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Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips, Fly with Me, 16 Count

Sally knows nails are the best accessory. Introducing Sally Hansen salon effects, real nail polish strips that gives you a salon fashion manicure anytime, any place. It wears like nail polish because it is nail polish. There is no dry time so you’re ready to go. Salon effects lasts up to 10 days and removes easily with nail polish remover. Just peel, apply and file. Accessorize your nails with neons, glitters, and high fashion patterns with salon effects-24 fashion-forward styles to choose from.

Key features

  • Real nail polish strips no dry time lasts up to 10 days removes with nail polish remover- 24 fashion-forward styles
  • No dry time
  • Lasts up to 10 days
  • Removes with nail polish remover

Honest reviews


Great product when used properly/successfully

Stick on nail polish is nothing new, but the designs offered are too unique to pass up. I followed the instructions but added a few more steps of my own that I feel helped. After preparing my nails I applied a base coat, allowing it to dry before tackling the strips. A sticky base coat might be helpful for those who have had trouble with this product previously. This product seemed to perform better when at room temperature and with warm hands for better stretch and flexibility.I laid out the sizes for each nail. I removed the clear plastic covering and protective backing before pulling off the ‘tab’ and applying. I pressed firmly for a few seconds at the cuticle/base of my nail before gently pulling the end of the strip to the very edge of it. With the pad of my thumb/finger from the opposite hand I smoothed the strip down. This is where having warm hands really helps.Instead of filing around the cuticle and around the edge of the nail as the instructions suggested, I took the pointed end of the enclosed cuticle stick, dipped it lightly in polish remover, and drew it around my cuticle as close as I could get. That area of the strip should gently pull right off the skin around the cuticle. I did the same remover technique at the edge. I used the fine grit of the enclosed file for any rough spots. I finished off with a clear top coat.Some of the strips didn’t fit along the sides so I made patches using the discarded tabs and scraps. The cheetah pattern is diverse enough that patches are not visibly seen unless directly close up.Days later, I managed to gouge this polish during a home repair. I buffed down the edges of the gouge with the enclosed file, cut a patch from a kept scrap, and attached it to the gouge using a tiny bit of clear polish (don’t forget to smooth the edges of the patch when dry if needed). The repaired nail gets another coat of clear.Lengthy explanation but the compliments and rewards are well worth it. The biggest benefit is that this polish is instantly dry, albeit the topcoat. Of course I had trouble and was angrily frustrated, but by the fourth nail I figured it out and added my own techniques. I hope this helps. I have bought 2 more boxes of Kitty Kitty for future use.You can also find Sally Hansen polish strips at Kroger, Wal-Mart, Target, CVS-RiteAid-Walgreens for a few dollars cheaper and with a coupon.Update: The instructions that accompany the box says to toss any open, leftover strips. This is because it is a lacquer that has literally been printed onto a thin plastic sheet and will dry out. The printed lacquer becomes brittle and uncooperative for future use. Place these leftovers in a snack zip lock bag after you’ve finished with your nails. Don’t forget to press the air out of it before sealing and keep it out of sunlight (the UV will contribute to its deterioration). This helps keep it usable for a short time, but no guarantees.Also, my experience with removal (off acrylic nails) has been mildly time consuming. It seems you need one fully saturated cotton ball of polish remover per nail, each applied for a few seconds or more before actively wiping away and with pressure. This polish was able to last 3 weeks on my acrylics.For those that are still having a hard time, please try the following–
• Have the product at room temperature, your hands a dry warmth. The type where others have held your hand before and remarked how warm they are.
• Your nails are shaped and tip edges have no leftover nail fuzz underneath from moving back and forth with the nail file. Most information gathered from some of the beauty magazines I’ve read suggest you file in one direction or from side to tip.
• Cuticles are pushed back and any cuticle remnants on your nail buffed off. There should be a micro fine space between the cuticle and strip, no overlap.
• Your nails are clean, dry, and oil free. Use a sticky base coat if you have oily nail beds or have had problems with this product adhering.
• Use a topcoat. Be thorough. Get as close to the cuticle as you can without touching and cover down to the nail tip with a little under the edge.
• If you have trouble with removal, check to see how old your polish remover is as some of the ingredients evaporate over time.Saturate your cotton and press onto your nail for a few seconds before wiping. This gives the remover some time to seep into the polish and loosen it.

