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Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear, Blue Me Away, 0.4 Fluid Ounce

Sally Hansen hard as nails xtreme wear offers extreme strength and shine. Match your manicure to your mood with fun, trendy shades. Easy grip, easy glide brush designed for complete control. Match your manicure to your mood. Fun, trendy shades-collect them all and change your nail polish as often as you like. Easy grip, easy glide brush designed for complete. Available in 30 of the hottest, most wanted shades.

Key features

  • Micro-shine complex for reflective brilliance and xtreme shine
  • Match your manicure to your mood
  • Dbp, toluene, and formaldehyde free

Honest reviews


Best Nail Polish

I do not own this color yet(although will look for it now that I know it exists) but I love this nail polish. I used to have such a hard time doing my own nails and the only time they looked great was when I could afford to get them done professionally. But ever since buying my first bottle of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear I have become a pro. You do not have to use a base coat or a top coat (although doing so does give even better results) to have perfect nails for a week! I do my own gel nails now using the Broadway Nails Real Life Brush on Gel Kit (which is extremely easy to use) and use 2 coats, sometimes 1 depending on the color, of Sally’s Xtreme Wear and follow with a top coat and I have a perfect manicure for about 2 weeks, or untill the nails start breaking. Even with my constant dishwashing this nail polish doesnt budge!(or chip, or peel/flake ect..) The last, but definatly not least, awesome thing about this nail polish is the brush. It is narrow and long and by far the best nail polish brush I’ve come across. Not only does it deliver the right amount of polish to completley cover your nail flawlessly but it also fits into the edges and curve of your nail so you dont miss any part of your nail. It’s not 100%, especially if you have a shaky hand at times like me, but you will notice less polish on your cuticles and skin around your nail to clean up afterwards. Just use long, slow strokes starting from the center of your nail and then spreading slowly outward. You will not regret trying this out!

Lynne Redbird, OK

Love these nail polishes

I used to use a nail polish by Hot Topic because of the amazingly bright colors and the lasting ability but since they no longer make it I had to find something that is a good price and good quality. I found Sally Hansons Hard As Nails at Wal-Mart and I was hesitant but I got it. I love this nail polish and have truely found my replacement brand. The colors are very pigmented and I use two coats and the color starts to slowly chip after 3 days, and thats without a clear top coat. I do recommend this line of nail polish because its a good price for a quality product.

Taylor North Carver, MA


This is definitely a bright sky blue, and it’s the same quality as any Sally Hansen product. If you’re looking for a bright, spring-y blue, this is a good one.

Crystal Dupont, LA

Only One Coat Needed = Awesome

I am a fan of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, in general. This line of nail polish dries fairly quickly, has fun colors, and is pretty cheap. It isn’t the best polish in the world. I find brands like Essie and OPI to be far superior. However, you really can’t beat sally Hansen when you consider the price.I picked up this color on my most recent trip to Target. I planned to use it on my toenails, but I just painted them withSally Hansen Hard As Nail Extreme Wear: Sun Kissed #150. I didn’t want to wait to repaint my toenails, so I put this on my fingernails instead. I am usually not a fan of “showy” colors on my fingernails, but I decided to go for it.This color is great – so fun. It is a very pretty blue. And, my favorite thing about it? It only takes ONE COAT!!!! I usually have to apply two, but not with this polish. Just make sure that there is enough polish on the brush and it goes on smoothly, without streaking. I am super impressed by that.I have rated all all Sally Hansen colors of Xtreme Wear 4 stars. But, because it only requires one coat, this one gets 5!

Linda Paducah, TX

Blue me away

Such a gorgeous color! I applied it to my toes and nails as soon as i got it. It’s so beautiful! And I already love it to death! I recommend this for anyone. love!

Jana Northpoint, PA