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Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat 3460 Clear

Sally Hansen mega shine is an extended-wear top coat. Keeps manicures beautiful up to 10 days. Dries in just 60 seconds. Advanced formula dries your manicure from top to bottom in just 60 seconds-no more smudges. Fuses and seals all your manicure layers into one powerful protective shield that resists chipping, cracking, peeling and damaging moisture. Micro-diamonds add mirror shine and strength.

Key features

  • Keeps manicures beautiful up to 10 days
  • Dries in 60 seconds no more smudges
  • Fuses and seals manicure layers into one powerful protective shield

Honest reviews


~Brilliant Glossy Smooth Nails~

I purchased this and my expectations weren’t high. I was thinking it would dry my polish faster and that’s about it! I was sooo wrong! This polish is so amazing!!! Not only does it dry my color polish faster but my nails look like I just left the salon!!..Actually to me they look better than some salons that I’ve been to! My nails look so glossy and they feel so smooth when I run my fingertips over them!. I hope Sally Hansen keeps on making Mega Shine b/c I love this product and it’s saving me tons of money by not having to go to the nail salon!

Kristen Rayne, LA

nailed it

sally hansen is the best for natural or fake nails, salon care and better at home!sally hansen is the best

Tonia Metcalf, IL

Big Gloss

I love, love shiny nails and this does the trick. Gets thick quickly otherwise I would have given it 5 stars.

Sylvia Kamay, TX


i bought this to replace my seche vite. it smells 3x worse but it doesnt work nearly as well. it also gummed up after 5 uses.

Natasha Woodbridge, NJ

Smells toxic, works WONDERFULLY.

Love this stuff. One of The Best nail products ever. It only lost a star because the smell is truly horrible and near toxic. The reviewer who described the smell as "3X worse than regular polish" was pretty much dead on. However, it works!!! I am ridiculously rough on polished nails, and incredibly impatient about drying them. This cures both ills. My polish lasts at least 3 times as long with this product, and it looks significantly more professional. I’m able to use this to do my nails at the end of the day, and then go to bed a reasonable 30 minutes later without any smudging. Genius. Worth the stink, but I DO recommend using in a well ventilated room.Do abide by the instruction to apply "one THICK coat."

Mayra Atwater, MN

Extends Manicure and Shine –DEPENDING ON WHERE PURCHASED

Sally Hansen Mega Shine Nail Treatment is a wonderful top coat to use to prevent nail polish from chipping in a a few days. I use it as a top coat on my nails when I do my manicure. The following day, I apply another coat. It also makes your polish shine. If I use Creative Nail Sticky Base Coat and wear gloves when washing dishes, my nail polish usually doesn’t chip until after 6 to 7 days. It takes longer to dry than stated on bottle. I recommend this product.UPDATE: The above review was made on product purchased at Walgreen’s.Sally Hansen Mega Shine Treatment purchased from Universe Trading is actually VERY inferior to the same product I have purchased from Walgreen’s and Plenty Cosas (seller on Amazon). I wanted to make sure my review was accurate so I used the product purchased from Universe Trading several times. Rather than the normal wearing at the tips of nails and chipping 5 To 7 days after manicure, I would look down and all of the polish was gone from the entire nail. This would start happening as early as 2 days after manicure. Sometimes I would find the polish in the shape of my nail on the floor. This is worst than a small chip. The product from Plenty Cosas has been on my nails for 7 days; and I washed windows and doors on yesterday. I have one nail with a chip and only one with above normal wearing at the ends. I purchased my last two bottles at a Walgreen’s location a few days ago for $3.49 each. This item isn’t always in stock at Walgreen’s and I have never seen it in a Walmart store. I will throw away two new bottles and a partially used of Mega Shine that I ordered from Universe Trading. Well, we live and learn.

Shelby Dunkirk, OH


Sally Hansen has really come into it’s own in the last few years; it used to be really cheap and that’s no longer the case but this particular ‘shine’ is great–great shine and evens your nails out if you use it for under your first coat of polish.and give a finished shine on top of the last coat of whatever you’re using. Good to have!

Jennie Delavan, WI