. I had no problems with the bulbs – they were in separate boxes and were simple to plug in. The unit itself is big, but not so big that I can’t store it easily. I like that you can use the 2 minute timer, or just stick your hand in there and go longer or shorter then the 2 minutes. I have been using OPI GelColor Gel Top Coat and it is completely dry after the 2 minutes.It doesn’t get any easier then this lamp. I would definitely recommend!

Diann Old Fort, OH


I use this light when I Shellac my nails. It works great. I use Shellac Color plus Top and Base Coat. It is a great little system that will save you lots of money. I use this light which was priced reasonably and it works just fine. It even has a 2 minute setting. I would recommend to anyone planning on using shellac and saving a little bit of money.

Jenny Edelstein, IL

Good basic starter gel lamp

This is good lamp for the price. You cant beat under $30 to cure gel polish. I just recently upgraded to an LED lamp and love it so much more. It was about $80 but well worth the price. LED lamps are not harmful and it cures in 10-30 seconds as compared to over a minute. It makes the whole process a lot quicker. I also do not like that the buttons are on the back. It is much easier when the button to turn it on and off are on the top and makes it more convenient. Overall it works well for the money and I have not had any problems with it and it does its job well of curing gel polishes. It was a great starter light for me, but I do prefer the LED light for a little more money.

Diann Forestburgh, NY



Beatrice Thorntown, IN


I love this product, it works for what I need it for. I am a DIY’er and I love doing my own nails and this is great for me. I put the lights together with ease and use the 120 second timer I just wished that it gave a signal at 60 seconds but all is fine with the nail lamp no complaints and I have had the lamp for a couple of months now.

Madge Daingerfield, TX

Why spend more?

This light does exactly what I bought it for. It cures my shellac manicures perfectly, just as good as the 150$ one would! At first I thought it was broken when I got it, but you have to really push the lights in until you hear a click. I read that some people thought the lights were flimsy and the unit was defective, but I’m guessing they didn’t push the lights in hard enough.

Graciela Seaview, WA

Great find.

The price was the enticing factor. I wanted to do my own gel & shellac nails at home as most salons aren’t open at 11pm! This received a lot of varying reviews, but I figured I’d give it a try. I’m glad I did. Good price, service, delivery. Bulbs were individually wrapped in bubble wrap and in their own boxes inside big box. The plate pulls out easily so bulb installation is a breeze. I had a little trouble with the fuse. The fuse cap wasn’t screwed in all the way. I took it out, put the fuse back in, screwed the cap on tight and then it worked like a champ! The directions are poorly written, but playing around with the light I figured everything out. The timermakes simple work of it. Does a good job. I have UV gloves to keep my hands from overexposure to the bulbs. Takes the worry out of it too.

Freida Pleasanton, KS


Dries everything super fast. A must have if you use gel anything. No need to put your thumbs first, because the mirror reflect the light all around.

Elvia South Bristol, ME

Well Worth It!

I ordered this to repair my nails in between visits to the salon. Wow, much nicer than I would have thought, and works wonderfully. Thanks!

Lula Fairbanks, AK


Liked the idea that I was able to put my whole hand in it but it does seem to worry me because it gets a little too warm at times.

Jamie Newton, NC


I see these UV lamps in professional beauty suppliers all the time for $150 and up and always rolled my eyes at the possiblity of having an at home kit until I saw this! Its the same wattage as the $150 models for a fraction of the price!! I have used this lamp with Gelish polish with flawless results. The timer is a MUST have! I even raved about it so much that a friend of mine bought one too! It comes with 4 lights and a heavy grit nail file as a bonus.

Debora Whitfield, MS

Good for the money

Good UV lmap for the money. This product is above average, it works great for $30! The only thing i don’t like about this lamp is that you have to do your nails one hand at a time so it takes a while. Other than that, this is a great product.

