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Sally Hansen Salon Effects Value Twin Pack – Wild Child / Kitty, Kitty

Easy to use- includes detailed instructions

Key features

  • 32 Total Strips (16 of each color)
  • Includes: Cuticle Stick, Mini File & Buffer
  • Removes With Nail Polish Remover
  • Lasts Up To 10 Days
  • No Dry Time: Just Peel ‘n Apply!

Honest reviews


Not What I Expected

These weren’t what I was expecting at all! First of all, they’re nail stickers, not actual stick-on nails. Also, they are impossible to get on without damaging them! I ended up having to throw them out.

Tricia Birchrunville, PA


This is a GREAT product!! I followed the directions to the letter, but I did do two things differently. First, I took the advice of someone and put two coats of a matching color underneath, so if some of it pealed or scraped off in the week, it wouldn’t be noticed. I used a good quality brand (OPI). Secondly I used a clean over coat to help the decal not get scraped off easily. This has enabled my decal to last over a week! I’m hard on my nails. I clean, cook, bake, clean some more and I even painted my deck with this on and it’s still not chipped, scraped or pealed off!I’ve gotten many compliments on my nails and I definitely plan on getting more patterns!Tips:If you clean your nails thoroughly first with alcohol or nail polish remover, they should stay on better. Also, if you use a clear top coat over it, it makes it last for a week or more. If you’re having trouble taking it off, you can soak a cotton ball and let it sit on your nail for 15-30 seconds and then rub it off. It should come right off :)If you decide to do what I did and use a matching color underneath, make sure you use a quality nail polish. Paint one or two coats on and let your nails dry thoroughly. Then apply the nail decal as directed. Smooth it out and scrape off excess, then put clear over coat on and let dry.Also, when applying – don’t cut them to fit your nail. Apply it and then pull down off the nail – it tears to the shape of your nail. I use the rest on another nail, since mine aren’t that long. I will use a tooth pick or nail stick to scrape off any excess and then file some of the ends that need it 🙂

Glenna Chappell, KY

No faster than nail polish in the long run

Considering the two peels per sticker that you have to do and how easily they tear at the cuticle line if you have to do any trimming/touching up there, these are a big headache in my book. Granted, they have some funky patterns, but that’s the only advantage I can see. I used these several times thinking I’d be able to improve my speed and deftness, but it just didn’t happen for me.

Cassandra Kansas City, KS

Animal print nails-need I say more.

These take a little know how to get positioned and applied correctly. However, end result is tres chic! Lasts longer on toes than fingers. Better than polish stamps to achieve artwork look.

Claire Canovanas, PR

Great product, and great price.

I love love love Sally Hansen nail effects – and I especially love the twin pack. It costs about a quarter of what you will pay in the store and you can’t even get the double packs in the store. The quality is the same too. If you can’t figure out how to use them at first, it can be a little hard but once you get the hang of it they are awesome. They last for a very, very long time. Tip for removal: hold a cotton ball on your nail for about 30 seconds and then rub it off. Using pure acetone also works SO much better as well.

Roxie Mount Washington, NH


The cheetah pattern is my second set of Sally Hansen Salon Effects. The twin value pack is a great deal on Amazon. Though my nails are somewhat long, I was able to do both hands with one set, leaving me enough for a future application. These are surprisingly easy to apply. Just follow the directions and make sure you buff lightly and clean your nails thoroughly with nail polish remover before attaching the strips. My nail beds are small so the strips were a bit large, but I was able to remove excess from the sides with the pointed tip of the orange stick that’s included. Make sure you use the blunt end to smooth the strip to avoid wrinkles and bubbles. I finish with two coats of top coat to add shine and protection. My last set lasted about 10 days and I got tired of them before they were badly chipped. The adhesive is a bit difficult to remove. Best to use remover with acetone. Nails are left in great condition!

Alisa Dunnell, MN

Too tedious

I followed all the directions, and they started pealing up after one bath. Also, it took me forever to put these on. So much easier to paint them, but I understand the appeal of all the designs. Guess I just don’t have enough patience, and I was willing to get past that, but within hours they were pealing up. Just not a winner for me.

Merle Gettysburg, PA


I love these nail strips! They take minutes to put on and last for days, Plus my nails r small so i get two uses out of each box instead of just one.

Colleen Davis, CA

technique still required

frankly I don’t think these types of nail sheets are any easier than using liquid nail polish, but the designs and the convenience can’t be beat. I applied these to my nails while waiting in a long line outside a venue. gave the other set to a friend who is not very good at painting her nails but does a decent job of applying these. the color will only last if you utilize similar techniques of preparation and care that liquid nail polish usually requires. there is a slight solvent odor so I wouldn’t use these inside a enclosed space with people you don’t know, like in an elevator or with polite company.

