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Sally Hansen Salon Effects 803 Purr-Fect Harmony – Avril Lavigne Design

Sally Hansen Salon Effects 803 Purr-Fect Harmony – Avril Lavigne Design

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  • Sally Hansen Salon Effects 803 Purr-Fect Harmony – Avril Lavigne Design

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Super cute

I love Salon Effects anyways…but this color rocks! I guess it’s by “Avril Lavine (sp??)”. I don’t really care other than to give her props for this being really cutie on me.

Marcie Cottage Grove, OR

love these things! read before you listen to all neg reviews!

I really love these, I have many different styles, and you can get 2 uses out of every box, or at least I can, I do have short nails though, and I use the remaining of one of the stips for the same nail on the same finger on the other hand, just put it on backwards, and it is the same thing, by backwards I mean with the ripped end facing out, after ripping it off the first nail. use the buffer file to smooth down the edges at the end of the nail, and smooth out, and push down with the orange stick. stretch these out before you apply, and that helps soo much, and you wont have chips or peeling if you do all this. it does not take but a few mins to apply these! it takes me a little bit to file and shape my nails and cuticles, but as far as applying these stips it just takes about five mins tops. I did try these out on my toes, and it worked! a little more complicated, but can be done! any questions about these just ask, I use them a lot, and LOVE them. don’t listen to all the neg reviews, but everything is not for everybody, so some people wont like stuff, ect, for me, I love these, and I think a lot of other people will as well, you just have to try them out! they aren’t to expensive, so at least give them I try, I love nails, makeup, hair products, ect, and buy way way way to much, so I do recommend this, which is a good thing! have fun with pretty nails!

Elinor Brocton, IL

Love these strips.

Great price, good quality. Not for everyone. Takes practice to use and apply correctly, Designs awesome for someone who likes "art" on the nails without having to have major skills to accomplish the look. I’ve been asked if I was wearing fake nails. Nice to get salon quality results and since I change my look often, these are great for me. Box states about 10 days wear- I get 4 to five, but I’m very active and use my hands a lot. Lasts better than polish on me and gives results I could never accomplish with polish alone. I do use a clear coat on top for extra staying power. Price better here than in stores if you are considering trying.

Sophia Lederach, PA

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Purr-Fect Harmony

I had my doubts about these press on nail polish tabs, but they work easily and look terrific. I highly recommend these.

Gail Pelican Rapids, MN

love, love, love!

i love the colors on this one. very bright and good detail. lasts about 2 weeks and love this better than nail polish.

Daisy Elk, WA