Alejandra Onley, VA

Good buy

The UV Lamp is in a perfect working condition. Bought it for myself to use it for shellac manicure and pedicure curing process. All bulbs were in a working condition. It is inexpensive and has 120 seconds timer which is perfect.

Darlene Glen Rock, PA


My girl likes it a lot, she uses it with this french manicure kit i bought her she loves it.

Lawanda Ellendale, MN

Perfect Shellac lamp, perfect price

From reading other reviews I knew this lamp didn’t have a fan, but a fan isn’t needed for Shellac UV polish and that’s what I was using it for. I did my fist ever Shellac manicure at home today and this lamp worked awesome! All the bulbs work, the timer is super handy, has an on/off switch for timing other than 2 minute increments, and costs less than $30. I think this is a perfect Shellac curing lamp for the perfect price. If you need a lamp with a fan or with a timer that does increments other than 2 minutes then you’ll have to buy a different lamp. But this one works perfect for what I need it for and I’d recommend it to anyone using it for DIY Shellac manicures/pedicures.

Phoebe Bowdon, GA

GOOD BUY! Worth every penny.

As a cosmetologist and Nail technician I LOVE shellac. I wanted to invest in my own home UV lamp but found all the name brand ones were well over $100. I found this and on a whim and not a lot of expectations ordered this one. It came in the mail nicely in a fitting box with instructions and everything wrapped up brand new. It’s so esy to put together, all you have to do is pop the lightbulbs in and slide the bottom tray in. The only thing I didn’t like was that there isn’t a timer for how long you can cure your nails, you kind of have to keep track or count in your head. For the price thats the least of my worries and can be handled. So overall it’s a great product, it works as it should! I swear its identical to all the other name brand curing lights just without the name. GOOD BUY!

Delia Lockhart, AL

Works Well

Does a great job and I especially like the built in timer. Fits a whole hand quite comfortably and does the job.

Stacey Gulston, KY

Happy with my purchase

The lamp is a very nice addition to my nail supply. I however don’t like the timer on it it only has a 2 minute setting.

Miriam Estillfork, AL


light works good lights are not hard to put in…does the job good buy hurry and grab one why pay more!!!!

Kaitlin Hill Afb, UT


I Love this Lamp !!! I am trying to learn how to do my own nails and this is so easy to use. It’s works great and it saves me money because I’m able to do it at the house I don’t have to pay 30 or 40 dollars I just do it myself now. 🙂

Cheri Mims, FL

36W UV Lamp/Curing Light

I was a little worried about buying this product because it had a lot of negative reviews. But I must say, I couldn’t be happier.The package arrived within 3 days of ordering and was packed well and didn’t move around at all in the amazon box. However, when I lifted the lamp out of the manufacturer’s box, it fell apart. The lamp itself is brand new, clean and doesn’t appear to have every been used. The UV bulbs were individually boxed, rubber banded together and placed inside the lamp for maximum protection. One of the bulbs was defective and didn’t work. I contacted customer service and they corrected the issue promptly and I am completely satisfied with the corrective action offered.Even though the lamp is advertised as having a “fan dryer” it does not. But when using the UV light for curing gel nail polish, you don’t need a fan. Also, I knew it didn’t have a fan by the other reviews, so I wasn’t put off by that.I would recommend this product and have always been satisfied by the customer service given by Amazon.I am having so much fun doing my own gel polish at home and saving money too! Thanks!!

Kristi Searsmont, ME

Very Pleased!

I’ve used the UV lamp and it does exactly what it says it will do. I’m very happy. And the price was right!!

Amy Muldoon, TX

works great

I bought this light as a gift for a friend. I spent at lot more on a light at Sallys with the same features. Just lacks the extra timer setting that I have on mine. Otherwise they are the same and it works well for Gelish too.

Louisa Greeneville, TN

Works well.

I’m not amazed by its performance, it’s just like the ones at a salon, but it works real well; does the job.Had no issues with it whatsoever and the installation of the bulbs was easy.Easy to use. I recommend it.

Ebony Cross Timbers, MO