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Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Regular # 2103 Clear Transparent By Sally Hansen for Women – 0.45 Oz Nail Hardener, 0.45 Ounce

Sally Hansen hard as nail color delivers great color at a value price.

Key features

  • Sally Hansen Nail hardener
  • Nail hardener
  • 100 % quality guarantee
  • Strength and shine
  • Pro-vitamin B5 and green tea
  • Dbp, toulene and formaldehyde free

Honest reviews


Was this supposed to be a hardener?

The only reason I’m giving this three rather than one star is that my intent was somewhat unusual and perhaps when used with more traditional goals in mind this product isn’t so bad.Like every classical guitar player, I’m involved in a never-ending quest to find a way to promote my human nails on my right hand into bone-like, superhard plectra. So I tried this thing on a whim while browsing for something else in the drugstore (they probably think I’m a tranny or something ’cause I’m constantly checking out the nail department). Anyway, this thing said “hardener” so I picked up a bottle. Tried it at home the next time I had to file down my nails. Well. It’s like clear plastic dissolved in acetone; smells like hell, brought tears to my eyes, but OK — the problem is, it’s not all that hard. The only thing it does as far as I could see is sealing the edge of the nail against moisture. But the thing itself, after it hardens, remains fairly soft. In addition, it started to fray and peal within a day. That it’ll withstand contact with strings is out of the question — it won’t, it actually is far softer than nails themselves (you can draw grooves in it with a nail). I was hoping for an epoxy-like hardness, but it’s not it, so be warned, it doesn’t harden a damn thing. Bottomline: can’t say anything to ladies, but for guitar players this thing is no good.

Kathleen Munday, TX

The worst

I bought this because it was only $2. My natural nails are, very thin, brittle, grow out misshapen and are just flat out embarrassing so I got this in a very last ditch effort to fix my nails before I just cave and get acrylics. Well this ‘hardener’ is the worst! It’s so thin that it peeled right off my nails.. It seems to peel first off the tips of my nails, which is what I wanted this product to protect..Two of my nails were razor thin and even tore right off while using this product. Now my nails look even more misshapen and awkward.It did not harden my nails any, it doesn’t even like to stay on my nails, good thing it was only $2..

Barbra Waterloo, IN

Agree with a lot of other reviews…

This stuff used to be great, but now it is horrid. It peels right off, doesn’t harden, and isn’t even all that glossy unless you put on 2 coats. It doesn’t even last an entire day. I will never be buying this product again.

Crystal Guilford, CT

Ehh.. I loved it at first

I loved it at first. But then it seemed to get a little thick n harder to spread n to get smooth. Also as it got thick it took longer to dry n i could scratch it off when it was supose to be dry. I feel it does harden and that’s what I love about it. This is my second Sally Hansen product that I have bought that has gotten thick. I also think this product may be the reason my nail polish would come off in sheets when used as a basecoat. I have mixed feelings about this product. But the price is great which makes it disposable without hurting your wallet. So its ok even if I’m only able to get usage of about only half the bottle.

Adelaide Cazadero, CA


I needed a Hard nail clear enamel. You can use this when you apply your regular polish on top. I remember this back in the late 1960-1980. Excellent to use.

Ashlee Menlo, WA

nails not as hard as I expected

This product works okay, it is more like a base coat than a nail hardener. I feel like I would need to put on 5 coats to get the hardener effect that I am going for especially having pretty brittle nails. I like to apply this product under my base coat just for added protection against chipping my manicure and ripping a nail.

Dianna Terlingua, TX

doesn’t last

this stuff doesn’t last a day… chips and comes off way too easy…….I don’t want to reapply nail polish in the middle of the day! Why does it not last through hand washings? I hate it. Waste of money.

Jo Accomac, VA

nail stronger and grow faster

I log like this. It makes my nails stronger and grow faster. It is also really good at saving my nails from breaking. I would buy this product again

Ruth Cambridge, WI