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Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover, 1 Fluid Ounce

Sally Hansen instant cuticle remover is a cuticle and callus-busting gel. Dissolve dry cuticles in 15 seconds. Cuts manicure time in half. Revolutionary gel formula helps break down excess cuticles. Helps condition and soften dry, rough cuticles. Soothes hangnails. Great for calluses too.

Key features

  • Dissolve dry cuticles in 15 seconds
  • Great for calluses too this revolutionary formula helps break down excess cuticles in seconds and contains moisturizing aloe and chamomile to help condition and soothe
  • This revolutionary formula helps break down excess cuticles in seconds and contains moisturizing aloe and chamomile to help condition and soothe

Honest reviews


Keep looking

Disappointing. I was excited to use tihs products after reading the reviews; however, it did not remove my cuticles. I used a cuticle stick to push them back along with the Sally Hansen’s, but to no avail. I have used other Sally Hansen products and liked them. I do have thick cuticles. Maybe this products works better on cuticles not as tough and ragged as mine. I’ll keep looking for something better for me.

Latonya Roosevelt, TX

A must

A quick way to make your cuticles go away, just apply and use a cuticle stick to push the cuticle back after a few seconds. You don’t have to use much at a time, so the bottle will last long.

Arlene Santa Rita, GU

Cuticle care heaven

The best I have ever bought on line for my entire nail care collection.I set it on my cuticle area for 30 sec and used wood stick and it all removed dried cuticle so easy.I was also very impressed with the effect on my toe nails too.I did soak off process after gelish, and they were looking awful right after that.I didn’t even wash my feet to use this product,and I was stunned how clean it looked after all.I’ll definately come back to buy this over and over.

Myrtle Frisco City, AL

Doesn’t remove cuticles, but makes them easier to push back

I’ve used this about once a month for the last 6 months. It doesn’t remove the cuticles, but it does make them much easier to push back with an orange stick. Also, it makes the skin around my nail softer, too. I do have to work quickly though in a mad rush so that it’s not on my nails for more than a minute. Even when I work quickly, my nail layers start peeling at the tip of the nail. Peeling nails is a problem for me but this cuticle “remover” makes it 5x worse, so I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing. As it is, I’m trying to avoid using this cuticle remover, and instead I’m just pushing my cuticles back as best I can after taking a shower (which does a decent job of softening them). If you don’t suffer from peeling nails and you’re looking for something to soften your cuticles so you can push them back easily, you might be pretty happy with this stuff.

Mildred Guntown, MS

Doesn’t work

This product didn’t work for me. The first time I used it I left it on for the time stated and nothing happened. The next time I left it on for double the time and still nothing. I’m going back to cuticle nippers.

Mavis Cordova, AL

Works great but don’t keep it on longer than they recommend

Don’t more than once a month, either. I get nasty hangnails all around my cuticles if I make that mistake.

Rosanna Republican Grove, VA


Used to get manicures *just* to have my cuticles taken care of. Thanks to this, I no longer have to get regular manicures. This stuff is saving me $25 (with tip) every 6 weeks.

Lacey Trenton, ND


Just recently i have become a nail fanatic and im obsessed with taking care of my nails. This product works so well and removes the dead cuticles in seconds. I would recommend using this with the “MASH Premium Stainless Steel Cuticle Pusher Cutter Trimmer” it works so much better

Justina Perkins, MO

My favorit

Really does work in 30 seconds.The only product I know that actually works well enough for me not to need to cut the cuticles away

Bette Culebra, PR

serves its purpose

Does what i need it to do.

Josephine Ruskin, NE

This stuff is very cool. Apply just a bit

This stuff is very cool. Apply just a bit, massage it in for a few seconds and scrape off with a cuticle pusher- makes all that dead skin just slough off.

Dollie Lithia, FL

Can’t live without it!

This cuticle remover is awesome! I just apply a generous amount to my nail beds and push back my cuticles and gently scrap away the skin. Doing this takes the pedicure and manicure a more finished look!

Candy Manter, KS

Works very well!

This product works very well. I soak my fingers in luke warm water after putting the gel on my cuticles. Then i use a cuticle pusher to push the cuticles down and the clip them off.

Kathy Tisch Mills, WI

Best cuticle remover!

