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Sally Hansen Nail Color Magnetic 906 Ionic Indigo

Sally Hansen® Magnetic Nail Color.

Key features

  • Only 1 in Pack (Ionic Indigo) Blue Color Nail Polish!
  • Sally Hansen Magnetic Color Nail Polish Ionic Indigo!

Honest reviews


Fun and Easy!!!

I purchased this nail polish at a local drug store for $9.99 so much cheaper than here on Amazon especially when shipping is added. I personally consider a $9.99 nail polish to be on the pricer side of nail polishes, but that is just me.Pros: I really enjoyed the silver color which essentially turns into black “waves” once the magnet is used. It also has a slight glitter effect but isn’t over powering glitter as some polishes have. Very easy to use when you follow the directions (second coat must be very thick, I found the thicker the coat the better the magnet effect turned out). The magnet has a raised ridge to be placed near your cuticle so the magnet doesn’t touch the actual nail color. The color is very opaque and covers nicely. A nice easy effect that gives the nails a nice nail art like result. Dries SUPER fast which I was really surprised by considering how thick your second coat is, I waited longer but could have applied my top coat within probably 10 minutes which is extremely fast for majority of nail polishes.Cons: I wish the the magnet was curved to contor the nail better as I found that while the middle of the nails had a really nice “wave” affect the sides of the nails remained mostly just the silver color. I attempted to “roll” the magnet to the sides of my nails but I didn’t see a big change by doing this. With the raised cuticle part of the magnet it is fairly easy to not actually touch the magnet to the nail but you do have to be careful as you want the magnet as close to your nail color as possible. It is recommended that you hold the magnet over your nail for 10 seconds but I found waiting 20-30 seconds gave a more intense affect. The actual bottle of nail polish is fairly small for a $9.99 or more nail polish and I expect I will go through it fairly quickly due to the thick second coat. Once you purchase the product you will see that the actual top of the nail polish is the magnet which once you remove it you will find that the brush handle (probably around the size of my thumb) is fairly small as is the brush, but I wasn’t too bothered by this but some might be.Overall I really enjoyed this product, it was easily to use, I liked the effect, it dried quickly, and was just overall a fun new item for nails. If you are into mettalic looking nail polishes would highly recommend.

Mariana Venice, FL

Not Bad At All

My daughter bough it fom Walmart for around 8 dollars. it took her a few tries to get it done and in the end, she redid all of them.. Don’t let it touch the nail….. She had shaky hands and messed up a few times. but in the end, they looked well worth it. Next time, she said that she would let someone else help her with it. She wants to go to the salon and ask someone to help her put it on. When it does, she’s getting the color green and then blue…

Viola Rutledge, GA

Golden is a misnomer

The color is actually more of a brown, but the shine is good and it reacts well to the magnet. If your nails are long, the magnet may not be long enough to give you the effect across your whole nail. Takes a bit of practice, but is nice for when I don’t want to spend the time on real nail art.

Lorie Granville, WV


This polish is a beautiful color. It is long lasting with a good top coat. Works best with 2 coats of polish. Lasts for about 10 days on nails. LOVE IT

Bethany Frankfort, KY

Takes time, but it works

I have another magnetic polish I spent almost $16 dollars on that did NOT work at all, but I saw this one in purple at Wal Mart on sale for about $8 and grabbed it.The first thing I liked before even using it is the big flat magnet and the guide, the other magnetic nail polish I have had a small magnet and no guide. This one was much easier to work with, WITH SOME TIME AND PATIENCE.Ok, first off, you NEED a good base/top coat and you need to follow the directions, otherwise this will now work. If you have bigger nails yes you will need to move the guide back and forth across your cuticle to get the wave affect across your whole nail like I had to do on my thumbs.It takes some time and practice, but the final affect/result is very awesome.It’s been about 2 days now for me and I’ve had no chips, but this is because I used a good top coat, which again is essential.Bottom line, if you follow the directions, use a good base AND top coat and have a little patience this will work.

Laura Centertown, MO

Fun stuff!

This is a really awesome idea in a nifty package. The photos can’t capture the almost "tiger-eye" aspect of this polish, the way that it shimmers and moves as you change your viewing angle. There’s a lot of depth and motion, and it’s really eye-catching. Cool idea and nice colors!

Justine Bay City, WI

Very pretty!

It is what it is and it works great, my daughter and her friends love it too! Turn the cap different directions for added fun.

Alejandra South Glens Falls, NY

So much fun

I got three shades of magnetic polish for my teenage daughter because she loves painting her nails. I was intrigued by it and generally don’t wear nail polish but decided to try the Silver Elements.Following the instructions was easy. The first thin coat was sheer enough that I wondered how well it would work, it dried very quickly. Applying the second thick coat to one nail at a time then using the magnet on it took a little more time. The overcap with the magnet has a lip to sit under the cuticle with the magnet over the nail bed.It was so neat seeing the design appear. Holding the magnet for a bit longer than a ten count created a more interesting and vivid effect. The polish is holding up fine so far and I’m pretty hard on my nails.I may get some more just for myself. This is a lot of fun. My daughter likes it a lot too.

Estela Mineral Springs, PA