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Sally Hansen Triple Strong Strength Treatment 2620 Clear

Sally Hansen triple strong is a breakthrough gel formula that strengthens and protects nails. 3-in-1 protection. Formula with: epoxy polymer reinforces as it adds flexibility; protects against breaking, peeling, and splitting. Calcium complex with pro-vitamin b5 and iron helps strengthen to help natural nails grow longer and stronger. Titanium helps mend and bond weak, fragile nails. Instantly, nails become harder and more durable. Triple strong’s quick,-drying, high-shine gel suspension protects nails as they grow longer, stronger and healthy.

Key features

  • 3-in-1 protection epoxy polymer, calcium complex, titanium complex 3-in-1 formula with flexible epoxy polymer + calcium + titanium complexes reinforces nails and protects against breaking
  • 3-in-1 formula with flexible epoxy polymer + calcium + titanium complexes reinforces nails and protects against breaking
  • Apply 2 coats to bare nails use alone or as a base coat for maximum strength, apply every third day remove after seven days and restart

Honest reviews


Completely ruined my nails!

I’ve been a devoted Barielle nail treatment fan, but when I couldn’t find any at my local stores I decided to try a few of Sally Hansen’s products instead: Triple Strength and Complete Care. BIG BIG mistake!!! Not long after I started using Sally Hansen’s products, my nails started peeling in layers like shale and breaking all over the place!! This is something that has NEVER EVER happened to my nails before! My perfect ten became a ragged mess!After talking to a number of beauty experts at various drug stores in my area, they ALL told me that Sally Hansen products are ‘inferior’ and basically at the bottom of their lists. Hmmm. doesn’t surprise me. I should have talked to them first!!Needless to say I’ve since located Barielle and am amazed at how quickly my nails have recovered!

Jenna Conconully, WA

Great for brittle or soft nails

I’ve always had soft nails that would peel as soon as they got any length to them. I’ve used this nail hardener a few times now and I am impressed. I NEVER thought I could actually have nice natural nails. My nails are very hard now and can actually withstand some abuse with out breaking off. I used to be able to actually bend my nails over my finger because they were so soft.This polish doesn’t help with the life of any polish, but since you are suppose to use it every three days with a fresh application, I guess that doesn’t really matter.

Kristie Pedricktown, NJ



Chasity Atoka, OK

Only products that makes my nails grow!

The Good: This product actually makes my nails strong. There have been times where I’ve banged my fingers into something hard that I knew would result in a broken nail. But, when I’d check my nails, they’re fine. SH Triple Strong has made my nails that much stronger and has reduced breakage and splitting, hence my having longer nails.The Bad: When I use it as a base coat, my manicures do not last more than a couple of days before the polish begins to chip off. Constant touch-ups are necessary. I don’t know if Triple Strong will be as effective as a top coat as opposed to being applied directly to the nail, but I’ll give it a shot and monitor the results.

Bette Beulah, ND

works great!!

I used to have really strong nails. After a series of moving and helping friends move…it was terrible.. and left my nails chipping all the time. I bought this after weeks of frusteration. Its amazing!! It makes such a difference. I started by using it as recommended. The bottle recommends two coats and then reapply once every 3 days. I now use it once a week, only one coat and its just fine. My nails haven’t chipped in a long time, and they seem to be getting back to my normal strong, long nails. For the price, its amazing!

Lorraine Kirksey, KY

Decent Hardener

I purchased this because it was recommended in a video on nail care. The person recommending this sold it as a strengthener and not hardener but It works well enough. I use it as a base coat and it goes on very smoothly and it dries in a decent amount of time. I never use it as a top coat so no idea how it performs in that capacity. I would recommend trying it but remember that with all hardeners you can’t use it all the time because while it may harden in the beginning but over time it will break down the chemical composition of the nail and possibly make them worse than when you started. Use this in the beginning to gain strength then switch to a nice strengthener to maintain the results.**Update 4/13/2014*I have been using this for a little while now and it does strengthen my nails really well. I stopped using this at one point and started using Nail Tek Formula 2 and it really ruined my nails. They were soft, peeling in layers, chipping and overall bad shape. I switched back to this and 2 weeks later my nails were back to normal, stronger and no longer peeling off in layers. I have purchased a second bottle to keep in my arsenal. This is not the only product I use. I use Sally Hansen “Thicken Up” as well as Nailtique Formula 2 Plus. Both products works well. I highly recommend this product.

