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Sally Hansen Treatment Nail Nutrition Green Tea & Olive Leaf Nail Growth-0.45 oz

Sally Hansen nail nutrition green tea + olive is an advanced growth treatment for short, hard-to-grow nails that constantly break. Instantly protects. Longer nails in 7 days. Guaranteed. Reinforces nails for healthy growth. Exclusive formula, powered-up with super-potent antioxidants green tea, olive leaf and bamboo leaf extracts, instantly protects and reinforces problem nails for healthy growth.

Key features

  • Instantly protects
  • Longer nails in 7 days guaranteed
  • Reinforces nails for healthy growth

Honest reviews


No advertising hype here!

My nails tend to be filled with ridges, fragile, and also terribly brittle. The kind where if you bump your nail into something, a chunk will simply fly off — and they have always taken forever to grow. That said, I have tried dozens of ‘nail growth’ and fortifying products over the years, to no avail. And, some of them were Sally Hansen products, too.Well, that was before Sally Hansen’s GREEN TEA + OLIVE GROWTH. I have given this product a good trial, to make sure that results were consistent, before reviewing. In the last three months, my nails have changed dramatically. And, it was no temporary fix. My nails are now strong and they grow so fast, that I have to file them down weekly to keep them a suitable length for my work as a RN. I haven’t had any broken nails, or fly away chips off of them, either. And they look really nice.This product is very easy to use because there is no nail preparation beforehand. Just groom your nails and apply one coat over the bare nail ‘every other day for a week.’ For me, I give my nails a breather for a day, or two, then just start the process over. Your nails will have a beautiful natural shine, like you’ve just buffed them with one those expensive nail salon buffers. But unlike the buffer, your nails retain the shine.I hope they never discontinue this product because it’s the only thing that has given me nails to be proud of, for the first time, ever. I know that individuals have different problems with their nails, and this product may not be for everyone, but if your nails sound like I’ve described mine, give it a try. For the price, it’s worth experimenting.

Aisha Dyersburg, TN

Good choice!

This was a good choice for me. I ordered this and the Miracle Cure at the same time . . . this formula does not contain formaldehyde. Started by alternating the products but that just isn’t necessary. Both products help splitting and chipping for those who have thin/fragile fingernails. This has really been put to the test with litter box changes (3 cats), laundry and ‘after visits cleanup’ for grandchildren . . . it’s the first time that I haven’t had any problems! I am impressed with both of these products and I have chosen to use this one because it does not contain any form of formaldehyde. This is just a matter of personal preference. I would recommend both products and add that the cost is reasonable . . . worth trying!

Patti Morganton, GA


Love this stuff. I’ve only been using it for a week over using Duri’s Rejuvacote. And this works much better! My nails were always so thin, and I’ve tried using top coats to not have my nails chip but they always do. Now my nails are much harder. The product is smooth too, I’ve tried other clear type nail polishes and they are bumpy and aren’t smooth. Would buy again!

Toni Hancock, VT

Great Strengthener

I bought this product because of my extremely short nails that are kinda too much of a joke to put nail polish on. I use this a lot and I find it to be great at making your nails stronger, I truly see no real difference in growth. The strengthening qualities are so good actually that when it starts to chip in the corner I can really see how brittle my nails are without it. Although I would love to give it 5 stars for that reason alone, I can’t because of the fact that my nails are the same length. Its not like a oil either where it soaks in, more like a polish. You can’t just keep layering it on. It does have a beautiful light peachish colour to it though. I would recommend that if you wear nail polish over it, you only put one coat of this on because it tends to chip with too many.

Donna Bascom, FL


this product amazes me. i putted it on for a day and the next day my nails were harder and it grew longer! i will buy this product again

Viola Mentmore, NM

nail tretment polish

Great stuff as described, made my nails more flexible and stronger. I have really bad peeling nailand this seems to help. I get the occasional peel in my nail but not as bad as it was before. Highly reccomended.

Liza Tonopah, AZ