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Sally Hansen Miracle, Cure for Severe Problem Nails, 0.45 Fluid Ounce

Sally Hansen miracle, cure is a professional-strengthen treatment for severely dry and brittle problem nails. 50% stronger nails in 3 days guaranteed. Stops nails from peeling. Exclusive micro-mineral formula fills in cracks to instantly strengthen and reinforce nails. Instantly stops peeling, seals the nail plate and bonds layers together. Strong moisture magnets target severe dryness with intensive moisture. Natural proteins and powerful anti-oxidants penetrate the nail to help strengthen nails from within. Laboratory data on file.

Key features

  • 50% stronger nails in 3 days guaranteed stops nails from peeling
  • Exclusive micro-mineral formula fills in cracks to instantly stop nails from peeling
  • Natural protein and super anti-oxidant formula strengthen nails

Honest reviews


Fabulous product, but use with caution

This is the only polish-type treatment that has ever really made a significant difference in my peeling nails. When I started using it in conjunction with Solar Oil on my cuticles, my nails looked even better. Beware, though; it contains formaldehyde as well as a host of other toxic chemicals. When you wear the polish, you are absorbing those chemicals through your nails, and every time you eat with your hands, you’re eating them too. If you prepare food, hand your dog a treat, etc., you’re getting small amounts of formaldehyde in everything, and this is obviously not an ingredient that you want your family or your dog eating. I highly recommend this product for its results, but I think the chemicals are dangerous. Once your nails are repaired, you might want to switch to a nail product that is less injurious to your health. Solar Oil is not toxic, and it strengthens nails by repairing your cuticles. The health food store has nail products without toxic chemicals. Everything toxic you consume and absorb goes to your liver.

Jodi Kake, AK

Not so great – anymore

I have always had thin nails that peeled at the tips. No matter what I tried, nothing really worked. I had used a different product, Nailtiques, but it’s never in stock anywhere. I gave this a try instead.This dries to a hard, gel-like surface. I can layer three coats of this, before I remove it with remover. This cost around $8.Problems: continued use of this product dried out my nails and the quality of my nails actually deteriorated and the peeling increased! The product gets very thick very quickly, so it’s not really a bargain after all, since I had to throw it out after half the bottle was used.I will stick with Nailtiques – Formula 2.

Myrna Briggsville, WI

Be Wary! USE CAREFULLY, 1 week on, 3 weeks off for thin nails

All formaldehyde nail products work if not over used. For people with very thin, peeling nails you can wind up with a worse problem after a few weeks. Best to do a one week on, three weeks off program. I use no more than once every eight weeks. Formaldehyde works by binding the nail keratin fibers of the nail, but over-use leads to extreme drying of the nail bed. Then after a few weeks of what looks like a great response, the nails will begin to peel even worse. I spent months correcting for over use. (Finally got better with DermaNail the dermatologist recommended.) A little is good, but be wary. Also nails need heavy moisturizing at least twice a day, even more for thin, peeling nails.

Rocio Oolitic, IN

Better then what reviews indicate

“Kind of freaky, it soaks into the nail at the same time sits on tops of the nail strengthen it” Seems like she really likes it.

Mildred Arp, TX

Seems to work.

My manicurist was impressed how the product stayed on my nails. Waiting to give the entire bottle a good try.

Janelle Picabo, ID

gel nails

I absolutely love this as a top coat sure you can use it by it self to treat your nails but honestly my nails are long and strong my friend has this and i was playing around with it on my nails i love that its a thick consistency like gel nail polishes without having to cure them and all thatit works well for the purpose that i use it for

Callie Ocotillo, CA

Pretty Good!

I had a split running down the middle of my nail that caught on everything, ripping it down to the quick. As soon as I used this, the split sealed up and hasn’t ripped. My nail has even grown above the quick in the 2 weeks I have been using this. I used to get gel applications as the salon to help me with the split in my nail, but that got to be too expensive. I would recommend giving it a try if you have problem nails. Just a minor complaint I have with this product. After application, tiny little bubbles form preventing a clear look.

Earnestine Divide, MT

Better than expected!

This has proven more effective than expected! There are chronic medical conditions that can cause thin, brittle fingernails that have those vertical ridges. For those who have damage from acrylic/artificial nails, this might be a simple answer. Certainly worth trying! Please be aware that this product does contain two forms of Acetate and Tosylamide/Formaldehyde Resin . . . as with any skin/nail care products, be sure to check the ingredients and do a single nail ‘patch test.’

Brandy Saratoga Springs, NY

healthy nails

This product is good because if you put it on under your nail polish it strengthens your nails and when your nails are strong they are less likely to bend, which chips paint. Also, with this clear polish as a barrier, red and black nail polishes come off easier without staining the nailbed and cuticles.