Lupe Sophia, NC

This stuff is GREAT!!!

Working as both basecoat and topcoat, this gel is thick, yet dries quickly and keeps polish from chipping. Best of all, it makes nails TOUGH! I’ve been using some far more expensive and labor intensive stuff (recommended application was every day), and Triple Strong has it beat hands down (pun intended) in both price and effectiveness. Yay!

Christy Alberta, MN

Probably the best (affordable) top coat I’ve ever used

I’ve bought 2-3 of these over the past year. I feel like I’m constantly searching for the perfect top coat and I think I’ve found it. It goes on thick and leaves an almost plastic-like coating. It’s not hard like a regular topcoat, so it allows your nails to bend a little bit without cracking.This usually allows a manicure to last 4-5 days without chipping. It’s glossy and evens out your nail color so that it looks like a salon manicure.It removes really well – just like a regular topcoat, so there’s no extra work to get it off your nails.

Catherine Pointe Aux Pins, MI

I like it but I also loved Mega Shine so may combine the two.

It worked better for my needs than the extreme shine variety by same manufacturer. I’d been using Mega Shine as a nail hardener to apply daily and as needed to broken and split nails. And about every three days to every other day the piled on clear acrylic would fall off and I’d start all over. Rarely did I need to use nail polish remover that can dry out your nails more. But this I do need the nail remover because it builds up but doesn’t usually drop off. I find it tends to gray or yellow a bit and not quite as shiny as the Mega product but I like the way it clings to the nail itself. Maybe I’ll try a combination of the two. This as a base coat on clean nails and then follow up use with the Mega shine. Meantime it doesn’t fix what of course is a metabolic problem with my nails which were soft and thin as I was born with them that way. But the splitting and cracking is new over the past 5 years. And so I find just slapping on clear nail polish willy nilly basically works the best for me and helps with this condition. Though not pretty as a manicured nail with polish and all my nails never have been good enough for that. I’m allergic to many adhesives including a non latex acrylic adhesive by Nexus (3M) product so I stay away from false nails too and wraps. I do a lot of dishes by hand too and in and out of water daily so this is works well with that too. It does give a lot of shine at first but it goes a bit dull over 3 layers time. Try it it might work for you…it might not! (I do take biotin at 10,000 units a day which may or may not really help this issue. I was born with sad nails and thus it is what it is and probably no magic pill is going to fix it.)

Callie Madden, MS

It Gets Thick

At first I was loving this. If you’re looking for a product to protect your nails by itself I would highly recommend this one.This wasn’t the case for me. I use Sally Hansen nail hardeners as a base coat (which is listed as one of the uses on the back of all of them.) This "gel" formula made a really thick coat and trying to apply polish over that was just really messy and it took forever to dry.I prefer the regular, no addition, Sally Hansen Hard As Nails. It works as a base coat, a topcoat, or 2 coats by itself. Your nails will be rock solid and really hard to break

Beryl Isleta, NM

This stuff works!

I have a very hard time growing my nails- especially in winter when the weather gets colder. They split and break very easily. I wash my hands a lot taking care of a disabled bunny, which makes it worse. I’ve never found a nail hardener or top coat that really made much of a difference until I tried this product. I now have strong, long nails and love it!

Doretha Marshall, TX

This definitely strenghtened my nails

My nails always crack at work, this helped my nails hold up picking up lots of heavy plane engine parts without ever cracking them. So it worked for me.

Elinor Barton, NY

nail growth

I have been using Sally Hansen products for years and I still love them, I purchased this polish while searching for a gel nail kit for my sister for Christmas, it arrived on time and packaged well, I love this stuff, my nails are strong, with no cracking or breaking. I will be purchasing this again.

Terrie Perrysville, OH