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Sally Hansen The Now Brow-Perfect Arch Brow Kit

Sally knows nails are the best accessory. Now Sally makes it easy to get a salon effect, anytime, any place. Find your favorite today.

Key features

  • Easy, tweeze-free shaping
  • Contains one brow scissors, one brow shaper with comb/brush
  • Refine, define, arch and accent

Honest reviews


It’s great

Your eyebrows can really change the look of your face. You don’t have to spend a lot to groom them. But doing so makes a big difference.

Adeline Brule, NE


Pair with a set ofTweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer, Pinkand you will have yourself a nice little brow kit. I keep these right on my vanity table at all times. I definitely did not expect these scissors to be high quality, but they are! Little plastic shaver + brush is disposable, obviously. Refills can be purchased in separate Sally Hansen packs:Sally Hansen Beauty Tools – Get In Shape “Brow Shapers” – 80905. The brush is very good, but I personally prefer to use the disposable mascara applicators:Disposable Eyelash Mascara Brushes/Wands 50 pack. The blade is very sharp, as it should be.I would most certainly repurchase.

Lora Sidney, AR

It’s alright

The scissors are awkward to use, but overall I guess I can still manage to use them. I don’t like having to take off my glasses and put in my contacts just to get a good position of them though. Too much of a hassle if you ask me.

Louisa Minster, OH

Cute and useful

I like this set. I still have to learn how to handle the scissors as when I tried it seemed to cut crooked, but it could be that I’m not used to small uneven scissors. But I like it and I think I can use this for the purpose it was designed.

Sabrina May, TX

Love It!

Good ole Sally Hansen products, you can never go wrong. This eyebrow kit works wonders and I love it. It’s a must have in my makeup collection.

Latoya Hindsville, AR

pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the product

This tool kit is just perfect. The blazer is sharp but will not hurt the delicate eye brow, the scissors is made of very good quality stainless steel, it is very handy, i use it to trim my hair, trim my dog, absolutely love this product!

Rosalinda Krum, TX

Good purchase

Cheap but works great! the scissors are fairly sharp but it can get awkward to hold & cut. I’ve used the "shaving" blade a couple of times and it hasn’t worn out yet.

Alyson Middlebourne, WV

This tool was not for me. I am left-handed …

This tool was not for me. I am left-handed and could not hold the scissors to get rid of the stray hairs. I don’t tweeze my brows anymore and since this did not help me, I gave it away. I am going to try eyebrow threading and see how that works for me.

Noemi Mount Pleasant, UT

Great little kit

This is all you need to keep your eye brows looking good. I usually just pluck and trim. However, this thing has a razor that pulls the hairs out. It is quick, painless and good for those strays and hairs between the brows.

Martina Wells, TX

like it

i love the brush and the blade. but the scissors is kind of difficult to use. i have to be extra careful not to shave my eyebrow

Rowena Ardara, PA

Brow kit

I love this, it really has helped me keep my brows in line. I dont use the scissors much but they are great quality. I use them for other things other than my brows.

Lydia Stanley, ID