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Sally Hansen Salon Effects Value Twin Pack – Booty Camp / Collide-O-Scope


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Fun nails!

The twin value pack of Sally Hansen Salon Effects is a great value on Amazon. Though my nails are somewhat long, I was able to do both hands with one set, leaving me enough for a future application. These are surprisingly easy to apply. Just follow the directions and make sure you buff lightly and clean your nails thoroughly with nail polish remover before attaching the strips. My nail beds are small so the strips were a bit large, but I was able to remove excess from the sides with the pointed tip of the orange stick that’s included. Make sure you use the blunt end to smooth the strip to avoid wrinkles and bubbles. I finish with two coats of top coat to add shine and protection. My last set lasted about 10 days and I got tired of them before they were badly chipped. The adhesive is a bit difficult to remove. Best to use remover with acetone. Nails are left in great condition!

Vera Germantown, OH

Cute + Not as Smelly as Ordinary Nail Polish

I got these for my Mom who has breast cancer and is undergoing a year’s worth of chemo. If you’ve ever been around anyone who is having chemo then you probably know that it discolors finger and toenails. It also makes you much more sensitive to smells.My Mom really likes these alot. They are fairly easy to use and though they do have a bit of polish smell, it’s lots less than regular nail polish so it doesn’t set off nausea the way regular polish can.These are so cute and a nice change from just plain polish. Once you use them a few times and get used to how they have to be applied, they go on fairly quickly with the added bonus of no drying time.Both my Mom and I found that they last longer and adhere better if, after you apply them, you avoid immersing your hands in warm/hot water, even with rubber gloves on, for a few hours after applying.These were a great price too.

Katy Grimes, CA


Love these!They are so easy to use. They last for days and they save me trips to the nail salon where I have to endure long waits.

Therese Clines Corners, NM

sally hansen salon effects

This product is great for easy application & long wear without having to mess with nail polish. It just takes a little time & patience to use. The company is a great company to deal with. I would recommend them highly.

Josephine Lester Prairie, MN

Great price, fun product.

Nail art without the salon price or having to have art skills. Colorful, vibrant "polish" without the bottle. Good for one time use lasts about 4-5 days on active hands, possibly longer if non-active diva. Once you figure out best method for you, you can apply in 5 to 10 minutes if perfectionist.

Judy Blanford, IN