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Sally Hansen Top Coat Dries Instantly 2124

Sally Hansen dries instantly is a quick,-drying top coat that resists smudging, chipping and fading. Virtually ends smears, smudges and streaks. Dries, seals and shines for a strong, glass-like finish. UV absorbers help protect nail color from yellowing and fading caused by exposure to sunlight and environmental stresses. Use between manicures to freshen nail color with brilliant shine.

Key features

  • Fast-drying nail color protection
  • Virtually ends smudges and streaks
  • Uv absorbers help protect against yellowing and fading

Honest reviews


Don’t use a topcoat alone

I find when I use this product as a lone topcoat, it really make my nails look very dull. I prefer to use it so I don’t smuge and then use another coat on top.

Rachael Edwards, CA

It lives up to its name!

It actually does dry instantly! I love that. If you make designs on your nails, then when you put the topcoat on, it doesn’t even it out, it just seals it. I like that though.

Martha Beach City, OH

The price is great and sally hansen is THE BEST for top coats!

I got this today in my mailbox and I am super happy with my purchase! The quantity is great and It’s not thick at all like other top coat/base coat nail polishes! I have tried all the high end products when it comes to top/base coat nail paints, but Sally Hansen is THE BEST, hands down! It dries in an instant, and saves me sooo much time! It has a shine which is distinct to it as the coat dries up and the shine lasts long! I will defintely buy this again in the future! I highly recommend this! Sally hansen rocks! 🙂 Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with this purchase! 🙂

Dana Winona, OH

Quick dry

When they say quick dry,they mean it. I could not believe how fast the top coat dries it is just remarkable. I know it takes a total of 5mins to dry and you are good to go.I Love it.

Katheryn Woodville, MA

Great Top cover to protect your nail polish,

Ive been using all kinds of Nail polish,& this Top cover keeps nail polish on MORE longer,I generaly put two thin coats on,my nail polish of any kind stays on for a week,My nails are short,i dont like long nails LOLbut i even bought the cheap nail polish & i added this over it & WHAMO !!! it works !!but…..if you buy CHEAP nail polish at a drug store, This will keep it on LONGER !!be sure to use one Layer, Let it dry for 2 min,Add a nother layer & Thats it,Two coatsIm very satisfied,i bought 2 at once,

Christie Braggs, OK

It works!!

I purchased this at rite aid, but I wanted to leave a review anyway. I am a stay at home mom/wife so I don’t really have time to sit and wait for my nails to dry. I bought this product thinking it wasn’t going to work, but boy was I pleasantly surprised! My nails were dry within 2 minutes and I was able to do what I had to do without worrying about chipping my nails. It also has a really nice shine which I love. It is definitely comparable to a gel polish manicure as far as shine. I’m very happy with my purchase. I love sally hansen nail products.

June Cordova, AK


Really like this product,because its cheap but works.Its great for nail art,what I do it pat it on the art work on each finger of one hand then go back to first nail and put a good amount on brush and apply normally,this way its perfect and smooth without bugging art work.

Shanna Rosholt, WI

Great product. I love finishing my manicure with this top coat.

I am using this product for quite a long time and it is really good. It dries instantly and keeps your manicure looking good for the week.

Catherine Russell, MA