Manuela Rockwall, TX

Love it soooooo much

Tried all of the twin packs,,and i ADORE it ,,, the glittery ones took more time to remove but i just wrap each finger with acetone wet cotton pads for a few seconds and then it removes easily,, also when i put a top coat it stays longer,,, what i like about it( if you’re good in arts and crafts) my nails aren’t so big so i can cut and paste on my nails , if i open a pack i can do my toe nails too which is pretty cool,,,, also it turns out that if you still have a few left they dry out,,, i thought i could save some for later but if you open a pack you have finish it or dispose the rest coz it wont stick,,,, but i did something i consider smart ,,, i wet my finger tip with some nail polish remover and wet the strip ,,, i used it and it worked lolllllll,, love this product

Patty Brownfield, TX

For The Love of Animal Print!

I love animal print, and I love nails. I also love getting what I pay for. The boyfriend, family, and friends loved them. Did not chip for four days. Tip: Only use one as an accent finger if you like. Great purchase.

Etta Palm Beach, FL

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Value Twin Pack

I had my doubts about these nail polish press on tabs, but they work great! They apply easily and they’re easy to shape. I highly recommend these.

Lina Anahuac, TX

Love them

I love the sally hansen salon effects, I use them while on vacation instead of lugging around all my nail art supplies. I just wish there were more thin strips!

Althea Somerton, AZ

Killer Nail Wraps but Not Long Lasting

First off, don’t expect these to stay on as long as polish. That is why I only gave them 4 stars. That being said, they give a beautiful and unique look to the nails and I am a repeat buyer of the Sally Hansen nail wraps. I have to use a tiny pair of sharply pointed grooming scissor to get the wraps to fit just perfectly, but you do get an assortment of sizes. I also use the scissors to trim the ends of the wraps rather than filing the excess off. When I try to file the excess, it pulls the wrap out of place. I may not have the technique down just right. My grown daughter talked me out of some of the wraps because she loved them so much, too. I am 50 and she is 26, so you can see that these are appropriate for a wide range of women who love to show unique nails. I have even switched up the patterned wraps to accent my ring finger and my 56 years old husband stated he loved the look! Go figure!!! I would recommend this product for a fun night out but not for a manicure that you want to last the whole week.

Kelsey Humble, TX

Great Product to Have on Hand.

ok, ok, that was the worst joke ever, but seriously, these types of nail products are fabulous to have in your repertoire. Why? Because you can totally add some pizzazz to your nails by adding one of these little babies as an accent nail. It is awesome. believe me. Re-reading this review, I know I sound like Blanche from Golden Girls, but whatever-it is a super fun product. Buy as many of em as you can afford.Update 01/29/2013: I decided to deduct a star from my original review because the boxes I have been opening are all dried out. There is no ‘use by’ date listed on them, but be careful to get a fresh pack, or else they are just crumbly & hard to work with. I still love them though.

Victoria Fairfield, OH

Last long & look nice!

I really do love these nail stickers!! They’re one of my most favoite nail products I’ve ever used, and I don’t have many! They look SO nice on and really last long! And they’re MUCH better than nail polish!! My favorite pattern is the leopard, (#320 kitty kitty)! The leopard really made my nails stand out and I got a lot of compliments!! I also used these on my toe nails easily with no problems! People where surprised when they seen I also did my toes with it too and loved them! They last even longer on your toe nails. I reuse the pieces I cut off from my finger nails and use those pieces for my toes, and use the biggest strips for my big toes. The one thing I’ve noticed was the solid colors are hard for me to work with! If I try to stretch the solid color strips and they rip or the polish seperates, it’s hard to patch my nail up because you can clearly see where you tried fixing it! But the patterns are very easy to work with! If you fix your nail with another little piece, it blends in. And I don’t have big wide nails so I’m pretty sure many women have to stretch them to fit. But now, instead of really stretching them, I barely stretch them and if the sides of my nail aren’t covered I cut little pieces to match the sides and it looks perfectly fine! I still plan on buying more of these nail stickers in different patterns! They’ll always be a big favorite of mine and something I’ll wear for as long as I can!