Robbie Stockville, NE


Before trying this I read reviews on it and seen nothing but bad comments…. so I tried other products but still hung onto it. Well, nothing worked!! My nails needed help BAD! Then I remembered I had this and decided to use it thinking it wasn’t going to help like everything else! It has worked WONDERS!! After a few days my nails were a lot stronger!! It dries quick and as long as you put it on kinda thin it doesn’t chip! Its strong stuff! I LOVE it and am going to use it for now on!! I’ve learned to NOT read reviews on anything anymore because it’s pointless! Just try stuff yourself and see what YOU think of it! Everybody’s different and has different opinions! All I know is this product worked great for me!! TRY IT!!

Natalia Thompson Ridge, NY


My first bottle was empty and I was so disappointed! But Amazon sent me a new bottle immediately with no fuss and this bottle is just right. I really love this product, and Amazon is awesome as always!!! Original Review: “This is the first time I have been so unhappy with an item purchased from Amazon. I opened the bottle and it’s empty. There is no product inside! On top of that, when I attempted to return the item, I am not able to! So, I have been charged for an empty bottle of nail polish! Not sure what else I can say, empty says it all!”

Deena Kiowa, OK

nail products

I have yet to find a product that strengthens my nails to any degree. This product is o.k. as far as nail products go. My nails are soft and there does not seem to be any product that will work as well as I want it to. I’m sure this product is fine for many people.

Allene Uniontown, AL

Good strong protection for your nails

I’ve never written a review for a nail product before, but I’ve been using this for several months and it’s the only product of this type that has ever made a difference in my nails. I’ve tried so many other nail repair products in the past and they never seemed to be much better than plain old nail polish. This one has made a difference.I’m pretty hard on my nails between gardening and washing my hands a gazillion times a day. As a result, my nails tend to peel or break easily. I needed something to protect them. I usually wear two coats of this polish and it stays on close to a week. That in itself is a miracle for me! It makes my nails feel hard instead of thin and they are much less likely to break even when cleaning or treating them roughly. I sometimes put a layer or two of colored polish over it which works fine.I’m sold on this product and will continue to buy it in the future.

Berta Hawkinsville, GA

Newer Version Does Not Contain Formaldehyde

This polish is a new experience. As one reviewer said, it does seem to soak in as well as sit on top. I could feel it and when it dried, I saw no sign of the dry, peeling areas I know my nails currently have. I bought this at a local drugstore as an emergency treatment for having committed the unpardonable sin of peeling off my nail polish. Took quite a bit of nail plate with it. I knew I was doing wrong but just couldn’t seem to stop myself.Anyway, the box even says that it is free of the big three so don’t be scared to try it simply because it used to contain formaldehyde. But keep in mind, this is a strengthener, not a hardener. My nails are not hard but they are flexible. Even without the abuse I just put them through, my nails are somewhere between hard and soft but they are dry with areas of sometimes severe peeling. They also have vertical ridges and one of them has started to split vertically even though I don’t see much of a ridge in the area. Acetone does tend to dry them out, which is why I try to use something less harsh unless I’m taking off glitter. I’ve used other products that are supposed to be moisturizing but I can still see the dry, peeling areas after application. This is the first time my nails actually look healthy and whole. I’m anxious to see just how long they’ll grow using this.It’s doubtful that this will permanently heal the dry, peeling areas. Nails are dead once they see daylight so repair has got to take place before the nail actually forms. This is more likely a product to be used on a continual basis or whatever problems the product is helping will likely return if it’s no longer being used.For now, though, I’m loving this stuff and thankful that there is a way of protecting my poor, abused nails while the damage grows out.Update: 04/16/13 – I can now say that this product works just like it says it does but there is one catch – you have to continue using it or your nails will revert to their old ways. Which is fine for me because I always use two coats of base coat anyway so I just make this one the first base coat then put my sticky base coat on top.Once my nails got as long as I thought I wanted, I did stop using it. As soon as I did that, they started peeling and breaking again. In fact, if I don’t put it right back on after removing my old polish, the next time they are expose to water for more than a simple hand washing, the trouble starts. Sometimes even after the simple hand washing.Also, it does tend to thicken up as you use it but polish thinner fixes that right up.I’m still loving this product for the protection it gives my nails but be aware that it will not change your nails permanently. Only proper, consistent care can do that.

Jayne Lott, TX

So far so good

Have only been using for a few days, but so far it has been great, time will tell if my nails will finally grow out,I had artificial nails for way over 25 years, finally got tired of the trip for fills and have been working on growing out my nails I only have 3 or 4 nails still give me problems after having them off for 1 year. I would buy again

Alice Douglas, AK

Not bad

I’ve been doing something things like moving big boxes which would normally chip my nails, but they still look good. I still get a little peeling at the edge, but it’s not as bad as before I started using this product.

Esther Troy, WV