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Sally Hansen No Chip Acrylic Top Coat, 0.45 Fluid Ounce

Sally Hansen no chip acrylic top coat is an anti-chip top coat that seals nail color to a smooth, hard, high-gloss finish. Super acrylic protection against chipping. Dries quick,ly to an ultra-hard shield that resists chipping and peeling. Provides long-lasting protection to help promote stronger, more beautiful nails. Seals nail color to keep manicures fresh. Use over dry, freshly applied manicures and use between manicures to “freshen” enamel with brilliant shine.

Key features

  • Super acrylic protection against chipping
  • Seals color to keep manicures fresh acrylic formula dries to an ultra-hard shield that resists chipping and peeling provides long-lasting protection to help promote stronger nails
  • Provides long-lasting protection to help promote stronger nails

Honest reviews


Fast Shipping Wonderful product!

Fast shipping and it works great.Thank you! It does keep your nails stronger. I use it as a base coat and a top coat. I will order this again.

Marci Panama, NE

Zero stars?

First of all, don’t use this as a base coat. I did it on accident and it feathered my nails.The second time I used this product I used a regular Sally base coat, two coats of Sally polish, and this top coat. I got chips after only a few hours. Also, this top coat made the polish look weird… like it had dots in it/discoloration… it’s hard to explain but it seemed like the chemicals in the two Sally products were at war.The third time, I used a Maybelline polish and I didn’t get any weird dots or discoloration. This polish makes a nice shiny top coat, but this is supposed to be a NO CHIP polish. Doesn’t work. I got chips in less than 12 hours. I was careful to really get the edges of my nails, too.I’d be happy to find something that gave me two days of pretty nails!

Antionette Norwood, NJ

Worst nail product ever!

It made my nail polish chip! I thought that the polish was crappy because it chipped the same day! I reapplied color and “no chip” and it was worse. I had to take it all off.I’ve tried the same polish with Nailtiques 2 Plus, and I held up to TWO WEEKS!!!!

Roslyn Blackville, SC

Cracked, chipped, and peeled

Used three times with Essie, OPI, and Revlon polishes, on clean nails over base coat and two coats of color and plenty of drying time in between.Hours after application, strange cracks and stress marks formed in the polish and chipping and peeling occurred overnight.This really needs to be taken off the market…

Ivy Stroud, OK

Worse than terrible

This product has ruined at least 3 perfect home manicures I did. I bought a top coat so my nails wouldn’t chip within a few days. I certainly got what I paid for, because my polish gets weird visible cracks within HOURS of application, and then simply flakes and peels off in giant strips. I’ve never seen the effect that this product had on my polish. If not for the fact that it peeled away 3-4 different brands of polish (Revlon, Essie, NYC, and sinful), I would’ve just assumed it was the quality of the polish itself. Luckily I reused an older color that I had used before with success, and was able to determine that this was the problem. Would give it negative stars if possible.Shockingly, does not have the same effect on toes. Not sure why.

Jannie Cressey, CA

OK Product

This is just OK. Nothing to write home about. I noticed chips the next day – so it’s no different or worse than any other product I’ve tried. The seller was awesome and shipped quickly!

Jo Hardy, IA

Not ideal

There are a few things I really love about this topcoat (and as a cosmetologist, I’ve worked with more than a few topcoats). It applies well and dries fast, it’s super shiny and creates a great acrylic nail effect. If you like the acrylic nail look but don’t want to actually have false nails then this product works well. I’ve been using it over my French manicure done with Essie polish.Unfortunately, as many other reviews on this product have mentioned, this top coat has a problem with cracking. It seems to be almost too acrylic-like, and thus very brittle. It does not chip, as promised, but after a few days your polish will be so crackled – just like when furniture has that fancy antiqued crackle effect.I find it does best when you apply one single thin coat, it will last a few days and will be very tough & shiny. As your nail flexes and experiences normal wear, however, just know in advance this top coat will crack. Additional coats, in my experience, only have made the cracking worse.If they could just fix this one small issue, this would be a perfect top coat. Unfortunately because of the cracking issues I have to say there are better top coats out there. One of the best, in my opinion would be Creative Nail’s Super Shiny High Gloss Top Coat.

Christina Cohoes, NY


This top coat peels and bubbles. It is the worst top coat I have used in recent memory. I threw it away after trying to use it a few times.

Nola Libby, MT

Not what I thought…

The other night I used this “no chip” top coat over a really cute (and time consuming) design I never did before on my toes. I was SO amazed at how SHINY and NICE they looked after they were done! It looked like I got them done at a salon! The next day (not even 24hrs later) I was out and noticed a big chunk chipped right where a rhinestone was! I was SO upset after all the work I did to them and how long it took me! It was chipping off in hard glass like pieces! I came home and took it all off and used a different nail color polish because I thought the new color polish I used was the cause of all this since it was very thin and had to be layered a million times. So I used a different color polish and same design:) I was actually going to use the same “no chip” top coat again since I didn’t know it caused the chipping and was so shiny and pretty! But I figured I’d wait till the next day so my nails could fully dry over night. For some reason I decided to look up this top coat to see reviews before I put it on and WOW am I glad I did! I realized it was the “no chip” top coat that ruined my toe nails this whole time! And I was JUST about to put it over my nicely redone nails again! Looks like I’m using another top coat! WHY does this stuff say no chip if it chips quicker than anything else I’ve ever used?!? HOW did it ever get passed the people that test it?? I’m SO sick of products that don’t do what they’re supposed to do! It’s a shame because this top coat is the nicest glossiest clear coat I’ve ever used… And now I have to toss it because that glossy glass look only lasts under 24hrs! Boooo!

Marlene Helena, MO

TERRIBLE awful garbage top coat – your nails will chip within a few hours!

I’ve been doing my own nails for probably 15 years and this is by FAR the worst top coat I’ve ever purchased. Compete garbage. I do my nails in the evening and the very next day after using this top coat, more than half of my nails are chipped. My nail polish would last longer if I didn’t even use a top coat.Do NOT buy this. I will be writing a letter to the company to tell them what awful garbage this product is. Sally Hansen, I will never buy any of your products again. We’re done.

Annie Wolfe, WV