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Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel Starter Kit, Wine Not

Professional salon results at home have never been so easy. Saving you time and money. Salon tested. Safe. No dry time and nails feel protected. Easy removal. Kit contains all you need. Up to 10 salon gel manicures at home. Up to two week wear. No chips. Mirror shine.

Key features

  • Up to 10 salon gel manicures at home
  • Up to two week wear
  • No chips
  • Mirror shine

Honest reviews


Great economic kit

I purchased this kit because of the light. I have been using gel products for several months, and the UV cure takes forever. However, I wanted the gel finish, so I put up with it. LED lights cost a ton, so I figured I’d make do. Then I saw this little light, and figured, what the heck? I can always return it if it doesn’t work.It works great! The light is effective, you just have to ensure your hand is splayed and all nails are being hit by the light. Otherwise, a 30 second cure and off you go. I used my Gelish products with the light, then used the color from the Sally Hansen kit. It mixed and matched beautifully. I truly can’t say enough about this great little set. A very economic way to get started with gel manicures.

Sabrina Vancouver, WA

Not bad for a starter kit. (But you will want to replace the polish).

This is the third time I’ve updated this review. My feedback is more accurate (I think) as I gain more experience with this product. So, this is my first Gel Polish set I’ve bought to try at home. What I’ve found is that this kit is actually not bad to kind of help you get started. However, the polish itself (step 2) is pretty “rinky-dink”. It seems to start to lose it’s fresh look pretty quickly. And I don’t do anything to cause that (like tan or use harsh chemicals on my bare hands). It also seems to lift easily on the tips and comes off pretty easily without soaking your nails (in the acetone). I have already ordered another brand of (UV gel polish) to try, so I have another product to compare it to now. I just happened to order the Yesurprise UV polish because I was specifically looking for glitter. And after using it once, I can already tell a HUGE difference in quality (from the SH). It sets much harder and has bonded much better to my nails. I have a feeling once I start using this brand and others (of the actual polish) I’ll be very happy. If you feel brave, you can find everything you need and put your own “kit” together and (like I said) find higher quality products. However, for the price, I’m really NOT sorry I got this SH kit. It helped me get started and I will be replacing the polishes anyways, so not really a big deal. Just don’t expect the SH color polish to be great. Everything else is fine though, including the UV light. I can recommend!

Jerri Glen Wild, NY

A Novice looking like a Pro!

A local store had this kit on a special, buy the kit and get a free gel polish. On top of that, I had a $10 off coupon and ending up paying $48.21 for the kit and a second polish. I opted for another top coat.Not once in my life have I had a manicure from a salon. Other than seeing this kit in the store, I have never even heard of gel nails. It’s fustrating to wait until nails are COMPLETELY dry and the short life they had of looking good. I tried many techiques, hints, tricks and shortcuts but still didn’t the results I wanted.Sally Hansen has changed everything. When using it, I followed everything step by step. Within 20 minutes, I had a perfect manicure with my base coat, color and top coat. People have complimented my nails and are shocked when I say that I did it myself.The big question; What do I do with all of my regular polishes? Answer; Use them! I used the gel base coat, cured, painted two THIN coats of my favorite regular polish, applied the gel top coat and cured. Ten days it lasted with no problems. After ten days I was ready for a new color.I use the top coat to apply gems, pearls, stickers, ribbons, and glitter that are made for nails. I have also tried this kit with three others brands of gel polish and it works great!As an experiment, I painted my mom’s nails. She is rough on her hands. Personally, I can use the gel polishes and get a least 15 days before I notice any wear or chipping. In 24 hours she managed to chip the thumb and pointer finger. Little by little, the other nails started to chip as well.

Courtney Fieldton, TX

Definitely not what I thought

After I got a gel manicure for my wedding and it not only lasted a month but was strong and allowed my nails to actually grow, I was excited to buy a kit to do the same thing at home for a fraction of the price. That didn’t happen. The color chips after a few days and it doesn’t remotely strengthen my nails. A complete waste of money. Do not recommend!