Tommie Lennon, MI

For those who are giving it low stars…

Okay, for the people who have not tried this product and want to give it a go, i will say, PLEASE do, because you will fall in love with it and seriously, like they say, once you go Nail Strips, there’s NO GOING BACK (of course u will have to eventually go back to nailpolish because of different colors etc, but i mean these strips are so good and comfy and easy that if they came in every shade, color, print, style, then you would definitely NEVER go back to nail polish).I would like to say to the people reading the 1 star reviews of the people. Seriously, those people must not be the sharpest tool in the shed or they must be 10 year old girls who can’t get it right. The product is fine. It is perfect. I am not giving it a 5 star because i think they definitely need to come up with more designs, like lines or whatever, they have a very limited design/color. Also, the shelves are always empty, i guess there isn’t enough of the product sent to the stores.Anyhow, the people that are complaining of this product being this and that are people who DO NOT KNOW how to use it. If the nail strip seems too big for your finger, then you have to actually stick it on to your nail bed and if you press with with your finger onto the bed, then it will stick (but you have to make sure not to fidget with it too much. Regarding the excess that is on your fingers etc, all i do is sort of “cut” it with my nails that do not have the product on it and it just slips off, you pull off the part that you cut with your nail and it easily comes off.It definitely has no side effects. This lasts MUCH LONGER THAN REGULAR NAIL POLISH for me. Also, i dont know if it’s just me but i feel my nails “feel” stronger while i have these on. There is definitely no chipping etc as others have said here.To end, you must have COMMON sense to use these.They do have a bit of strange smell/odor when u take them out of packaging and put em onto your nailbed, but it goes away after an hour or so.SO, yes, these are good, you HAVE TO TRY THEM!Good luck.

Hollie Lexington, AL

sally really nailed it with these strips!!

i’ve seen these at the stores for awhile now but i never gave it a thought since they seemed silly. however, a friend of mine just raved on and on about it so i decided to give it a shot. my first reaction was that they are a little expensive. i purchased mine from cvs and it was approx ten dollars a package. they come in a variety of colors and patterns; i bought the houndstooth.sixteen strips come in a package and they’re assorted in size so you can pick the appropriate strip to your nail shape. i trimmed a few of them with scissors for a more precise fit. you want to make sure the nail is clean and free of polish before you start. it comes with a small nail file and wooden stick so you can shape your nails and push back your cuticles. i was really surprised how well the strips adhered to the nail. i thought for sure the sides would peel back especially after showering and washing my hands. i’m on day two and they still great. tip: i used the extra strips on my toes (just cut the remaining strips in half).i think the patterns are more forgiving so if you’re a sloppy, that’s ok. personally, if i want to do a solid color, i can do a better job with traditional polish and it’s much cheaper. overall, i’m very pleased with this product and i’ll definitely buy them again!!

Brigitte Amawalk, NY

Good product after a little practice

I bought these because I’m much too inept to paint designs on my own nails, and manicures are expensive. I purchased both the zebra print and the “Raise a Glass.”Overall, these were great. They’re easy to apply, and almost always stick on the first try. The strips are long enough that you can cut them in half and get 32 strips, enough for two manicures. This makes them worth it, at least to me. The zebra pattern was fun and I got lots of compliments. The gold ones were very pretty. Each lasted nearly two weeks with no chips, and a few days longer with minor ones. They were very easy to remove, since hot water and some polish remover loosened them, allowing me to peel them right off.They do take a little practice, however. Even now, when I’ve used them multiple times, one usually just won’t stick right and I have to redo it. This is fine with me, since extras are included.Helpful tips: Cut each in half and lay them in order. Then peel off the upper layer. Buff each nail clean, then peel the backs off the strips and press. The trick to is use the white side of the nail file included to really press down the strips, and use the stick provided to roll out any bubbles and seal them on. If you find that they peel in the front, use the rough side of the file to really get off any excess that might snag and peel the strips off.

Rosalyn Villanova, PA

Awesome and long lasting, but killed my nails after!

