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Sally Hansen Salon Effects Value Twin Pack – Girl Flower / Fly With Me

Easy to use- includes detailed instructions

Key features

  • 32 Total Strips (16 of each color)
  • Includes: Cuticle Stick, Mini File & Buffer
  • Removes With Nail Polish Remover
  • Lasts Up To 10 Days
  • No Dry Time: Just Peel ‘n Apply!

Honest reviews


Fun + Fraction of the Cost of Having Something Similar Done at Salon

I think these are so much fun and a nice change from just plain nail polish. I must admit though, the first few times I used them, they didn’t save time at all and in fact, took longer than if I’d just painted my nails so be aware of this and don’t try these when you’re pressed for time.I followed the directions exactly and had only a slight problem with getting one of the strips to adhere to the tip of one of my nails. Once I used them a second time, I found that slightly stretching the part of the strip that is going to be on the tip of the nail does help them to adhere much better.The more I used the strips, the better I got at it and now it takes just about the same amount of time to apply them as it would if I were just painting them but with the added benefit that there is no drying time so once you have them on, you can just go about your business. However, I recommend that you let them “rest” for a few hours on your nails before you go take a warm shower or immerse your hands in warm/hot water – even with gloves on – because they do seem to last longer if you take that little bit of extra care.I bought several boxes of different patterns and have used them 5-6 times now and I really like them. You’ll find that you’ll have pieces of strips left over or at least I did because my nails are only a medium length so I took some of the larger left over bits and cut them in a diamond shape and applied them to my already painted toenails and they worked just fine for that and especially when I put a clear top coat over them.I like that there are so many patterns to choose from and I got them for a great price too.

Tracey Maple, WI


I love all sally hansen nail stickers. I have been using them so long I can get them on in about 5 minutes flat and they stay on until I take them off with polish remover (every Sunday). LOVE them! I will not go back to polish as it chips.

Florence Wyoming, MN

Nail art, great price

Love these and use regularly. Bring out your inner little girl with beautiful artwork for your nails. Once you figure out application goes on quick and easy and last about as long as polish would. Price better than in stores if your considering trying.

Jacklyn Riverside, UT

Sally Hansen polish strips

I have been a fan of these saloon effect strips since they were introduced in 2011 and I have used many of them. But this particular set, although very nice, was completely dried out. The strips did not separate from the protective slide at all and I had to peel them using tweezers. Then I applied the strips i managed to save on my nails using base and top coat to stick them on. The result looks nice, but I gave me a very hard time trying not to destroy the dried strips, canceling the easy application idea of this product.

Pauline Pattonville, TX

Good, but thinner than ones say with Glitter or Pearlescence

I had used the All-a-Flutter the first time, because it was pearlized the strip was a little thicker than these and easier to apply, but they were just a bit too light for me at least this time of year. (Winter) Still application was fairly easy, and I discovered with these that if I accidentally used a strip that was too narrow, I could use the other side of the strip or another strip if the other side gets messed up and just apply it flush with the side that needs covering. Buff with my finger and it was fine.I haven’t used the Girl Flower yet, but I find these do last as long as they say with a top coat (you may not need it, I just feel more comfortable with it)I mostly use my finger to buff, I only use the orangewood stick on my cuticles and the edges of the strips. It doesn’t give as clean an edge as I would like but only I notice it, no one else does. I’ve posted pics and because of the closeup you’ll see what I mean.

Lina Virgin, UT

Easy to apply, Chip Badly

I love these nail trips because of how cute and easy to apply they are. They look nicer than nail polish and are much simpler. The only issue that I have with them is the fact that they chip easily and only last for 3-4 days. I’ve found that applying a clear coat over the applied strip helps, but they could still be better in terms of durability.

Sheila Byromville, GA

Really loads of fun!

I’ve been using this product for over a year. Actually, I quite literally just finished doing my nails five minutes ago with Girl Flower. This is why I love this product so much. I can do my nails and IMMEDIATELY get on the computer to work. No waiting. No BS. No chips for 5 days.A few fun tips I wanted to share for using these strips:- Use a top coat! Must Must Must. The manicure lasts SO much longer if it is coated in a high-quality polish. My favorite clear top coat for these is Sephora by OPI. It is heavy duty enough to protect the manicure, yet thin enough to go under any loose bits of nail decal.- The ones with a white backing (i.e. Girl Flower and Fly With Me) look awesome if you use a jelly polish as a top coat. I applied OPI’s “Last Friday Night” (from the Katy Perry collection) to my present Girl Flower manicure. It adds a bit of additional depth and sparkle to the finished product.- If you’re handy with manicure scissors, there is enough nail decal in one single package (1/2 the box of the regular Sally Hansen retail packaging, or 1/4 of the box advertised) to do sport-length nails and a complete pedicure. There is one strip that is obviously for a big toe. You can cut that in half to do that toe, and use the one or two nail strips that don’t fit your hands to do the remaining four toes. It’s easier than it sounds!Thanks to Amazon and good sales at the drug store, I’ve gotten this product inexpensively time and again. I’d recommend it to anyone that doesn’t work in a corporate environment. Even if you do work in a corporate environment, the strips are simply too fun not to play with. If nothing else, do your toes!

Angel Alberta, MN

Fun product!

These were so easy to use! They stayed on over a week. Very easy to take off with nail polish remover.

Laverne Crawfordsville, IN


These are very easy to use, just make sure to follow the instructions that come inside the box along with the tools you need. It includes the file and that stick (cuticle pusher) that professional manicurists use. The only additional thing you will need is the nail polish remover and cotton to make sure there are no oils left on your nails to ensure proper adhesion.I used these on both my fingernails and toe nails, and the ones on my toes lasted about 10 days with very minor chipping and the ones on my hands lasted about 6 days (with frequent handwashing). Removing them is trickier but not rocket science, you just need a good amount of nail polish remover on your cotton ball and a good deal of rubbing, it feels exactly like removing about 3 layers of nail polish.I am having so much fun with these! The designs are so cool, compliments abound when I use these!

Sadie Hurlock, MD

These are great!

The Sally Hansen polish strips are great. They take a bit of time to apply (about an hour) but once they are on, I top them with a clear coat and they last for two weeks. I wore them on the beach, in and out of the ocean, for 10 days and they looked freshly applied.

Opal Gladbrook, IA