Valerie Hermitage, AR

UV light doesnt work.

at least the polish works. as far as the uv light, your better off using the sun! I have no idea how these ladies are getting it on thin enough. I have gone as far as 5 cycles on each "barely there" application and still had wet sticky nails… No matter how thin I applied it, I got the same results. Had a friend who works at a beauty supply store pick one up for 60 bucks and in less then 5 minutes, these products are amazine! they protect the nail from breakage so they grow nice and long, they are healthy and the best part, I rarely need a manicure until they grow out long enough to look bad where they meet the skin.

Claudia Media, PA

Couldn’t be happier!

I love this product. For the first time in my life I am not self-conscious about my nails. The kit is very easy to use, but remember – very thin coats of all the steps works well. I have tried going to acrylic nails, but hate the thickness and the cost and time involved. This product looks beautiful and I have been getting 9-10 days without chips of any kind. Even after all that time my nails have a wet look to them with the high gloss. I’m not careful with my nails and in the past regular polish never lasted much more than a couple of hours before the first chip. I use my nails for scraping, prying, dishwashing, gardening, etc. without gloves (hate the feel of gloves). So ten days of great looking nails is almost a miracle in my book.My natural nails tend to curve down at the end, even when I keep them short. This polish seems to take care of that problem and hold them in the correct shape. My nails look lovely when I manicure them with this product.The entire process is so easy. I never have used more than one cycle of light to set the product. I love the fact that the light turns off automatically when the time is up so I don’t have to keep track on my watch. I was a little worried about removing the polish, but it was so easy. Apply the acetone, wrap, wait 15 minutes and, voila, push the polish off. Ready for the next color. I will be buying more colors in the gel polish because I’m thrilled with this whole kit and a fan for life.

Janell Pickwick Dam, TN

The BEST thing I have ever spent money on

I was hesitant at first. I love the gel/shellac look. I hate the price I have to pay in a salon. I love the idea of being able to do it at home at a fraction of the cost. A fair amount of people have negative things about this product, but at basically the cost of two pedicures, I thought what could hurt?This is the greatest thing. Ever. Seriously ladies. It may take a try or two (I had a hard time at first getting the polish to go on very thinly), but you must get one.I have a manicure that looks identical to one I got two months ago, and this set was cheaper than it cost me to get that manicure!I use it for my feet as well. It works just fine for that!

Madeleine Carl Junction, MO

Beautiful nails, with caveats

I own several different gel nail colors besides the Sally Hansen, including several colors of Gelish and Finger Paints brand gel polishes, and this one is the surprising hands-down winner, having several plusses going for it:1. First and foremost, the Sally polishes provide the best color without streaking, last the longest, and smooth out the best.2. It’s fairly ubiquitous–you don’t need to go to Sally Beauty Supply or a salon. Target and WalMart both carry this, and Walgreens and CVS probably do as well.3. If you buy the starter kit, you have everything you need–no need to pick up additional bonders, top coats, or even a lamp, as it comes with one of those, too.4. It’s fairly easy to apply (as long as you mind some important application tips), so it’s a great starter kit for newbies.5. This product is LED reactive rather than UV reactive, which is a BIG plus. No need to protect your hands from harmful UV rays, and the curing time is considerably faster than UV.6. All gel nail polishes are supremely good at self-leveling, and this one is no exception…maybe even slightly better at it than the others. No matter how many times you brush or re-brush the color onto the nail, it will always smooth out to a glass-like surface, and NEVER leaves brush strokes. Ever. If you do it right, you can REALLY wind up with a beautiful, very durable set of nails that should last you considerably longer than regular lacquer nail polish manicures do, and will help fortify against breakage if you have brittle nails.Having said all that, if you’ve never done gel nail color before, there are some important caveats to consider before switching from your laquer nail polishes to gel:1. With laquers, you could get away with a quick polish job, only putting on 1 layer and being done in 10 minutes. That would never be the case with the gels, as all three steps, with curing time in between each layer, is required in order for the product to set, and can take typically about an hour to do all nails.2. When removing the gel polish (regardless of the brand), I find that most times, even though much of the polish WILL soak off if wrapped in acetone and foil, there are nevertheless typically some parts of the nail polish that don’t want to soak off, even if I soak them longer or add more acetone. And if the polish doesn’t just slide off after soaking and you wind up peeling even just a little, your nails will wind up severely thinned. I find I have to take a break from gels every once in a while for that reason.3. Although we save tons of time during application because it dries so fast and so completely, on the other side (removing the product), all that time savings is erased, and then some. It takes as much or even MORE time to take OFF the polish as it does to put it on, and is rather messy. If you wish to remove your current color to put on a new color, it will take you a good 2 hours or more from start to finish…just to change the color of your nails.If after considering this you do decide to try this kit (you DO get a beautiful set of nails and it’s fairly easy to learn), just remember that brushing the color layer on THINLY is paramount. Remember that, because this product levels itself so well, it will spread after you put it on, and you want to make sure to NOT let it spread to your cuticles, as this product does NOT stick to skin and will eventually cause lifting if any of it DOES touch the sides or cuticles. Don’t be afraid to go back over your nail after applying: Brush back over your nails, lifting off any excess polish and wiping the excess back into the bottle. Because the polish is so self-leveling, re-brushing like this will NOT leave your polish uneven, tacky, or full of brush strokes. It’ll smooth out to glass every time.