I thought this product worked great! It lasted long and looked wonderful for at least 2 weeks! But after I removed the strips from my hands with polish remover, my nails became MUCH more brittle. I have always had nails that are strong and grow fast, and have never had an issue with nail growth. Now, my nails can’t grow one week before breaking all the way down the base. I don’t think i’ll be using this product again, which is sad, because they are very pretty. 🙁

Petra Hensonville, NY

No good

Salon effects are one of my beauty must haves. This Olof however, didn’t work for me. It seemed thicker. Chunks peeled off almost immediately. It wasn’t user error. I use this type of polish almost exclusively. Color was also faded on top nail. I think that fault is use to light exposure in packaging. I will use this type of polish, but not this color again.

Carolyn Absarokee, MT

So Cute

These are just too cute and easy to apply. I love butterflies and all the bright colors. Purchased a couple of these.

Laurie Ramsay, MI

These are really great

A perfect manicure in a few minutes with no dry time.I do use a base coat first and a quick dry top coat but I almost alway get a full week and probably would go longer if I wanted.I have tried many differnt brands and there are only 2 that I like; Sally Hansen and Incoco. I love the little file that comes with the Sally Hansen, it’s perfect to put in my purse for those little emergencies.

Kellie Pear Valley, TX

This is not as bright

The picture is so different than what I got. It’s more of a royal blue. The bright teal is not realistic.

Eddie Lester Prairie, MN

Last for about 4 days = professional manicure

I tried my sally hansen from CVS. My first impression was that it’s pricy. Well I still think it’s pricy for a DIY manicure. But I must say the result is great. The strip looks very nice on the nail and lasted about 4 days before started chipping off. Even a professional done manicure will still only last that long, so I am happy. But I think the pricing should be a couple $ cheaper then I think i will give it a 5 stars.

Selma Coon Valley, WI

My Nails are Different

My students recommend that I try this product so that I don’t have to polish my chipped nails as often. I tried it on two nails and the strips lasted for almost two weeks. It takes more polish remover than the regular nail polish.

Carey North Uxbridge, MA

Didn’t work

I don’t know if this product was old and did not work for that reason. Lots of people told me that these were a great product and I know people who they look great on. That being said I could NOT get these to stick to my finger nails even though I completely and accurately followed the directions in the package. Also the color was really hideous in person. Somehow darker and very flat.

Therese Lower Brule, SD

Nice Nails, How Long Did It Take?

I was VERY skeptical of these nail effects strips from Sally Hansen. Then the girls at my work were trying them and I loved that way they looked. So I decided to go for it.I have never received so many compliments on my nails before at work. And they last!!! Took 20 minutes to apply. No waiting for them to dry, which I LOVE.I got the ‘Show Your Stripes’ kind. They have lasted a week so far with some chipping. Plus, my nails are growing out. Time to change… I want a different color after a week :)Have already bought again and plan to buy in the future. Just wish each box had 20 strips instead of 16. 4 more strips per box wouldn’t kill the company. Geez.

Lorie Saint Henry, OH

Suprisingly easy and quick!

This product greatly surpassed my expectations. I have a small daughter, it’s hard for me to find the time to paint my nails let alone let them dry. The no drying time instantly grabbed my attention. They are quick and easy and truly fit every nail size because of the stretch.Topped with a clear coat, no chipping or peeling for 7+ days so far.I only wish every polish company came out with these!!They truly are awesome.Look forward to new colors/designs to come!

Ronda Harlingen, TX

Works great for a person challenged with good nails

I don’t have that much time or attention to do my nails all the time. Usually when I do put color on it lasts at most about 4 days with a good top coat . These are a great solution for my busy on the go and laziness for doing my nails. The first time it was a mess, I put them on a little sidewise, or used a nail too big for my nail. Still with sloppiness they last at least a week which is a miracle for me. I put a top coat on after the third day, and reapply every three days and I can get them to just the 10 day mark.. I also put a base coat on below to start. They come off with nail polish remover, and just look great all the time for me. I also can put on at work, as they don’t have the strong smell that might bother my coworkers.I am hoping the price drops soon on these, and maybe Amazon will offer via Prime or Subscribe and Save. They are around 9.99 at all my local retailers, and is less then paying S&H; on Amazon until Amazon will offerVery happy with these nails, I truly love them and the different themes and colors!

