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Sally Hansen Salon Effects Value Twin Pack – Raise A Glass / Skinny Jeans

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips Twin Pack – Raise A Glass / Skinny Jeans. Product Information: It wears like nail polish because it is nail polish. •No dry time •Removes easily with nail polish remover •Fits all nails •No DBP, toluene, or formaldehyde •Contains 16 nail polish strips

Key features

  • •Contains 16 nail polish strips
  • •Fits all nails
  • •No dry time
  • •Lasts up to 10 days

Honest reviews


Loved them

I bought these , love the patterns and colors, its comes in 2 mini packs/ box.. Love everything about it, i even did my toes with them. I had some strips left from the first application so i put them back inside the box and wanted to use them again, but when i opened it back, all the strips have gone dry and it doesn’t work anymore,,,, I would have given it a 5 star if it wasn’t for the drying of the rest of the strips, so if you open one either you use it till the last bit or throw the remaining away…. But i still love them, saves alot of nail polish applying time

Nicole Silver Creek, MS

Not as good as other Salon Effects

I have been a long-time fan of this product. The denim nails, however, do not peel off the strips easily or completely, leaving part of the polish on the backing. They also don’t tear easily at the nail tip, ripping part of the polish off of the nail, leaving them looking sloppy and messy. This is the only pattern that I have had trouble with but I will not use the denim design again.

Concepcion Kittanning, PA


I thought this was a great idea! You mean I don’t have to spend so much time painting my nails, but can instead just stick on these fancy stickers and be on my way? WRONG! It took me AT LEAST a half an hour to get these stupid things on my fingernails. They come with sixteen stickers of each color. None of the stickers were small enough for my pinky nails (and I don’t exactly have dainty nails). I followed the instructions and tried my best to trim and fit the stickers on my nails. It was NOT easy, but eventually I ended up with half-decent-looking nails (from a distance). And, by the way, they still smell like nail polish. After an hour or two, two of my nails were already wrinkled-looking, so I just peeled it all off. I really cannot think of any reason why these would be better or more convenient than regular, old-fashioned nail polish.

Carole Peshastin, WA

Great price!

I really couldn’t complain about the price and how fast it shipped. The only issue I had was with the denim was that is looks very unattractive where you file off the excess. It turns white and looks like its been worn for days.

Deirdre Colome, SD

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Twin Pack

I had my doubts about these nail polish press on tabs, but these work great! They are easy to apply and shape. I highly recommend these.

Lorna Lockeford, CA

The product itself is a good one

I have a dilemma here in how to rate this one. I know that the Sally Hansen strips are good. But, what I got from LookofBeauty was a bad product that wouldn’t adhere due to the age of the product, so how these colors look, I can’t say as I couldn’t get them off the backing paper.

Aurora Tryon, OK


The ‘Raise a Glass’ color is simply stunning, very chic. The Skinny Jeans look just like jeans, I received many compliments.

Iva Carr, CO

Bad batch?

The gold color was just not my thing but the skinny jean one kept ripping when I gently peeled it off the backing. I don’t know if it’s because there are 2 layers, the white bottom layer and the blue denim design on top that maybe didn’t help. It not only ripped but it was incredibly sticky. It kept sticking to my skin and was a pain to take off, even with 100% acetoneI’ve done other colors and did not encounter the same issues as I did with the skinny jean set.

Luisa Canfield, OH