Gina Alvada, OH

Beautiful Color- Great Deal!

First of all- Shell We Dance is the perfect color for your first purchase of this product. It is beautifully neutral and natural. Almost like a clear gloss polish, but with a perfecting tint- like liquid foundation for your finger nails! It makes them look flawless.My experience with the Sally Hansen system was definitely a positive one. The process is quick- sped up by the light system- albeit the 4 steps. The whole manicure probably took me 15 minutes. One time I did have sort of “peely” nails prior to applying the gel. I hoped that the gel would cover and stop the peeling. It worked on EVERY NAIL except one… but that was probably my fault. All in all- I recommend!The REAL beauty of this product is how much money you can save! It pays for itself when you skip the nail salon twice. AWESOME- and the results are just as perfect and last just as long!

Rebecca Stanwood, MI

Unlike anything you’ve ever tried. Very good, a few caveats especially if you have thin, peeling nails

This gel system is very different from regular nail polish. Once the polish cures and dries, it is has hard and durable as auto paint or the stuff they use to paint stripes on the street. That’s good. It will withstand a lot of abuse.The caveat: Fingernails are porous and absorb moisture. This means if you have any sort of length of natural nail, if your hands are in water a lot, your nails will become soft and bend. The nail polish does NOT bend. It will separate from your nail. This won’t be much of a problem if you do not have long nails or the length of your nails does not extend past your fingertips. If at all possible, do NOT peel off the polish, protect your hands in water with rubber gloves as you would with regular manicures. Follow instructions for removal of the product. It takes a lot of patience and acetone (which is very drying to the surface of the nail).The other caveat: If you peel off the nail polish, it will easily come off. It also takes with it several layers of your own natural nail. This creates damage to the nail surface similar to that of acrylics. Prolonged and regular usage of this product will probably damage your nails. Growth of the damage will probably take at least six months or so, depending on how fast your nails grow.The pros: It is very fast, very convenient. You can do an entire manicure in less than 15 minutes. It takes about half a day to "cure." At first the surface will feel "tacky" and will appear dull. As the material dries, it becomes harder and smoother and shinier and tougher than any regular nail polish. The gel polish dries hard and shiny. It is as tough as they claim.

Chasity Edgewood, TX

Perfect manicure. So easy

I just got the kit, followed the steps, and boom! Perfect manicure. So easy. Looks great. Nails seem impenetrable. I’m happy.

Luisa New Milford, NY

Very nice

For $30.00 this is a very nice little kit. It has the lites three polishes, wipes a small nail file.

Ila Virginia, MN


8 days chip/peel free, which is UNHEARD of for my nails because I’m super rough on them (usually regular nail polish + top coat lasts less than a few hours before chipping). Probably could’ve gone longer if I hadn’t been fidgety and messing with the one corner of the one nail that was starting to show signs of peeling.I followed the directions to a T and then cured everything a little extra, so that could be key, but I would recommend this to system to anyone! For the cost of 1.5 salon gel manicures, it is way worth it! Hoping that the lights stay good for a while so I get a chance to try out some of the different colors I bought 🙂

Alana Saint Anne, IL

Love, love, love.