Elizabeth Paragon, IN

No More $55 Manicures

I absolutely love this product. The lace reminded me of Chanel so I had to get it. I also make it last longer by applying a layer of Shellac Top Coat and curing it under a 9w lamp for 10 minutes. I got the idea from when I used to get Minx and my manicurist would do this with Calgel. It makes it last for 14 days without chipping. All you will see is nail growth. Absolutely amazing and so easy to use.

Julie Hennepin, IL

So much better than glitter nail polish!

I used this as an accent nail along with Essie’s Play Date. All my fingers were in the play date color and then my index finger on each hand had these frock star strips.It last me almost a week before it started to peel away (but I type a lot with work and wash my hands a ton through the day).

Kathrine Ernest, PA

Salon Quality

I purchased these in the “Squeezed” shade which looks fantastic with a tan. I’ve gotten numerous compliments on the color.I made sure to follow the enclosed instructions because I wanted to get the most out of my money, which was about $10 at the drugstore. I didn’t realize there would only be enough to do both hands one time. For the same price I could go to the salon and get a real manicure, albeit plus tip. What I loved about these is that the color is never wet so you can immediately do activities with your hands after application of the strips. Zero dry time. Very cool!A few times I had to lift up the strips off the nails and realign them. I found that occasionally I would put them on crooked. Fortunately this didn’t pose a problem.What I didn’t like is that once I had a few fingers done on the second hand it was no longer easy to peel the color off the strip because the color on my nail wasn’t yet “set” so I had to use less dexterous fingers to peel the color off. Knowing this now, I would start off doing the fingers that I don’t use to “peel” and save my thumb and index fingers for last.As for how long the nail polish lasts without chipping: it’s just like any other nail polish. I’m amazed at the other reviewers who say they have no chips at all for 2 weeks. Mine started chipping within 1-2 days, just like regular polish. Today is day 7 and they still look good from afar, but they chip just like regular polish. I’ll post a pic so you can see what they look like after one entire week.

Bonnie Concord, TX

Absolutely Great Nail Strips

These nail strips are the best I’ve even seen or used. They had a pretty easy application with great results.Pros- great quality, beautiful color, amazing low price, easy applicationCons- got stuck to the skin a little bit, didn’t last the full 10 days, so minimal chipping

Elsie Hawaiian Gardens, CA

Sally Hansen Salon Effects – Squeezed

These nail polish film applications are very easy to use and look nice when you’re done. I recommend that you read the directions and follow those, as they are clear and produce good results, but do NOT look at the pictures that go along with the directions, as they are confusing. Basically, you want to file your nails with the hot pink side of the emery board. Then, use the white (they call it gray) side of the emery board to smooth the ridges from your nail surface. After that swipe your nails with polish remover to make sure they’re clean. Find the forms that fit your nail size. I lined up mine on the surface on which I worked, so the next one was ready when I needed it, and I didn’t lose track of which one fit which nail. Peel the clear film off the top of the nail polish form. Then, peel off the backing paper from the nail polish form. Now, line the nail polish application up with your nail and, starting at your cuticle, smooth it down. SLIGHTLY stretch it over the tip of your nail, sort of tucking it under a bit, then use the light pink part of the emery board to file off the used portion. I used the orange stick to push back my cuticles during nail prep and to gently smooth the polish down on my nail surface. If your nails are short enough, you could use one form to do both of the same finger on your two hands (i.e. one form for both index fingernails, one form for both thumbnails, and so forth). I also suggest using a pair of cuticle scissors to cut the forms to fit, if you need to. Be certain to do that, BEFORE peeling off the clear cover or the backing.

Tara Waverly, IA

Very easy to apply, looks great

I don’t often do my nails, but when one of my friends mentioned Salon Effects, I just had to give it a try. All I can say is . . . wow. One package has most everything we need. Just follow the instructions: shape nails, clean with nail polish remover (not included), peel and stick, remove excess. They were so easy to apply. I didn’t have to wait for them to dry. I’ve done some pretty rough stuff since putting them on, things regular nail polish would never live through, and my nails still look great.Just one thing, I don’t know why they come in packages of sixteen. Who has sixteen fingers? I’d rather it be an even number, like ten or twenty. Now, I have six left over, which I’m told dry out eventually, since the package has been opened. Maybe these extras were meant to be just in case we make a mistake, but that’s hard to do.I’m a Salon Effects convert. Will definitely buy more in the future.__________________________UPDATE: It’s been ten days. I finally decided to remove them. They are chipped a little but they still look good. The only problem is the nail growth and a little wear near the nail bed. Nail polish took them off easily with a well-soaked cotton ball.I had saved the remaining strips from ten days ago (taped the package up in packing tape) and applied those to my toenails today. I cut them up and was able to use them on all my toenails. They were a little dry and didn’t stick as easily, but with warm hands and very warm weather, they did go on.I have discovered that cutting the strips will give me more mileage. My nails are short. 16 strips will cover 32 fingernails. Toenails are even better. I can cover three toenails with one strip.

