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Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Daily Nail Growth Program 2115 Clear

Sally Hansen maximum growth is a growth treatment that reinforces soft, bitten, weak or thin nails. Visible results in 1 week. Powerful protection for short, problem nails against splitting and peeling. Exclusive silk protein formula gives problem nails the strength, protection and flexibility they need to grow. Creates a strong foundation for visibly longer, stronger, more beautiful nails in just 1 week.

Key features

  • Visible results in 1 week powerful protection for short problem nails
  • Exclusive silk protein formula gives problem nails the strength, protection and flexibility they need to grow
  • More flexible nails bend instead of breaking, so nails can grow longer and stronger

Honest reviews


Did nothing

This product did nothing to help grow my nails. In fact when I took it off with nail polish remover my nails started to grow almost immediately. So I’m avoiding using it unless I am going to use it as a base coat but since it didn’t help my nails grow I feel that I may just throw it away and accept a loss. Too bad. I was hoping it would help.I had the polish on my nails for a solid 2 weeks. And during that time my nails barely grew at all. I was thinking it was just that I had quit biting my nails and the immediate growth was over with. I was wrong. I don’t recommend this nail polish to help grow your nails. Save your money.

Michaela East Boston, MA

Excellent formula that always produces results…

I have been using Sally Hansen since I was in high school (I am in my mid 30’s). I just recently purchase more at my local Target for around the same price. The Maximum Growth is and has been one of those products I always come back too. It is an excellent top and base coat. I love the natural shine it gives my natural nails (I only wear clear polish). I start to see exceptional results in about 2 weeks, around 1 week the difference is noticeable. I change my polish weekly to keep it fresh and my nails looking presentable. I get the most compliments and best results on my nails when I’ve been using this product.

Janet Stennis Space Center, MS

Worked for me!

This stuff worked wonders for me. I followed the instructions exactly. It helps keep my soft nails from peeling, and a lot less expensive than the salon. My nails just don’t grow without this stuff. I’m a huge at-home beauty nut, so this is a favorite product of mine. My mom and sister both use this regularly as well and enjoy great results. I’m considering pairing it with Hair, Skin & Nails for even better results. If you’re considering this, then give it a try!

Meghan Benton, KS

This is the only growth polish that works for me

My nails are thin and they crack easily. Not only that, but I wash dishes and wash my hands so often, the water often makes them worse. However, I’ve found my little miracle when it comes to healthy nails. I’ve tried every other green tea nail polish out there, and every polish that claims it will make your nails grow… And Sally Hansen’s Maximum Growth is the only one that’s actually done what they say it will do. I redo my nails about every two weeks, and I always – ALWAYS – use one coat of this as a base coat and then proceed with whatever design I plan to do. This would have been my fourth bottle, if I didn’t receive it broken in the mail. Amazon promptly refunded me though. But that will not stop me from purchasing it. I just need to buy it at the store like I’ve been doing.

Tameka Magnetic Springs, OH

Sally Hansen is my BFF!

I have used many sally hansen products and I just love them all.My nails normally grow a good amount. But with this it made them stronger and a bit more longer than normal.I love it.I am almost out and need to repurchase.

Alisha Hortonville, WI


So i started using this product and my nails became longer and stronger. But I notice my nails are a bit yellow 🙁 I’m wondering if anyone else who has used this product has had the same problem?? I love how strong and long my nails are but I’m not too happy about the stained look they have now 🙁

Gayle Soquel, CA