Goldie Charlestown, MA

Love hate relationship

I tried these strips for the first time last week and they are pretty brilliant. Very easy to use/apply. What people may not know is these are NOT stickers. They are essentially pre pressed nail polished that’s sealed. So when you put the strip on, it’s really nail polish. It moves and molds and stretches. I love the concept and the styles but what I DO NOT love is the smell. You know how nail polish smells? Well these strips smell just like that. But forever. The smell NEVER goes away. I did my nails 6 days ago and I can smell the nail polish fumes alms it as fresh as the first application. And I smell it all day. I wash my hands often and that doesn’t help. Next they do not last as long as the box/package says. I kinda expected that though. Like how nail polish will say chip free? Yeah, no. Lol. Currently as a stay at home mom not doing any dirty hands in work like a mechanic it something, I have 4 of 10 nails in tack. I’m going to give these another try because the designs blow regular nail polish out the water. And for a special event, this are super affordable and quick.

Gay Seymour, IN

Great product

I love this nail strips, they just look amazing, there is no way they last 10 days, but what I do is to apply clear nail polish and then they last a lot ! Rally easy to put on.

April Waterville, OH

Really cute!

I use these as "accent" nails. I paint my nails one color and then leave one of my fingers bare and add these strips to them for something fun and unexpected.They last about 4-5 days if you are using your hands a lot. I type everyday, use my smart phone, wash my hands a ton, etc. So mine usually last about 4 days and I remove them on the 5th day when they start to really chip. You can chip away at it and peel it off after a few days, but it’s best to soak in acetone.

Cassie Kelliher, MN

Nice but…

I had been wanting these for a while, finally got them for a great price but I cannot apply them unfortunately maybe I am doing something wrong but it looks like it not as easy as it supposed to be !

Rosalyn Addison, NY


Love these nail strips. They stay on for about a week on me with a top coat (I’m moderately tough on my nails). The patterns are definitely eye catching and I always get a ton of compliments whenever I use these.

Tania Decherd, TN

Awesome product!!

This was my first time using these and I LOVE them. They were super easy to apply and stayed put very well. I applied a matte top coat over them simply because I love matte nail polish but they had a nice sheen like applying normal nail polish. I will definitely be ordering more!

Vilma Alexander, AR

Didn’t Last long enough!

I got a box on clearance for less than 4 bucks at Target.I don’t see the pattern on Amazon that I got so maybe it’s discontinued, hence the price. It’s brown and gold snake skin pattern.The instructions were super easy to follow but the actual nail strips didn’t quite fit my nails to the “t.” I had to cut a small piece of strip on a few of my nails for a perfect fit and to fill in the gaps. The whole application lasted longer than I would’ve liked, at least 30 mins. Anyway, it lasted a good 2 days before i noticed the tip of my nails showing through the polish. By day 5 it chipping. After a week, I could peel off the polish with ease. Trying to remove the strip polish takes more effort than regular polish, so it’s probably a good idea to soak your nails in remover if you don’t want to rub and rub, and..rub.It’s very pretty on my nails though while it WASN’T chipping, and a great alternative since I don’t get my nails done at a salon. I’m gonna get a regular box next time, or just use the strips on 2 or 3 of my nails per hand. I hope that the box I got was a dud, because judging from the reviews these strips should last longer than a week.

Shelley Raven, VA

Takes a little practice, but cool patterns!

Stick on nail polish isn’t new, but Sally Hansen has some really cool designs, which would easily cost me a fortune at a nail salon. I tried the Love Letter pattern (see pictures). It takes a little practice, some of my edges look slightly ragged in spots at my nail bed/sides of nails, but I have very narrow nails, so they went over the edge just a bit for me. It took me about 15 minutes, the only down side is there is no good way to store the extras, if they dry out, they don’t work AT ALL. I suggest using warm hands (as instructed) and I use my fingers to smooth the strips down, then I stretch/bend them over the edge of my nail, then gently file off the excess. I finished with a top coat (I used the Sally Hansen Diamond Flash fast drying top coat). The first set I tried, I had a base coat on and that was a really bad idea, they didn’t stick very well at all. This second set seems to be holding up better, I started with clean, dry nails that I had swiped over with polish remover to make sure there was no lotion residue or anything on my nail. The busier patterns would be much easier to patch with other pieces if you tear it in spots. Also, if you have shorter nails, you really could use one set, and cut them in half, to get two sets from one package, it would just require that you get really good at trimming the excess off your nails.

Reba Prairie Grove, AR


for those of you who actually know how to use these right and make them last, this is a steal!! Spent so much less on this than i would have in store. very satisfied.

Natalia Shelbyville, KY

I love them

The Kitty Kitty ones went on better than the wild child ones. I have found with these sally hansen salon effects the semi-transparent ones are more flexible and go one better. whereas the white one/white based designed aren’t as pliable and crack and don’t last as long. So I would shop for ones that don’t have a white base, try to go for ones that are semi transparent. They went on easier and lasted about 7-9 days compared to the white ones, like the wild child that lasted about 3 days before chipping.

Eloise Big Horn, WY