Dorthy Sylvan Grove, KS

cute for spring and summer

I haven’t used these yet, so I can only speak to the design, and what it comes with. The flowers are so cute, and very cheerful. A file and orangestick are included. Directions are straightforward, and easy. Looking forward to we a ring as both a full manicure, and later as accent nails.

Fay Clear, AK

Not Best Salon Effects Design But Nice & Lasted 8 Days

I was excited to try these…They were easy to apply and stayed on for 8 days no problem.The design was cuter in the package than on my nails- its the same thing you see in the package but I guess on my nails it looked different.The background for the lace is too brown for me and didnt really look like lace on my nails.I tried other Salon Effects and the designs were much cuter.I was able to see them before I bought them so I knew what I was getting

Estella Morrow, GA

Fun nails, pretty easy to apply

I purchased this Sally Hansen Salon Effects “Girl Flower” nail kit because they looked like kind of a cute idea and I thought it would be fun for a change. I was prepared to spend a lot of time and have trouble getting them to look right, but they actually were pretty easy to apply. There are two sealed packets of 8 nails each in different sizes. In the picture you see in the video there’s only one packet because I used the other one. I was able to cut most of the nail stickers in half and get by using just half the pack. This was my first time using a product like this and it took me about half an hour. I think it’ll probably go faster next time.You smooth out your nails and remove any old polish or debris first. Then, using the little provided cuticle stick, carefully push back your cuticles. Then open one of the packets of nails and select a size that looks closest to your nail. Since my nails are fairly short, I was able to cut most of the nail stickers in half and use them on two nails. Your results will depend on the size and length of your nails. Next, you pull off the top plastic covering and what I did was to pull off the backing as well. Place carefully over your nail and use the little cuticle stick to push down the edges and trim off the excess. They have a little bit of stretch to them and are kind of forgiving. I used a fine metal nail file rather than the little one they provided because it was thinner and easier to use. Then I used very fine finishing file on the edge to smooth the sticker and my nail further. I only screwed up one of the stickers by putting on crooked a couple of times and then tearing it. But since I was using only half a sticker I had plenty more. Even using a larger size for one of my nails worked fine because I was able to “cut” away the excess with the cuticle stick. It was really pretty easy.I took my time which is why it took me about half an hour but I think next time it shouldn’t take more than about 20 minutes. I’ve only had them on a day, so I’ll have to come back in a week and let you know how they’re holding up. They appear to be stronger than nail polish and it’s nice that you don’t have to wait for them to dry. I did put a clear coat of polish over them since I’m not that careful with my nails and I’m hoping the clear top coat will make them last longer. Hope you enjoy the video and I hope it gives you an idea of what they look like. I think the Girl Flower pattern is a little busy, but it’s growing on me.Update 7/11/12 – It’s day 11 and these nail stickers still look good. I had some slight chipping on the edge of 2 nails and just filed the nails a little shorter to get rid of it. I wouldn’t have really had to since the pattern is busy enough that it wasn’t really noticeable. I’m seeing some growing out of my nails but other than that, they still look great. They seem stronger. I did add a second clear coat about 5 or 6 days ago to protect them.Sally Hansen Continuous Base & Top Coat 0.45 oz. I’ve gotten so many complements on these nails!Update 7/13/12 – Well, they held up 12 days with just a tiny bit of chipping on the edges of 3 of the nails. But my nails were growing out enough that it was time to do another set. They’re harder to remove than nail polish, just more remover and rubbing to get them off. I’m very happy with the product.