I was hesitant about buying this, and researched many other products similar to this. This kit is very convenient, though once I start running out, I think it makes more sense to replace certain items with generics, such as alcohol pads, and nail polish remover. No reason to spend extra money, and that’s what those thing essentially are.I use this in between my salon gel manicures, which allows me to go approximately every month a half as opposed to every 2-3 weeks, which is nice on a budget.I did not find it hard to apply at all. The LED light was super convenient, even though I was hesitant about getting a smaller lamp. Its the perfect size, and very convenient. You apply each step, exactly as you would a nail polish. If you use sparingly (as directions state, thin layer), it doesn’t leak, and doesn’t get stuck to your fingers. And it really does COMPLETELY dry in a flash!The only con (but not worth taking any stars away) is that there isn’t a vast choice of colors available. The colors are limited, so you have to be happy with what’s available. Also, because the light is the LED (not UV) there are also less brands who make compatible gel nail polish. I still like the LED better, because it dries faster.Lastly, I ordered the "Shall we Dance" color, and it’s not quite as pale pink as the box shows. My polish was more of a light bubble gum color, as opposed to faint, pale pink.Overall – definitely recommend.

Gussie Kranzburg, SD

I’m a convert!

First of all, I love the color (Wine Not). A metallic, pinky red that is very flattering. This was my first time doing a gel manicure, so I was a little nervous I would mess it up. But I followed the easy directions, and had no problem! Now I just need to get a few more colors! 🙂

Jenny Carbon, IA

If you can paint your own nails, buy this!

I love gorgeous gel nails, but hate going to the nail salon to get them done. If you know how to paint your own nails, this is a god send! Works great not to mention you will save $$. Don’t be afraid to cure your nails an additional 30 secs after applying the first and second color coat. After nearly 2 weeks my nails are still nice. Usually when I have traditional nail polish on, my nails will look like hell after 4-5 days. Not anymore. I love this product. Thank you Sally Hansen!

Brittany Cherry Fork, OH


I LOVE this item. So many friends have ordered it too based on my raves!!! Lots of steps but worth it.

Janet Chazy, NY


nice and effective product, looks like I have my nails done in the salon, very easy to work with. thank you

April Zurich, MT

Great Product

Love this. Easy instructions. Easy to use for starters. Wonderful product. I am very please with it! Recommended for everyone who wants to start doing gel nails.

Caroline Rosburg, WA

Doesn’t replace the salon

This is a great concept, but you just can’t replicate the salon. I tried multiple times and they just kept peeling off. I wish I hadn’t bought it.

Trudy Sidney, IA

As someone who hates to wait for drying, this is for me!

I have a love/hate relationship with nail polish. I own about 30 bottles of OPI because I love the variety of colors, but I’m giving it all away because gel is where it’s at! I hate waiting for my nails to dry. I almost always have to redo several nails because I accidentally bump them while they’re drying (Even with quick dry top coats), and no matter what I do all of my OPI starts chipping by the next day. I finally decided to try the Sally Hansen gel kit when I wanted to try some polka dot nail strips for a 50’s party, and the regular blow-dryer nail polish nail strips left me frustrated. I picked this kit up on a whim with a pack of polka dot nail strips. The “Wine Not” color that came with the kit went on my toes, the polka dot nail wraps went on my fingers and Oh My Gosh I am so happy with the results! Even if they only last a day, at least they look good!

Sonja North Sioux City, SD


I bought this product pretty skeptical about how well gel nails really worked. ESP this one. I thot 30 seccond curing? Yea rt well see. But this is by far the best my nails have ever looked like ever! I am sooo excited about this. I do my nails all the time bc theyre always chipping after doing dishes and things like that. But these last forever no matter what u do and it comes with super easy instructions.Anybody can do this and its super quick to do. Im telling everyone to get one of these its worth every single penny!

Roberta Clinton, LA

Easy to use at home

I really like the look of the gel polish. It is very easy to do at home and quick, too. Durability was OK.I have never had a professional gel nail application so I can’t compare it to a gel done at a nail salon.

Michelle Flat Rock, NC