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Sally Hansen Kwik Off Nail Color Remover with Vitamin E and Aloe, 5.1 Fluid Ounce

Sally Hansen® Kwik Off® Moisturizing Nail Polish Remover. Vitamin E & aloe/Vitamin E & aloe vera. For dry, brittle nails. Fast & easy. Dip, twist, remove.

Key features

  • Innovators in everything beauty; from hand, foot and body care to lip treatment and quality beauty tools.
  • Nail Color for more beautiful nails and a more beautiful you

Honest reviews


Polish remover

This was a bit disappointing as I thought I was getting two jars and only received one. It works fine, but won’t last for long.

Olga Clarksville, PA

A definite repeat!

As I was curious to see if this particular product would work, I purchased it at the grocery store. I works very well! I live where is very dry, so, my hands get very dry, especially after removing nail polish. The way this particular product works, without leaving the tips of your finger and your nails feeling dry, is beyond me. So, I will purchase again, because it even removes heavy glitter nail polish.

Rochelle Nemaha, IA

this stuff works great!

Fast, easy and smells okay. I can’t believe it takes the polish off so fast. I only wonder how fast will the container collect the polish? I will purchase again. I recommend you give it a try. Price is good, too.

Ana Shepherd, MT

It is leaky

The formula seems pretty garden variety, perfectly acceptable remover. It does have a marginally better scent than some removers but it is still a cloying chemical smell covered by some sort of powerful perfume which will give you a headache if you don’t wash your hands all the same. But it is a good remover and I like these sponge removers.The only objection I have with this and the reason I will not be buying it again is because the cap leaks even if you screw it on very tightly every time. Obviously you want to be careful with any remover but you do want to be able to have faith in the cap. For me this is the sort of thing that ends up laying around my night stand over night and if it gets somehow knocked over by cats, children, or clumsiness it will leak and it will damage pretty much anything it happens to leak on. If you are like me and like to keep this thing laying about then this can end in disaster. I would also imagine that having a leaky lid would contribute to evaporation. I do feel like I had to refill it quickly but I’m not sure if I noticed that because I expected to or not.It isn’t just the one I ordered either, it is something I have observed over the course of 2 jars of it until the 2nd jar caused permanent damage to my floor and I decided I would not get any more. I suppose if you have a very secure place to keep it then you will have very little risk. However it only takes one slip up to cause disaster.However, there is nothing wrong with the formula itself.

Sierra Green Ridge, MO

Not very nice

This in my opinion is a rip off sort of. The sponge is so very soft it’s hard for it to grip your nails or grip the polish and take it off. Plus it takes up half the jar and the polish remover is only half way filled in the jar. The sponge hardly worked in removing the nail polish, my guess is because it was too soft. If it was a grittier sponge it may have worked better. I just use old wash clothes to take off nail polish usually, it works best in my opinion. The polish remover wasn’t bad, it worked nicely though I think it smelled stronger than most other brands I’ve used.I would not recommend this. You can get more for less, the sponge doesn’t work well etc I’ll stick with bottles of nail polish remover.

Nadine Nunam Iqua, AK