Flossie Belmont, TX

Glam Nails in Minutes

Well, I finally took my girls to shop for some Salon Effects strips and give it a try, and we where amazed!My Daughter used these for the first time for a holiday party. It took me a little while to get the hang of it and took a little while, but it was still better than all the time it takes for base coat, color, top coat and all the dry time. We thought this brand was a cheap one but they are really durable and easy to use.The steps are easy and the final results are amazing.We loved how easy and pretty they turn out, and whats more important I didn’t have to put pay so much! This product had no peeling or wearing off and 7 days later they still last and look great.Looking for inexpensive and easy way to make your nails look fabulous then this is the best option for you!.

Maggie Aurora, IN

I Love This Product!

I’m currently wearing Sally Hansen Salon Effects real nail polish strips in Kitty, Kitty. I bought these nail polish strips from a local CVS/Pharmacy store. This is the first time I have ever worn a patterned nail design. This Kitty, Kitty design reminds me of the Minx nail designs that you see many current celebrities wearing. I’ve never had a Minx manicure, but this is a cheaper do-it-yourself way to replicate Minx manicures. This Kitty, Kitty nail design is something I picture Olivia Blois Sharpe of Style Network’s “Jerseylicious” wearing. I’m really glad that the Sally Hansen company created this product. The instructions are easy to follow and the nail polish strips are easy to apply. All you have to do is: 1.) Use the cuticle stick to push your cuticles back. 2.) Use the mini file and buffer to file and buff your nails. 3.) Use nail polish remover to make your nails clean and smooth prior to applying the nail polish strips. 4.) Apply the nail polish strips. You just peel the strips and stick and stretch it on your nails. You can then crease and file away the overlapping nail strip remnants. 5.) Apply a clear finishing top coat. And voila! You have cool patterned nails that grab your attention and other people’s as well! One nail strip is enough per nail. So, you have six unused nail strips left. I’m really happy with these nail strips. I don’t have to worry about drips, messy applications, or figuring out how many coats of nail polish I should apply. I also bought Sally Hansen’s nail polish strips in the Check it out! design. If you want to try something different, and don’t feel like going to a nail salon to get a manicure, then try these Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips. They’re very easy to apply, and you’ll be amused and pleased by the end result!

Eileen Belfast, TN

worked really well

I am surprised how well these worked. First – I used them on my toes – not my nails. And I did use a clear base coat and top coat. Mostly because I wanted to have nail strengthener on my nails.I have been wearing them for 2 weeks now and there is not a single chip! They looks shiny and new. They are super thick and strong – and also provide complete coverage if you have any nail imperfections you need to cover up.I had no trouble getting them to stick. The strips I used I’d had for about 2 months.They did take awhile to put on. Should be much easier next time.Look forward to getting some more standard nail polish colors of these. I may give up pedicures!

Margret Sherwood, TN

They REALLY do WORK!!!

I was VERY skeptical when I initially purchased these for my 13 year old daughter…I purchased Check It Out and Girl Flower at my local CVS. The directions were a bit confusing at first, but after doing the first nail – it was easy as pie to finish the rest. The key is you have to follow the directions – begin with a clean nail, buff and file the nail, apply the salon effect strip and file again. And you’re all done.My daughter has been wearing them for the past 3 days – no chips or messed up nails. She loves them and most importantly I don’t feel like I’ve wasted good $$.

Patty Cannon Ball, ND

easy with a real salon look

I purchased a set from Target for $8.54 plus tax last Friday (it’s Sunday night now). The application was easy to do, just be sure to read and follow the directions. You will need nail polish remover as directed on the instructions to remove excess oils on your nails. Apparently this keeps the “polish” to stick on longer. The package includes a much needed cuticle pick & mini nail file. Again read the directions b/c there’s different sides to use for different parts of the nail at different times. Total time to do both my hands was about 35 minutes.The application includes 16, just enough to do your nails once and a few extras if you happen to mess up on an index finger or middle finger. I have very long and slender fingers and the application worked fine. There were enough larger applications left for people with bigger/thicker fingers. No extras that were small and tiny for me.I’ve only been wearing them 3 days (the box says up to 10 days) but so far they’ve been sticking good. No issues with chipping or peeling off. My sister-in-law saw my nails and thought I got them done at a real salon. Not bad for about $9. Of course nail polish is cheaper but I got a flowery print which was easy to apply (I have a hand tremor) and could manage to do this myself. I can no longer use nail polish without making a mess.Yes I’d recommend this product to others.

Nichole Walbridge, OH