Before I tried the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover, I used an at-home nail salon-like tool to cut/file my cuticles away. My nails/cuticles looked ok, but it kind of just ate my cuticles away and my nails would never grow. It was super rough on my nail beds, and my nails would split and crack. I decided to try a cuticle remover product (this one) instead in hopes that it would be gentler, still remover my cuticles, and perhaps fix my weak/brittle nails. It definitely did all of the above!This product is so easy to use. You apply it to all of your cuticles, wait about 15-30 seconds, and then gently push them back with a cuticle stick. Then just wash the product off. I use this about twice a week, and my nails look great! When I would use the at home motorized cuticle remover, my cuticles were removed, but it still looked kind of jagged. This makes my cuticles disappear and my manicures look even better, and everything just looks smooth and nice. My nails even got quite a bit healthier and grow longer too since I am not constantly abusing them.This is my second bottle of this (it does last a long time though) and I highly recommend it! This is a beauty must-have for me!

Jami Petal, MS

No Wait

Unlike some of the other cuticle removers available you don’t have to wait to push them back after applying this. I’d never go back to the other stuff. This is quick and effective. Used it for around a year now with no complaints.

Jasmine Staplehurst, NE

Does A Good Job In A Pinch

I’ve been buying this product for a couple of years now. Since I go to the nail salon no more than twice a month and am no manicurist, this is used when I am in maintenance mode. I don’t know about other people’s cuticles, but mine grow like crazy and are thick and hard. It’d be nice if I used cuticle cream at night before I went to bed, but I more often than not don’t and that is when this product really cones in handy.The trick is to apply this to the cuticles and underneath the nail pad. Let it sit for about a minute and then use an orange stick to push down the cuticle and clean built up skin and debris under the nail type. Wash your hand immediately with warm water and soap, rinse and dry, and then repeat the process on the other hand.This stuff dissolves the cuticle and leaves the nails looking clean. I file my nails when I am through and buff out any ridges and then apply a couple of coats of OPI nail gloss. If you do this once a week, it will maintain your nails between visits to the nail salon.I use these on my toe nails as well. Works fine. My only advice is to watch the clock and never exceed the recommended time the manufacturer provides.

Delia Rockville, MO

The best

The best. Softens cuticles nicely for a neat manicure

Carly Leetsdale, PA

Watery but seems to work

At first the consistency of this product made me think it was nothing more than water and goo, but I do actually think it removes cuticles well. One bottle lasts an eternity.

Bridgett Carthage, AR

works great

Love this product I would definitely recommend works great and does what it’s supposed to got here on time too

Rachelle Axton, VA

love it!

Love love love this product! Works great! No complains at all! Got here pretty quick too. I love it so much

Autumn Modesto, IL

Gentle and Soft

I recently purchased this product after seeing many Youtubers recommend it. They were right! It takes 15 seconds to soften cuticles, allowing you to push them back or cut them – or both. It really helps with cuticle sticking to the side of the nails. It doesn’t burn or feel weird when left on for longer than 15 seconds. You can also use it on calluses. I use this every time I do an at-home manicure and pedicure. It allows the polish to stay on better and just looks nicer without all that rough, patchy dry skin around the nail. Definitely would repurchase this – but a little bit goes a long way – it might take a while to use up the whole thing!

Margret Hampshire, IL

it is pretty typical of a cuticle remover

this is pretty standard for a cuticle remover. It does remove your cuticle, but it is also very drying. Be sure to moisturize with a good hand cream after using or you’ll end up with dry cuticles and hang nails

Chris Commodore, PA

Great remover

Its a great remover, you should buy it if some cuticles dont botter you. Im in a experience fase yet, but i thinks its worth it.

Silvia Bebe, TX


Works for you downtime between professional manicures to keep cuticles manageable on hands and feet! Take a few mins for the cuticles to get moist enough to scrap away.

Dorothea Waterford, ME

Great for Cuticles

This is great for this times I can’t get a manicure. It helps me keep my nails looking great and healthy. Would not use anything else.

Sheryl Baldwin, WI

Only Cuticle Remover I Use

This cuticle remover is quick, gentle, dependable, and inexpensive. Easy to use and always works — I never use anything else.

Leslie Hanna, IN

Almost perfect.

This would have to be the best cuticle remover I have used. I have tried many over the years. I discovered this a year ago at a discount store, I did not expect it to be so good. It is quick and very easy to use, soak for a minute, push back with an orange stick and I occasionally combine with a minor cuticle trim on my winter feet . I use it on both hands and feet and my cuticles look better than they have in a long time, my cuticles seem less dry, no tears. Highly recommended for problem cuticles.

Kara Clyde Park, MT